How to Recover Lost Voice Memos iPhone

Wondering how to recover lost voice memos iPhone? Read and get specific three solutions in this post.


By Penny / Updated on June 21, 2023

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Is it possible for me to retrieve voice memos from iPhone?


I always use the Voice Memos app to record my audios and practice by myself. But I found my voice memos were gone after updating my iPhone. So can I retrieve the lost voice memos? Thanks a lot.

You can record your audios and share them with your contacts easily via the Voice Memos app. You can also manage your recordings with editing features. Many users complain that their missing voice memos or voice memos disappeared on the iPhone.

If you seek to resolve such issues, you can read how to recover lost voice memos iPhone.

Why you might lose your voice memos?

Finding out why this happens can help you avoid similar situations in the future. Let’s start with reasons, then move to the corresponding fixes.

Reasons are manifold, and the iOS update comes first. Besides, iPhone formatting and the storage cleaning could lead to voice memos missing. The failure of software, the breakdown, and the loss of the iPhone are also among the reasons. Please avoid these minefields as much as possible.

How to recover lost voice memos iPhone?

If your voice memos were gone, how to retrieve voice memos from iPhone? First, please keep calm. Second, check your voice memos were gone? Or hide in the Recently Deleted folder after deleting.

You can open the Recently Deleted folder to check and scan all the recoverable recordings within 30 days. Select the items you need and click “Edit”, then tap “Recover”. Then you can retrieve your needed audios.

Otherwise, your missing voice memos are probably for the above reasons. You can scroll down to find fixes to recover lost voice memos iPhone.

Method 1. Recover the lost voice memos with iCloud backup

Many users have gradually developed a good habit of making iCloud backups regularly. This valuable iCloud backup is essential to recovering the lost voice memos.

If you enable iCloud by default, your Voice Memos could be stored in iCloud. That means your iCloud backup won’t include your voice memos. Therefore, please turn off your iCloud. Here are the specific steps on how to recover voice memos from iCloud.

 If you use iOS 11 or earlier, Voice Memos are included in iCloud Backup.
Ensure your iCloud backup includes the voice memos you need to recover.
 If you disable your iCloud backup, your last backup is saved for 180 days.

Step 1. Click “Settings” > “General” > “Reset” > “Erase All Content and Settings”.


Step 2. Your iPhone will be rebooted. When comes to the “Apps & Data” screen, click “Restore from iCloud Backup”.


Step 3. Choose your needed backup from the list of iCloud backups after signing into iCloud with your Apple ID.

Method 2. Recover the lost voice memos with iTunes backup

Most users may be more familiar with iTunes backup. The iTunes backup enables you to store nearly all the content and settings on your iPhone. Let’s follow the steps on how to recover iPhone data from iTunes.

Tips: The iTunes backup cannot include the voice memos stored in iCloud.

Step 1. Launch your latest iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer. Then click the “iPhone” icon on the left corner.


Step 2. Go to “Summary”, then click “Restore Backup”.


Step 3. Select an iTunes backup from the backup list and click “Restore”. Please wait patiently.

Method 3. Recover the lost voice memos with iPhone data recovery software

The iCloud or iTunes restoring way cannot support backup previewing and cannot make a customized backup. If you are unsure whether your required voice memos are included in these backups, you may lose all existing data on your iPhone following a factory reset.

You can get out of these bothersome problems if you turn to utilize MyRecover for iOS. This third-party data recovery tool allows you to scan and preview all the files before iPhone data recovery. Then you can select the necessary items to recover, which can save more valuable time and limited storage. You don’t even need a backup using this software.

Download Software iOS 10 and later
Secure Download

Step 1. Download and install MyRecover Assistant for iOS on your computer. Then connect your iPhone to your PC.


Step 2. Click “Trust This Computer” on your iPhone and tap “Scan Now” to start the scanning process.


Step 3. All the recoverable data are shown. Click “Voice Memos” and select one or more voice memos, then click “Recover”.


In conclusion

How to recover lost voice memos iPhone? To begin, check to see if there are any recoverable voice memos in your Recently Deleted folder. It’s possible to get these recoverable voice memos back from this folder within 30 days.

If not, this post offers three ways to retrieve voice memos from iPhone. You can choose any of them to recover your lost voice memos. For example, if you have no available iCloud or iTunes backup, you can utilize MyRecover for iOS to help you out.

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