By AOMEI / Last update February 10, 2022

In daily life, most of us use WeChat to communicate with friends and family. WeChat has gradually become an indispensable tool for interpersonal communication. There are also many sweet memories in WeChat. However, in some cases, the chat history will disappear or delete. In this situation, you can choose our AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS to help you recover your chat history in seconds.

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To recover from iOS device:

Step 1. Install and launch the AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS on a Windows computer, and connect your iOS device to this computer via the charging cable as well. Unlock the phone screen and trust this computer.


Step 2. Click “Scan" to start scanning WeChat data on the connected iOS device.


Step 3. The AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS will back up all the chat history to a default path on your computer when scanning. You could change the default backup path on “Setting", which is on the three-line icons in the upper right corner.


Step 4. After the scan and analysis are finished, all contacts’ chat history would be listed. You can also choose WeChat account, Contact Type, Chat history’s state, or sorted by Time/Name/Message Number to quickly search the Chat History that you want to save to the computer.  

Step 5. Select one or multiple WeChat Contacts, click “Recover".


Generally, it will save all chat history of every contact to a txt file. Then, you can check all text chat history from the txt file.  For videos, pictures or audios chat history, they can’t be saved to a text file. You need to browse and locate every video/picture/audio record individually, then right-click, select “Copy or Save…” it to your computer.

Tips: If you only want to save single or part text chat history, you need to locate the single record individually, then select “copy or save…” it to your computer.

To recover from backup:

After the first scan, all the chat history will be backed up to the computer by default. You could follow the following steps to recover the chat record from the last scanned WeChat history without scanning again.

Step 1. Launch the AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS. And you do not need to connect to your iOS device again.


Step 2. Trust this computer on your iPhone and click "Scan Now" to start the scanning process.


Step 3. All the recoverable data will be shown on the list. Please select the data you need and click "Recover".



  1. The free version only allows viewing a part of the chat records. If you need to view and save all the chat data, you may need to purchase the paid version.
  2. AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS supports all models of iPhones, iPad Air,iPad Mini, iPad Pro,iPad Touch, and iPad, including the latest iOS 14.4/14, the newest iPhone 12 mini/12/Pro (Max).