How to Fix iPhone Not Showing Up on PC in Windows 10/8/7

Can’t find iPhone on PC? This guide will tell you why iPhone not showing up on PC and all potential solutions to this problem.


By Lena / Updated on June 9, 2023

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Why is my iPhone not showing up on my computer Windows 10

Last night, Windows 10 stopped recognizing my iPhone as a device. It no longer showed up in Explorer. How do I make my iPhone discoverable again?

- Question from Reddit

Usually, when we connect iPhone to computer, we can find the device in File Explorer. Then we can open the iPhone to view and transfer photos from iPhone to computer. However, when you connect iPhone to computer this time, you find that computer doesn’t recognize your iPhone. How frustrating! You can’t perform any task to transfer files between iPhone and PC.

Actually, this "iPhone not showing on PC" problem is fairly common. Apple doesn't seem interested in supporting platforms other than its own. This problem may result from various reasons. Read to see why is iPhone not showing up on PC and the solutions to fix it.

Why Is iPhone Not Showing Up on PC in Windows 10/8/7

Understanding the causes can help us better solve the problem. Here are some common reasons that may cause iPhone not showing up on PC problem.

  • You haven’t trust the computer on your iPhone.
  • The lightning USB cable is disabled or broken.
  • The USB port of your computer has been damaged.
  • The software of iPhone/computer is outdated.
  • Software issues of computer and iPhone.
  • The Apple Mobile Device Drives is corrupted.

How to Fix iPhone Not Showing Up on PC in Windows 10/8/7

Many reasons can cause the iPhone not showing up on PC problem. Here are some methods that have been proven to work. If you are not sure the exact reason, you can try them one by one until your iPhone appears on computer.

Part 1. Basic Tips for iPhone Not Showing Up on PC

  • Make sure your iPhone is turned on and on the Home screen.
  • Tap Trust on iPhone when you see the Trust This Computer alert.
  • It’s recommended to use the original Apple USB cable.
  • Restart your computer and iPhone.
  • Try another USB cable or USB port.
  • Update iTunes to the latest version.
  • Update iOS to the latest version.
  • Check if you have the latest software on Windows PC.
  • Try connecting your iPhone to another computer to see whether it’s possible.

Part 2. Advanced Tips to Fix iPhone Not Showing Up on PC

Have tried all the basic tricks, but the iPhone still does not appear on the PC? There are other two solutions.

Way 1. Reinstall Apple Mobie Device USB Driver

The iPhone not showing up on PC problem will occur when Apple Mobile Device USB driver is not installed properly on computer. You can go to update the driver to have a try.

>> If you downloaded iTunes from Microsoft Store:

1. Connect your iPhone to computer and unlock it.

2. Click Start and type device manager.

3. Choose Device Manager on the popup window.

4. Find Portable Devices and click it > Right-click Apple iPhone and choose Update driver.

Update Driver

5. Choose Browse my computer for driver software option on the pop-up window.

6. Choose Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer option on the pop-up window.

Let Me Pick

7. Choose the device driver and click Next to continue.

Choose Driver

8. It will begin to install the driver on your computer. When it is finished, click Close to quit the window.

9. Close Device Manager and restsart your computer. Check whether your computer can recognize your iPhone.

>> If you downloaded iTunes from Apple:

1. Connect your iPhone to computer and unlock it.

2. Press the Windows key and R key at the same time to open Run box.

3. Copy and paste %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers to the box and press Enter.

4. Right-click usbaapl64.inf or usbaapl.inf  > Choose Install option to make it.


Way 2. Troubleshoot Your iPhone in Control Center

If there is no problem with the driver, you can try to troubleshoot your iPhone.

1. Click Start > Type control panel in the search box and press Enter.

2. Choose Control Panel and open it.

3. Go to Hardware and Sound > View devices and printers to find Unspecified section.

4. Right-click iPhone > Choose Troubleshoot option and it will detect the problems. If there is a problem with the device, you can follow the on-screen instructions to fix it.

Troubleshoot iPhone

Bonus Tip: An Easy Way to Transfer Photos between iPhone and PC

File Explorer indeed can help us transfer photos from iPhone to PC, however, it also has shortcomings. You may have noticed that photos that are not saved in Camera Roll will not be found. Besides, iPhone video not showing up on PC issue is very common.

Well, File Explorer is not the only way to help you transfer photos/videos from iPhone to computer. You may let FoneTool, one professional iPhone transfer tool to easily transfer photos between iPhone and computer.

FoneTool can help you transfer all kinds of photos from iPhone to computer. More importantly, it also supports the transfer from the computer to the iPhone, which is not possible with the File Explorer.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer

1. Download, install and launch FoneTool.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

2. Connect iPhone to computer via USB cable > Click Phone Transfer in the left side of the interface. Choose iPhone to PC. Click Start Transfer to continue.

Transfer to Computer

3. Select the photos you need and click OK to continue.

Choose Photos

4. Choose a path to save your photos (You can choose to transfer photos from iPhone to USB flash drive.) > Click Start Transfer to start.


If you want to transfer photos from computer to iPhone, please click the Transfer to iPhone option to make it.
FoneTool can also help you transfer videos, music, contacts, etc. between iPhone and computer.

Final Words

That’s all about how to fix iPhone not showing up on PC in Windows 10/8/7. Hope one of these methods can help you get rid of the problem. You can also have a try on FoneTool to transfer photos in an easier way.

If you have any other ideas about this problem, please leave a comment below to help other users here!

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