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AnsweredWhere Is Drawing Recovery Manager in AutoCAD?

Best Answered by Penny September 20, 2023

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Without a doubt, system crashes, abnormal shutdowns or faulty OS updates can lead to AutoCAD drawings missing.

AutoCAD also releases a built-in feature called Drawing Recovery Manager to prevent potential data loss. Some users are wondering where is the Drawing Recovery Manager in AutoCAD.

Actually, it’s easy to find the Drawing Recovery Manager. Please open your AutoCAD > click File > Drawing Recovery Manager on the menu to locate it. This feature can help you recover unsaved AutoCAD files.

If you desire to recover deleted or missing AutoCAD files, powerful data recovery tools like MyRecover could be the top choice for you.

Supported by its advanced scanning method, MyRecover is designed to recover deleted and lost files from HDDs, USB sticks, SD cards, and other local drives.

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After clicking Start Scan, MyRecover will automatically run Quick Scan and Deep Scan to detect all the recoverable files on your selected drive. During scanning, you can filter and preview your desired files according to file format, filename, path, size, etc.

The following steps depict how to recover AutoCAD files via MyRecover.

1Step 1. Install and launch MyRecover on your Windows > select the drive that contains your AutoCAD files before data loss > click Start Scan.

2Step 2. MyRecover automatically displays different types of all the retrievable files on the window. To quickly locate your needed AutoCAD files, you can filter and preview them.

3Step 3. Go to the Deleted Files/Recycle Bin/Missing Files folder, select the AutoCAD files you want to retrieve > click Recover x files.

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