By Lora / Last update June 9, 2022

"Can I read recalled messages of my friend?"


How can I know what did my friend recall? She just breathes not a single word but I am deadly curious about that.


- Question from Reddit


Are you also curious about the messages that your friend recalled?

WeChat, an instant message application, possesses so many available functions and features. Some of them tend to be pretty impressive and diverting to the users. For instance, WeChat launched a function in the 5.3.1 version that users can recall their messages within 2 minutes out of their will.

It is known to all that users are prone to make some typos and spelling errors, or even some inappropriate words that do not fit the atmosphere, so this function caters well to the need of the users.

However, users can only recall messages within 2 minutes, messages sent over this time limit are unrecallable. Then, why do users eager to perform WeChat recall message recovery? Curiosity, needless to say, must be a big reason.

Moreover, in situations such as business negotiation, borrowing and repayment, police cases, etc., failure to view the recalled messages may cause problems like loss of profits, disputes, and so on.

Then how to view or recover WeChat recalled messages?

How to view or restore recalled messages in WeChat?

Due to the difference in the operating systems, correspondingly, Android users and iOS users have different methods and results of the attempt of WeChat recall message recovery.

In terms of the type of messages, they can view or restore, Android users can view the recalled images received from friends. As for iOS users, they can view the text information received from their friends. Respective methods for Android and iOS users are presented below.

View WeChat recalled messages for Android users

For Android users, viewing the images that their friends recalled is feasible, for all the images sent by others are stored in the application File Manager.

Step 1. Start the embedded application "File Manager" on your phone. Tap “All Files”.


Step 2. Tap “Tencent”> ”MicroMsg”.


Step 3. Find a folder named as letters and numbers, then tap “image2”. Then open the folder corresponding with time, then change the name of the first file, add “jpg” as its suffix, then you can view the image others recalled.


View and recover WeChat recalled messages for iOS users

For iOS users, viewing the text messages recalled by others is viable as well. A practicable method is shown below.

Step 1. Tap “Settings”, find “WeChat” in the application list.


Step 2. Go to “Notifications” and switch on the “Allow Notifications”.


Step 3. Tick “Lock Screen”, “Notification Center”, and “Banners” to switch on the alert. Then when your friends send text messages to you and then recall them, you can view their text in the lock screen, notification center, and banners.


If you still need to view and restore your own recalled messages, there is no other way but to turn to a professional third-party tool. Here the AOMEI WeChat Recovery is highly recommended. As credible software, this tool has lots of amazing features.

The best software for WeChat Data Recovery - AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS

AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS is developed by a team with 10+ years of data recovery development experience, and utilizes first-class R&D technology and a variety of new technologies as well. 

With the concise and simple interface, it is easy for users to operate even without a hands-on experience. Everyone could utilize this tool to recover WeChat chat history and other types of data.

★Features of AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS: 
Support iPhone, iPad, iPod 10.0 or later. 
Guard the safety of users’ privacy. 
Support recovery of texts, images, audios, transaction records, and recalled messages. 
Support preview of data before recovery. 
Enable users to export and save data.

To conduct WeChat recall message recovery, steps are presented below for you to follow.

Please keep your phone connected to the computer during the scanning process. 
Your iPhone is supposed to be in airplane mode as quickly as possible, which can prevent your data from being overwritten. 
The duration of the scanning varies according to the size of your data. The more data, the longer it costs, generally ranging from ten minutes to several hours. Please wait patiently.

Steps to operate AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS

Step 1. Install and start AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS.

Download Software iOS 10 and later
Secure Download

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to your PC via charging cable, then authorize it to your PC.


Step 3. Click “Scan Now” to commence scanning.


Step 4. After the analysis, you can select all the data you want to recover, including the recalled messages you have sent. Then click “Recover.



When using instant messaging tools, users may encounter disputes, business negotiations, and other issues. The inability to view WeChat recalled messages may hinder the users from solving the problems.

At this time, it is very necessary to perform WeChat recall message recovery; and of course, curiosity is also a big reason for the user to try to do so.

The article above provides the method for Android users and iOS users to view and restore the recalled message, please take anyone according to your needs.