How to Transfer Games from iPhone to iPhone?

How to transfer games from iPhone to iPhone after getting a new iPhone? This article will offer several ways to help you transfer games to new iPhone.


By Lora / Updated on May 31, 2024

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If you need to transfer games to new iPhone

Apple users will download apps from App Store, and it must include some games. When getting a new iPhone, it is no doubt that no one wants to lose their game data like progress and account.

You will notice some questions like “Can I transfer my game progress to another iPhone?” in forums and communities.


Transfer games data and app from iPhone to another


My son has several game apps with data he has earned/paid for. I need to transfer this off his handset and move it to another, any simple instructions appreciated.


- Question from Apple Community



Some people will think of creating a backup and then loading the backup on the new iPhone. But another question comes: does iPhone backup include game data?

Does iPhone backup include game data?

Usually, users will turn to iCloud backup or iTunes backup when they need one.

For iCloud backup, according to Apple, iCloud backup stores your data in Apple’s iCloud server. An iCloud backup almost covers all the content and settings locally on your device, including:

App data (that you downloaded from the App Store)
Home Screen and how you have placed and managed the apps;
iMessage, Message, etc.;
Photos, videos;

But those data synced and stored in iCloud won’t be included. For example, if you have switched on iCloud Photos in APPS USING ICLOUD, then the iCloud backup won’t contain your photos.


For iTunes backup, according to Apple, when using iTunes to back up iPhone, you will create a local backup on your computer. An iTunes backup, similarly, includes nearly all info and settings locally on your device.

So the answer to this question that if an iPhone backup includes your games data will be “Yes”.

If the game requires no network or accounts, then all the progress and data will be saved on your iPhone, which means, this part of the data will be backed up in the iCloud backup or iTunes backup.

If you are playing an online game that creates an account when you start it, then never worry about it, all the data is stored in the game provider’s server and can be accessed with your account.

So, now, let’s move on to the methods to transfer games to new iPhone.

How to transfer games from iPhone to iPhone?

This section will offer 3 means to move game data to new iPhone, and free you from questions like “How do I transfer game data to new iPhone?”

Method 1. Transfer games to new iPhone via restoring a backup

Usually, when switching to a new iOS device, users will set up their new iPhone and naturally come to the steps to restore from a backup. Here taking iCloud backup as an example, instructions to do so will be covered.

Make sure you have an iCloud backup available. If you don’t have one, please back up your iPhone manually right away. With the iCloud Backup feature, you could back up iPhone without computers.
If you haven’t set up your iPhone, please skip Step 1.
When errors like restoring from iCloud backup not working occur, get help from the troubleshooting tutorial.

Step 1. If you have already set up your new device, please go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Erase All Content and Settings > set up the new iPhone.

Step 2. Start the new iPhone > set up iPhone languages, locations, network, etc. > come to Apps & Data screen > Restore from iCloud Backup. Remember to choose the latest one to load backup on iPhone.


Step 3. All the apps that you purchased/downloaded from App Store will be downloaded via WiFi, please wait patiently. When finished, start your game > log in to your account and get the game progress.

Method 2. Move games data to new iPhone using Quick Start

Quick Start is also a good feature that Apple has released since iOS 11. All you need to do is to put the two devices together and follow the instructions to get your data transferred.

Make sure to switch on the Bluetooth and connect to a WiFi network on both 2 devices.
This method will have to occupy the two devices for quite a long time.

Step 1. Turn on the new iPhone > set up iPhone Language, Location, etc. > put the old device near the new one > check the Apple ID on the old iPhone screen > tap Continue.

Step 2. Hold the old device over the new iPhone > scan the animation that appears on the new device > enter your old iPhone’s password > Transfer from iPhone.


Step 3. Then all the data will be moved to your new device. Wait for the apps to be downloaded > start the game > log in to your account to access your game data and progress.

Method 3. Transfer games from iPhone to iPhone faster via FoneTool

How to transfer games from iPhone to iPhone quickly? Restoring from backup and relying on Quick Start will take too much time, which is quite inconvenient. Not to mention that Quick Start will take up both the 2 devices for so long.

For the sake of convenience and time, why not utilize a professional iPhone data transfer application? FoneTool will be the best choice. Using cables to connect devices, this tool transfers data at a very high speed and provides a stable and safe connection.

What’s more, as a versatile tool, it is embedded with lots of useful features – transferring data from iPhone to iPhone, from iPhone to PC, from PC to iPhone, and also a series of backup features and shining points:

★Shining points: 
Transfer data to other devices quickly, easily, and stably.
Back up iPhone data flexibly. Support Photos Backup, Custom Backup, and Full Backup. 
Compatible with Windows OS 11/10/8/7 and iOS 10.1 to iOS 17.

Now please download FoneTool to enjoy its amazing features.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download
Backup encryption facilitates users to cover all contents on their devices including private data. Enable it and thus you won’t omit anything and transfer health data to new iPhone.

Step 1. Run the software > connect the 2 iPhones to your PC > Phone Transfer > iPhone to iPhone.


Step 2. Enable Backup Encryption to not omit anything > Start Transfer.


Step 3. When finished, run the game > log in to the game account and get access to your game data.

After switching to your new iPhone, don't forget to check what to do with old iPhone after transfer to avoid any private leak.

Wrapping up

In this article, you could find 3 methods of how to transfer games from iPhone to iPhone. Backups, Quick Start, and a good iPhone data migration tool can help you out.

When you need to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone, FoneTool will be the second to none choice. Using this tool, data transfer will be extremely easy and safe.

For instance, you could use it when you need to transfer photos from Samsung to iPhone. What’s more, backup features in it will guard your data firmly.

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