iPhone Taking Long Time to Backup-Why & How to Speed Up?

Is your iPhone taking long time to back up? Reading this post to know why is iPhone taking forever to backup and how to make iPhone backup faster.


By Dylan / Updated on May 31, 2024

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iCloud backup stuck at 2 hours

“My iPhone iCloud backup is taking too long. I am doing a backup and it’s been stuck for over 2 hours in the same section. What can be wrong? How to speed up iPhone backup? Will it cause data loss? Thanks.”


Usually, iOS device users utilize iTunes to back up iOS data to a computer or end-to-end encrypted iCloud backup. Both are simple but take long time to backup and restore. Sometimes, restoring from iTunes or iCloud would be stuck for hours. If you are facing the same situation, keep reading to know why iPhone is taking forever to backup and how to make iPhone backup faster.

How long should the iPhone backup to finish?

Many users wonder how long iPhone backup to complete normally using iTunes or iCloud. Usually, the iPhone backup speed depends on several factors. If it’s your first backup, the time takes longer. iTunes and iCloud backups have different backup speeds.

How long should an iCloud backup take

Backing up iPhone, iPad, or iPod via iCloud needs an Internet connection via Wi-Fi. That is, the speed of the network plays an important role in the iCloud backup. Besides, the size and quality of files also influence the iCloud backup process.

Usually, if your internet connection is 4 MB per second and you need to backup 2GB of data, it will take an hour to finish iCloud backup. If your iCloud memory or iPhone storage space is almost full, it will make the iCloud backup process take longer.


How long does it take to back up iOS devices to iTunes

Backing up an iPhone to iTunes typically takes 15-40 minutes, affected by various factors like data type, data amount, Internet connection, or device condition. iTunes backup is faster than iCloud backup because you connect your iPhone with your computer via a USB cable and the backup files are stored on your computer.

Why is my iPhone taking so long to backup?

There are four main factors that cause iPhone backup to take forever. This error is closely related to the Internet connection and the size of backup files.

First-time backup takes a longer time than future backups. Because iTunes must create the database file for the first time. New data will be added directly to the previous backup files in future backups. That is a common reason for “why does iTunes backup takes so long”.
Too many photos in Camera Roll. Hundreds or thousands of these photos will slow down iPhone backup due to their large size. You could transfer the photos to your computer and then delete them from your iPhone, which could greatly free up the iPhone storage space.
 Large media files cause iPhone backup too long, like voice memos, notes, and images & videos in the Messages app.
 Unstable Wi-Fi/Internet connection.

How to make iPhone backup faster

After knowing the expected time for iPhone backup and the reasons for iPhone backup taking forever, it’s time to get solutions to speed up iPhone backup. There are multiple useful suggestions to make iPhone backup faster. Check the following tips to speed up iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch backup via iTunes or iCloud.

Tip 1. Check the network and connection

You could change your Internet to a more stable and faster WiFi or broadband. Slow Internet will definitely make iPhone backup long. If you choose iTunes backup, please make sure the USB port is correct. Try a USB3 port if your computer has one. The port that your monitor, keyboard, or USB hub is slower for transferring data.

Tip 2. Clean up your iOS device to free up storage space

To free up iPhone storage space, you could delete unwanted or unused apps that have stored lots of app data. Your iPhone won’t back up or restore the deleted apps directly, but it will back up and restore the app data. Some app data saved in deleted apps will be labeled as “Others” in iPhone storage space. You could get rid of the Other data via iPhone backup.


Tip 3. Make regular iTunes or iCloud backups

If you use iTunes or iCloud to back up iPhone data for the first time, the time would be longer. But the time will be shorter if you make regular iTunes or iCloud backups. Because iTunes and iCloud backups are differential. It means only new data will be added when you back up each time. Therefore, the more frequently you back up, the faster it will be.

Best iTunes/iCloud alternative: fully/selectively backup and restore iPhone data

The speed of iTunes or iCloud backup is affected by many factors, trying a faster free alternative is the best way to speed up iPhone backup. If you are looking for a useful iPhone backup tool, FoneTool is a good choice for you.

FoneTool, a free iPhone backup, restore, and transfer tool, not only can back up all iOS data from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod, but selectively back up the data you want, such as photos, contacts, music, etc. The speed of iPhone backup is much faster than iTunes or iCloud backup.

Besides, it supports iOS data transfer between iPhone, iPad, and iPod. You could transfer data from iOS devices to Windows computers. With FoneTool, you can easily manage your iPhone storage.

Steps to create a full iPhone backup

Step 1. Download and install FoneTool on your computer, connect your iPhone via a USB cable, and tap “Trust” on your iPhone.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 2. Select "Phone Backup" > “Full Backup” in the left panel. And click "Get Started".


Step 3. You could encrypt the backup on your need. And then click “Start Backup”.



If you only want to back up some part of iPhone data, you could try Selective Backup.

After the full iPhone backup is finished, you could go to My Backups to restore the backup to other iOS devices.

The bottom line

Hopefully, you have a better understanding of why the iPhone takes a long time to back up and how to speed up iPhone backup. If you are struggling with the speed of the iTunes or iCloud backup, why not try the freeware-FoneTool?

It can realize iPhone data backup, recovery, and transfer. Moreover, FoneTool could help you manage your iPhone storage space. You could transfer photos at a lightning speed to your computer and one-click transfer data from iPhone to iPhone. Besides, if you want to airdrop iPhone photos and files without Bluetooth, you could search the FoneTool app in App Store to use.

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