Recover Data from Dead iPhone in Four Ways

Is your iPhone dead and want to recover the data? Here are perfect solutions to help you recover data from dead iPhone in this post. Read it and follow the steps to get your data back.


By Lora / Updated on June 28, 2023

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My iPhone is dead. How to recover data

Tips: “My iPhone died, I have been storing some stuff in Notes that I really want to keep, and that Notes isn't iCloud synced. The phone died randomly in the middle of a Facetime call. Wouldn't turn back on. These notes are valuable enough. Can I take them back?”

Many people have suffered data loss because they do not know how to recover data from a dead iPhone. iPhone could be dead for a variety of reasons, including a failed jailbreak, system crashes, water damage, and so on, resulting in data loss on your iPhone.

It’s not the end of the world. You still have a chance to recover your lost data if you can get your device booted up and unlocked, or if you previously had your device "trusted" on the computer. If not, you will only be able to recover part of the data from iCloud backup.

Four ways to recover data from dead iPhone

Technically, if your iPhone dies, your data is lost unless you send it to the Apple store and pay them to retrieve it. However, before you send it to the Apple store, you could try to recover data from a dead iPhone by the following four methods.

With iTunes or iCloud backup, you could get your data simply. Alternatively, you could restore data from dead iPhone via third-party iPhone data recovery software. It’s easy to get your iPhone data back if you previously had your iPhone “trusted” on the computer.

Method 1. Recover data from a dead iPhone with iTunes

You can recover almost all data and settings from iTunes if you've ever synced your iPhone to your computer and established a trusted relationship between the computer and your iPhone.

However, keep in mind that this operation will overwrite any existing iPhone data. You will need to prepare another iPhone to recover data from the dead iPhone.

Steps to recover data from dead iPhone via iTunes backup

Step 1. Connect another iPhone to the computer and open iTunes.

Step 2. Click the device icon and click “Summary”.

Step 3. Click “Restore Backup” under the “Backups” menu.


Step 4. Choose a backup and click “Restore”.


Method 2. Recover data from a dead iPhone with iCloud

With iCloud backup, you could easily recover lost data from your iCloud account whenever you want, as long as you've made it. To restore your iPhone from iCloud, you must first erase all data on your device before restoring it from an available iCloud backup.

This method may result in data loss, so make sure your desired data is included in the backup. Otherwise, what is in the backup will replace all of your existing data. If your iPhone is totally dead, you could use another iPhone to restore data from the iCloud backup of the dead one.

Please check if you’ve made an iCloud backup recently before erasing all data. Go to and log in with the Apple ID you logged in to your dead iPhone. Click your name and then click "Account Settings". Then, all backups you made in iCloud will be displayed.

Steps to recover data from dead iPhone via iCloud backup

Steps 1. On another iPhone, go to “Settings”, and tap “General” > “Reset” > “Erase All Contents and Settings”.


Step 2. When comes to the “APPs & Data” screen, select “Restore from iCloud Backup”.


Step 3. Sign in with your iCloud Apple ID, and then select a backup from the latest iPhone backups list.

Method 3. Recover data from a dead iPhone via

If you've never "trusted" your computer before, or if your iPhone has been completely damaged, with no portion of the screen working, this method could help you only retrieve photos, contacts, calendars, and safari bookmarks from in this situation.

Please make sure that you’ve turned on the backup option of photos and contacts in iCloud, and you have another iPhone to receive your verification code.

Steps to recover data from dead iPhone via

Step 1. Go to “” and sign in to your iCloud account.

Step 2. Click “Settings”. Under the “Advanced” menu, you could select the data you want to recover.


Method 4. Recover data from dead iPhone via iPhone data recovery software

Using iPhone recovery software is a desirable way to recover data from a dead iPhone without backup if you've ever connected your device to a computer and trusted it. The iPhone is not totally dead.

A powerful and professional iPhone data recovery tool can recover data from the dead iPhone. Almost all popular iOS data, such as photos, messages, videos, contacts, and more, are among the data types that this program can recover. MyRecover for iOS can be a powerful tool to help you recover deleted and existing data from your iPhone. 

Download and install the software on your computer. 

Download Software iOS 10 and later
Secure Download

Step 1. Connect your dead iPhone to the computer. If your iPhone is not truly dead, the software can detect your iPhone and click "Scan Now".


Step 2. MyRecover for iOS will scan your iPhone at a fast speed. Wait for the scanning process to complete, and then you can select the data you want to save on your computer. 



Hopefully, the methods offered in this tutorial can assist you to recover data from dead iPhone that won’t turn on. Data loss can happen at any time and from any location. You could restore iPhone data from dead iPhone from iTunes or iCloud backups. Third-party iPhone data recovery software would another excellent way to retrieve your important data.

Of course, the safest way to avoid data loss in the future is to make a regular backup of your iPhone data via iTunes or iCloud. If there are some errors in iTunes or iCloud backup, you could try a freeware-FoneTool to make a backup.

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