Full Guide: How to Backup iPhone Without Computer or iCloud

How to backup iPhone without computer? Refer to this article for help. Moreover, this tutorial will teach you how to backup iPhone without Wi-Fi easily.


By Lora / Updated on June 7, 2023

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“How do I backup my iPhone without a computer?”

iOS device users will know how important a backup is. Complaints about data loss or some iOS update issues will show up in forums every time Apple releases an update. So, some wise users will plan to back up their iPhones before an update.


I'm using iPhone  11, and I’m going to backup my iPhone for an update, but I’m tired of iTunes backup, it’s too low and disappointing, so I wonder how to backup iPhone without computers?


- Question from MacRumors


For the sake of convenience, many users, like the user in this example, would rather backup iPhones without computers. They believe that backing up iPhone using iPhone data backup software, like iTunes, is excessively inconvenient, time-consuming, and labor-costing. They require a much simpler one.

So, how to backup iPhone without Wi-Fi or computer,? The following part will go over the specific processes in detail.


Backup iPhone without computers via iCloud backup

Users will wonder “Can I back up my iPhone without a computer?” But rest assured, it is, of course, feasible. Apple has offered iCloud service for users who need to store their files and data in the cloud. Every user can enjoy 5 GB of free iCloud storage space to store and access their photos, notes, messages, etc. in the cloud.

With iCloud activated, users could view, edit, and modify the same content on different devices that have the same account logged in.

Also, it allows users to backup iPhone without computers. Then comes the vital question: what does iCloud back up?

What is included in iCloud backup of iPhone?

Whether to utilize iCloud backup depends on its performance. According to Apple, an iCloud backup almost covers all data and settings on an iPhone:

● All third-party apps that users have downloaded.
● Device settings.
●Home screen and how your apps are organized on your screen.
● Text messages, iMessages, MMS messages.
● Photos and videos. (Only those photos/videos that are not stored in iCloud.)

One thing is noticeable when restoring from an iCloud backup, the content you bought (apps you downloaded from App Store, the music you purchased from iTunes Store) will be downloaded through WiFi.

After knowing what iCloud back up, we could move on to the specific steps of how to back up iPhone without computers.

Steps to backup iPhone without computers using iCloud

All the operations can be done on an iPhone. Once iCloud Backup is enabled, it backs up your iPhone every time your device is connected to WiFi, power supply, and is locked. But please note that Apple only offers 5 GB of free storage space, which is far from enough for iCloud backup needs.

So it is recommended to decide whether to use iCloud for backup according to your preferences and budget. Prepare these stuff to create an iCloud backup:

  • An iPhone.
  • A stable WiFi network.
  • A cable. A lighting cable will be preferable.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to a steady WiFi network > connect to a power supply > go to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud.

Step 2. If you haven’t enabled iCloud Backup, enable it > click Back Up Now.


Thus you could manually create an iCloud backup and successfully solve the question of how to backup iPhone without computers.

Further reading: why is local backup necessary?

You might think an iCloud backup is good enough and will save you whenever you are facing data loss or you need to change to a new iPhone. But the truth is not. Only one backup is never a solid guard to protect your precious data.

Many users have reported that restoring from iCloud backup failed. Imagine iCloud backup corrupts when you are attempting to restore from: all the data in the backup will be lost, and you have no other way to get it back.


Many users tend to find ways on how to backup iPhone without iCloud or computer, precisely because iCloud has the following drawbacks:
📌 iCloud backup is, to some degree, very limited. You can only restore a whole backup to your iPhone – you cannot choose what to back up, or what to restore.
📌 iCloud backup relies too much on the WiFi network, and sometimes it takes too long. Some users have met iCloud stuck at 2 hours error.

At this time, a local backup will be necessary. Store a copy of your iPhone data on your PC, thus this local backup will be double insurance, and whenever an iCloud backup failure occurs, you could turn to the local backup.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to backup iPhone to a PC.

How to back up iPhone to computers selectively?

Some users may utilize iTunes, but, similarly, it does not support a selective backup. Users can only backup and restore the whole device. For those who want to store their precious files like photos, videos, music, contacts, etc., they might as well choose a professional iPhone backup tool – FoneTool.

Designed by AOMEI, the leader in the iPhone data security industry, it utilizes advanced technology and algorithms. With a series of amazing features, it can help users back up iPhones both completely and flexibly. Full Backup, Selectove Backup, Photos Backup, etc., backup options are offered to meet your needs.

Here, you could utilize Selective Backup to store the most important data like photos and videos.

Now download FoneTool to enjoy its selective backup function.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Install and start FoneTool > connect your device > Phone BackupSelective Backup > Get Started.


Note: FoneTool is a more stable and professional iPhone backup tool than iCloud and iTunes, you can also fully backup iPhone to ensure all data is safe.

Step 2. Select the data you want to back up > specify the backup path > Start Backup.


Thus, you could backup iPhone to computer and get double insurance. Also, this versatile tool can do iPhone to iPhone data transfer for users easily and quickly.


In this article, how to backup iPhone without computers has been introduced with detailed info and steps. Also, for the sake of data security, we recommend you prepare a local backup as double insurance in case you may meet iCloud errors.

Instead of iTunes, which doesn’t support custom backup and sometimes cannot restore iPhone from iTunes backup, you might as well use iTunes backup alternative - FoneTool to store a copy of your data. Using this tool, you won’t worry about how to back iPhone up to computers easily and selectively.

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