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How to Stop Sharing Contacts between iPhones?

I’m using the same Apple ID with my Dad on my iPhone 11, iOS 14. Everything is fine except for receiving strange contacts on both of our iPhone. I want to have my only own contacts on my iPhone. What can I do to stop sharing my contact information on iPhone?

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Contacts are important for making calls and sending emails. It’s good to see your contacts are safe and sound on your iPhone, but keeping receiving strange contacts or giving away your contacts is definitely not what you want.

iCloud offers an easy way for users to sync contacts. When you keep the same ID on 2 iPhones, the contacts could be merged. It's a good choice to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone.

iPhone Contacts Icon

Contacts should be very private. There is nothing worse than sharing contact information with others. The following sections will give you a very thorough explanation and solution to stop sharing contacts between iPhones.

Section 1. Why Contacts Are Shared and How to Stop It?

Your contacts are showing up on another iPhone because iCloud Contacts are enabled on both iPhones. All of your contacts are uploaded to iCloud of the same account and then it will send and merge all the contacts to each iPhone to sync contacts.

► Will you lose contacts after stop the sharing? The answer is No. Besides, you can choose to transfer contacts from one Apple ID to another.

How to Stop Sharing Contacts on iPhone:

When you find you are sharing contacts with others, you can disable iCloud contacts and delete the strange contacts on iPhone.

1. Go to Settings on iPhone.

2. Tap [your name] and select iCloud.

3. Find Contacts and turn off it to stop sharing contacts between 2 iPhone.

4. You would receive the prompt What would you like to do with the previous synced iCloud contacts on your iPhone? Select Keep on my iPhone.

5. Open Contacts app on iPhone and delete the unwanted contacts.

Turn off iCloud Contacts

Clearing the others’ contacts on your iPhone is not enough. Removing your contacts on the other iPhone makes you really separate 2 iPhones. After you have stopped receiving contacts from another iPhone, your contacts are still on the other iPhone. This section will help you erase them on the other devices.

1. Open a browser and go to

2. Sign in your Apple ID and select the feature of Contacts.

iCloud Site

3. Find your contacts and delete them from iCloud.

Now you can create a new Apple account for your own use. If you want to backup iPhone contacts, just turn on iCloud Sync to save contacts to your new account.

Tips: Before you sell or give away your iPhone, you need to wipe iPhone clean to prevent privacy leakage. If your ID is signed in on a strange iOS device, you could use find my iPhone to erase it.

Section 2. How to Unsync Google Contacts between 2 iPhones?

Your contacts could be also uploaded to the server of Google. If you are sharing the same Google account with others and both of you are using Google Contacts, your contacts would also be merged on 2 iPhones.

1. Open Settings app on iPhone.

2. Scroll down the screen and select Accounts and Passwords.

3. Select Gmail and then turn off Contacts.

Gmail Contacts

Tips: To delete your contacts on the other devices, you could also go to to pick up and delete them.

Section 3. How to Keep Contacts Separate on Two iPhones Perfectly?

Having contacts stored in another place makes it always safe even if you unexpectedly lost them for some reason. Both iCloud and Google will automatically sync your contacts when the Internet is connected. It's a convenient iPhone contacts backup way. Now you have stopped sharing contacts on iPhone and you should use another solution to backup and sync iPhone contacts.

AOMEI MBackupper is a perfect solution for iPhone backup and data transfer. It makes you select contacts to save to computer and easily transfer contacts to any iPhone. With all the necessary contacts in backup, you could stop cloud sync and feel free to remove the unwanted contacts.

★ Selectively Backup & Restore: You can view all contacts and decide to backup/restore some of them or all.

Widely Compatible: AOMEI MBackupper supports all iPhones including the latest iOS 14, iPhone 12/11 series.

It's the best choice to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone with different Apple IDs.

Step 1. Download AOMEI MBackupper and connect iPhone to computer with USB cable.

Step 2. Select Custom Backup on the home screen.

Custom Backup iPhone

Step 3. Click Contacts to view contacts.

Choose Contacts

Step 4. Preview all the iPhone contacts and select the needed ones. Click OK.

Preview and Select Contacts

Step 5. Click Start Backup to save them to computer.

Start Backup Contacts

Bonus Tip: Let Family Sharing Helps You Sharing iTunes Library

Most users are sharing accounts with others because they want to share the same iTunes library. But it will also share a lot of private information, otherwise, you won’t want to know how to stop sharing contacts on iPhone.

In fact, use Family Sharing could also let you share the purchased iTunes library with another Apple ID.

1. Open Settings app on iPhone.

2. Tap the [your name] and select Family Sharing.

3. Set up your family and invite your family members.

Family Sharing

Besides, AOMEI MBackupper is also brilliant software for sharing other iPhone data like photos, videos, music, and messages. You can freely share data among all of your iOS devices.


That's all for how to stop sharing contacts between 2 iPhones. Turn off Contacts in iCloud will help you stop sharing contacts between iPhones.

PS: When you want to backup iPhone or transfer data to your family or friend's iPhone, you can let AOMEI MBackupper help you make it.

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