How to Recover Recently Deleted Photos iPhone 12, 13, 14?

Guide to recover recently deleted photos iPhone has been introduced in this article to be your helping hand.


By Lora / Updated on June 16, 2023

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Hi I accidentally deleted some photos from my iPhone. The process was deleted from the phone itself via camera roll, not via Windows. Is there anything or software I can do to recover its cache files or something? Thanks!

- Question from MacRumors


Users will likely try to delete some of their photos to free up some space and get startled to find they deleted their precious photos. Then users are in great panic, searching for questions like “How to recover recently deleted photos iPhone?”

Luckily, there are still remedies users can take using an in-built tool. What’s more, some other methods can be found in this article, too.

How to recover recently deleted photos of iPhone?

How to recover deleted photos from recently deleted on iPhones? To settle this problem, 4 practicable methods are prepared for users as follows. Users may select anyone suitable for their situations, time, or money budget.

Method 1. Recover deleted photos from Recently Deleted

The “Recently Deleted” is the first remedy you can turn to when the accidental deletion happens. All the photos that are deleted on the iCloud or iOS devices that login to the same account are saved in the Recently Deleted.

Here is the procedure in detail you can follow. In addition, to make it better, some points that need attention are listed here.

  • Before taking some actions, make sure your iPhone does not run out of storage space; if so, stop using your device immediately because the photos you saved in the Recently Deleted may be wiped.
  • This tool only saves your deleted photo for 30 days.

Step 1. Go to “Photos” > “Album” > “Recently Deleted”.


Step 2. To recover selectively, click “Select” on the upper-right corner, then select the photos you need, and click “Recover” > “Recover x Photos”. “x” here refers to the number of the photos you selected.


Step 3. To recover all items, click “Select” > “Recover All” > “Recover y Photos”. “y” here refers to the number of all the photos you have deleted.


By doing so, you will have successfully recovered deleted photos from Recently Deleted.

Method 2. Recover recently deleted photos on iPhone from iCloud Photos

If the iCloud Photos has been activated, the photos will be automatically synced. If the pictures you need aren't in your iPhone's "Recently Deleted", there's still a possibility they're preserved in the iCloud. Here you need to go to

Step 1. Sign in to your iCloud account.


Step 2. Choose “Photos” to find your deleted photos.


Step 3. Go to “Recently Deleted”, then locate the photos you need.


Step 4. Click “Recover” to recover recently deleted photos Phone.


Method 3. Recover recently deleted photos on iPhone from iTunes Backup

iCloud only offers users 5GB of free storage space; if yours runs out, you can also try another sync tool that Apple provides. If you have a backup made previously, you can find your deleted photos in it.

  • To retrieve photos via iTunes, a backup is supposed to be made in advance.
  • Before recovering, make a backup of all the current data in case you want to regret the operation.
  • Private data like Health, Activity, etc., will only be included in your iTunes backup if you enable "Encrypt Local Backup". To make it easier to recover health data on iPhone in the future, it is recommended to toggle this option.
  • It is unable for users to recover photos using iTunes merely, but to recover the backup history for the whole device.
  • If iTunes cannot restore iPhone from backup, please get help.

Step 1. Run iTunes on your PC, and connect your iPhone via a lighting cable.


Step 2. Click the “iPhone” icon.


Step 3. Find “Summary”, and click “Restore Backup”.


Thus you have returned to the version where you can find your deleted photos. If you just need the photos but don’t want the rest of this backup version, you can sync the photos you need via an external storage device or an online account; then, you can restore them to the current backup version you have made.

Method 4. Recover recently deleted photos on iPhone via data recovery software

Restoring the deleted photos via iTunes is pretty inconvenient because users cannot recover selectively. Moreover, if they don’t like the previous backup version, they have to operate it one more time, which is time-consuming and it bothers them a lot.

So, to save labor and recover recently deleted photos selectively, why not try a professional program? Here is a software recommendation, MyRecover for iOS can help you out. You could also recover deleted notes from iPhone using this tool.

Restore deleted iPhone data in 3 simple steps. 
Get back comprehensive iPhone data, including photos, videos, voice memos, notes, etc. 
Selectively and flexibly choose data to restore. 
Compatible with iDevices, like iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, etc. 
Support iPhone 14, 13, 12, 11, etc., and work perfectly with iOS 10.0 and above. 
  • Connect your iOS device to your PC via an original lightning charging cable.
  • In the process, keep the connection between your iPhone and computer.
Download Software iOS 10 and later
Secure Download

Step 1. Install MyRecover for iOS on your PC, then connect your iPhone to your PC.


Step 2. Click “Scan Now”.


Step 3. All recoverable data will be shown. Go to "Photos", select your needed photos, then click "Recover". It can also help you recover other types of data like videos, notes, voice memos, etc.


Then you have recovered recently deleted photos selectively.


This page provides 4 methods to recover recently deleted photos from iPhone. By utilizing the Recently Deleted, iCloud Photos, iTunes Backup, and MyRecover for iOS, users can retrieve their deleted precious photos.

To tell the truth, backing up your data is the best way to avoid data loss in the future. To make it better, you could back up important data separately and create more than one copy to save in different places. Thus you could have more than one way to recover from.

To flexibly choose types of data to back up, you could turn to FoneTool, a good backup software. "Photos Backup", "Custom Backup", and also "Full Backup" could satisfy your needs.

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