Top 5 Ways | How to Transfer All iPhone Photos to Dell Laptop

This guide will show you how to transfer photos from iPhone to Dell laptop. All the methods apply to all iPhone models, Windows 11, 10, 8, 7. Let's start to read!


By Lena / Updated on May 31, 2024

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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Dell Laptop

Do you know how to transfer pictures from iPhone to laptop? There are a lot of photos saved on my iPhone, so I would like to move these photos from my iPhone to my Dell laptop running on Windows 10. Please give me some advice. Thank you!

- Question from Dell Community

Transferring photos from an iPhone to a computer is a common query for many iPhone newcomers. Some individuals attempt to utilize iTunes for this purpose, assuming it to be the default management tool for Apple devices.

Dell Laptop

To learn how to transfer pics from iPhone to Dell laptop, there are 4 ways you can apply and we will explain in detail next. You can first read and then choose one method to follow according to your situation.

Way 1 is able to transfer all kinds of photos selectively in Win 11/10/8/7
Way 2 shows you how to AirDrop photos from iPhone to Dell laptop
Way 3 can help you transfer camera roll photos to Windows 11/10/8
Way 4 allows you to copy and paste camera roll photos to Windows 11/10/8/7
Way 5 supports you use iCloud to share pictures from iPhone to Dell Laptop

All these methods described here apply to new iPhone 15/15 Plus/15 Pro (Max), iPhone SE 2022, iPhone 14/14 Plus/14 Pro Max, iPhone 13 mini/14 Pro (Max), iPhone 12/11/X series, iPhone 8/7/6/5/SE. Also apply to iPad and iPod touch.

Way 1. Move Photos from iPhone to Dell Laptop with FoneTool

FoneTool is one easy-to-use iOS data backup & transfer tool specially designed for Windows users. As for data transferring, it can help you transfer videos, photos, songs, and more between iPhone and laptop.

iPhone to PC Photo Transfer App
  • Quick transfer doesn't erase and compress photo files.
  • Import original pictures or create a backup image for your photos (take less space).
  • Preview and select the files you need before the transfer.
  • Transfer photos stored in Cameral Roll and other albums you created.
  • Compatible with the latest iPhone 15 and iOS 17.

FoneTool is able to transfer a large number of photos at high speed. Free download this tool on your Dell laptop and let it help you import pictures in a few clicks.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Dell Laptop in Windows 11/10/8/7

Step 1. Run FoneTool > Plug in your iPhone with USB cable > Enter the passcode on iPhone so the software can access your device.

Step 2. On the Home screen, click Phone Transfer option. Go to iPhone to PC and click Start Transfer.

Transfer to Computer

⚠️ Notes:

If you want to create an image backup, click Phone Backup > Selective Backup to backup iPhone photos.

Step 3. Click the “+” icon > Choose the pictures you want to transfer > Click OK to continue.

Choose Photos

Step 4. Click Start Transfer > Choose the storage path > Click Transfer to start.


Step 5. Click OK when the transfer is completed.

Transfer Completed

Way 2. AirDrop Photos from iPhone to Dell Laptop

You may often use AirDrop to share photos with friends.  A large number of photos will be transferred in a flash. Can you AirDrop photos from iPhone to PC? Well, although AirDrop does not work on Windows, there are AirDrop-like apps that can help you transfer photos between iPhone and PC wirelessly, such as Snapdrop, Xender, SHAREit. Here we take Snapdrop as an example.

How to AirDrop Photos from iPhone to Dell Laptop

Step 1. Visit Snapdrop website on iPhone and computer.

Step 2.  Tap the icon on your iPhone screen and you will see three choices: Photo LibraryTake Photo or VideoChoose Files.

Choose Photo Library

Step 3.  Choose Photo Library and select the photos and videos you want to transfer.

Step 4. Click Download on computer to save the photos

enlightened Tip: If you are interested in other AirDrop-like apps, you can refer to this AirDrop for Windows guide to learn more.

Way 3. Send iPhone Pictures to Dell Laptop via Photos App

Photos app is one built-in photo management tool for Windows 10 and it can help users transfer pictures stored in camera roll album. When the photos are imported into the laptop, it can automatically delete the photos on the iPhone for you.

How to Import Photos from iPhone to Dell Laptop

Step 1. Connect iPhone to Dell laptop and run Photos app. (Enter passcode on iPhone if asked.)

Step 2. Click Import > Choose From a USB device and wait for a while.

Step 3. Click Import Settings to set the destination or other options.

Step 4. Select the pictures you want to import and click Import Selected.

Import Selected

Way 4. Get Photos from iPhone to Dell Laptop via Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer is one built-in function of Windows computer that lets users view and manage files in devices and drives. When connecting iPhone to computer, your iPhone can be found under "Devices and drives" section and you can open it to view your pictures.

How to Share Photos from iPhone to Dell Computer

Step 1. Connect iPhone to Dell laptop via USB cable.

Step 2. Go to This PC or Computer > Find your iPhone and open it.

Step 3. Go to Internal Storage > DCIM > Open those folders named 100APPLE, 101APPLE, 102APPLE, etc. to find your pictures.

Dcim Subfolder

Step 4. Copy and copy the selected pictures from iPhone to your laptop.

Way 5. Share Pictures from iPhone to Dell laptop by iCloud

iCloud is a backup service provided by Apple that allows you to easily store and sync files seamlessly. It can also be used to transfer photos from iPhone to Dell laptop. However, iCloud only provides 5GB of free storage space. Additional iCloud storage must be purchased to accommodate larger photos.

How to Use iCloud to Send Data from iPhone to Dell laptop

Step 1. Download and install iCloud for Windows on your Dell laptop > Sign in using your Apple ID, the same one used on your iPhone.

Step 2. Open iCloud and navigate to the Photos section > Click on the Options button next to the Photos icon.

Step 3. In the Photos Options window, specify the storage location for your photos on your Dell laptop > Click Done to confirm your selection.

Your iPhone photos will now begin transferring to your Dell laptop. You can access them in the iCloud Photos folder on your laptop once the transfer is complete.


FAQs on Transferring from iPhone to Dell Laptop

After reading, you may also want to know the below questions:

enlightened 1. How do I ensure a smooth and error-free transfer process from my iPhone to my Dell laptop?

Keep both your iPhone and Dell laptop updated with the latest software. Use original USB cables for physical connections, and ensure iCloud settings are correctly configured for wireless transfers.

enlightened 2. What is the quickest way to transfer large video files from my iPhone to my Dell laptop?

For large video files, use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to the Dell laptop. Use FoneTool to navigate to your iPhone, find the videos, and copy them to your laptop.

enlightened 3. How can I transfer contacts and other data from my iPhone to my Dell laptop?

You can use FoneTool to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer. Connect iPhone to your Dell laptop, launch FoneTool and go to Phone Transfer, and choose Contacts to accomplish the process.


That’s all for how to transfer photos from iPhone to Dell laptop in Windows 11/10/8/7. Compare these three methods, FoneTool is highly recommended because it can help you transfer all kinds of pictures easily and quickly. What’s more, It can help you transfer photos from computer to iPhone, which the other two tools can't do. Go for it now to discover more!

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