How to Print Photos from iPhone with Ease: 2 Free Ways

If you are wondering how to print photos from iPhone, you've come to the right place. You'll learn 2 ways to print pictures from iPhone directly or on computer.


By May / Updated on May 31, 2024

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Why Should You Print Your iPhone Photos?

iPhone provides powerful camera technology and photo editing functions, and more and more users are using mobile phones to record beautiful moments. Over time, users get a lot of wonderful photos, from graduation to weddings and even vacations. There are still quite a few people who want to know how to print photos from iPhone, and paper photos do have irreplaceable significance compared to digital photos.

Physical imprinting is a way to preserve deep memories, better look back, and cherish moments. You may want to print a favorite photo to share with friends or print a series of photos of important moments to hang at home, or you may want to frame a memorable photo as a gift for a loved one or family.

iPhone Photos

Fortunately, printing photos from an iPhone has become an easy task these days. If you have the same questions as "How do I print photos from my iPhone", keep reading to see all the useful solutions and specific steps.

Way 1. Print Photos from iPhone Directly via AirPrint

Can you print photos directly from iPhone? Of course! With an AirPrint-compatible printer, users can connect all Macs, iPhones, and iPads to the printer and print photos, text messages, notes, and more wirelessly. You need to connect the printer to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone, and implement how to print photos from your iPhone at home through the steps below.

Step 1. Open the Photos app from your iPhone and click Select in the Library or Albums tab. Select the image you want to print and click the Share icon.

Choose Photos

Step 2. Scroll down the pop-up menu to find the Print option and tap on it.

Print Option

Step 3. In the Printer Options window, click Select Printer and select the correct one from the automatically detected AirPrint-enabled printers and make other settings.

Print Settings

Step 4. Finally, click Print.

Click Print

Tip: You may find that your printer does not support AirPrint, don't worry, you can go to the next method to learn how to print 2x3 photos from iPhone, you can print pictures of all sizes through any printer.

Way 2. Print iPhone Photos from the Computer

If the printer you're using isn't AirPrint compatible, it's easy to transfer your iPhone photos to your computer and then print them from any printer. With the professional iPhone data transfer tool - FoneTool can easily export all or selected photos of iPhone to computer.

The tool supports all iPhone models and is fully compatible with the latest iOS, allowing users to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to computers at super fast speeds so that no matter what printer you use, you will be able to print them out.

Please download  FoneTool on your computer and follow the steps below to learn how to print photos on iPhone on computer.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Step 1. To connect your iPhone to the computer, you need to tap Trust on your iPhone to consent to the PC accessing the photos on the device. Then click on the Phone Transfer > iPhone to PC option, and tap the Start Transfer button.

Transfer to Computer

Step 2. Select the single or multiple images you want to print under the Photos option and click OK to confirm.

Choose Photos

Step 3. Select the Transfer to storage path, (in addition to the hard drive, you can also save data to a USB or external hard drive) and click Transfer.

Click Transfer

Step 4. When the transfer is complete, click OK. Then now easily print your iPhone photos using a printer connected to this computer.

Transfer Completed

Bonus Tip: Backup Your Precious Photos to Prevent Loss

The process of how to print pictures from iPhone is not difficult, and your iPhone Photos app must have saved a lot of important memories, once the photos are lost due to a lost phone or hardware failure, you may regret it very much. But we now offer users the option to never lose their precious photos: back up all your important iPhone data with FoneTool.

This best free iPhone backup tool has a lot of advantages:

Preview Photos: If you don't want to back up all your photos, you can preview them in advance and select only what you need to back up, saving you time and storage space. 
Quick Backup: The transfer speed of FoneTool is fast, and the 10GB photos in the test only take a few minutes to complete the transfer.
Flexible Backup: You can backup iPhone music, messages, contacts and other types of data, the tool supports you to selectively or completely backup your iPhone.
Broad Compatibility: You can back up all your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and it works perfectly on the latest iOS 15.

Start backing up your iPhone pictures now and it's just a few simple clicks away.

Step 1. Make sure your phone is connected to the computer, launch FoneTool, and tap Phone Backup > Selective Backup, and select the Photo item.

Photo Backup

Note: If you need to back up other iPhone data, such as videos, notes, contacts, etc., you can check more transfer options.

Step 2. In the next interface, you can preview your photos, select the desired item and click OK.

Select Pictures

Step 3. Click the Start Backup button and your photos will be backed up in just a few moments.

Start Backup

In the Bottom

You can learn all the effective ways on how to print photos from iPhone from this article. Whether your printer is AirPrint-compatible or not, you can print photos from any iOS device via  FoneTool.

Moreover, if your gallery has saved many important memories, then it will be very necessary to backup photos with FoneTool, which can help users quickly back up all important iPhone data to other locations to prevent its loss.

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