Best Free iPhone to PC Transfer Software in 2024

Is iPhone storage full? Need to export photos and music from iPhone to PC? If you need the best free iPhone to PC transfer software, just read on, you can get the answer in this post and learn how to transfer iPhone to PC.


By Dylan / Updated on May 31, 2024

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Why Need an iPhone to PC Transfer Software?

Every day, we take pictures, videos, send and write messages on our iPhones. Generally there are 3 reasons why need the best free iPhone to PC transfer software.

enlightened Free up storage space. Sometimes, you may find your iPhone 15/14 is running out of space because too much data on it, the best iPhone to PC transfer software free can help you to move data to a Windows computer, so you can save more space.
enlightened Manage iPhone file. If you need to edit videos, photos, or music on your computer, An iPhone transfer tool can help you quickly move them to your PC.
enlightened Backup important data. Backup iPhone contacts, messages, videos, pics, and other important can help you to avoid data loss.

iPhone Transfer to PC

iTunes is certainly one of the most amazing and must-have applications for iPhone, iPad, and iPod users. But there are some limitations with iTunes, it only allows one-way synchronization from the Computer to the iPhone.

For example, if the music library on your PC is empty, and you sync your iPhone using iTunes, it will erase all your existing music tracks from your phone. It is nearly impossible to transfer music, videos, contacts, and other data back onto your hard drive simply by using iTunes software alone.

Therefore, in those circumstances, a third-party transfer tool, free software for iPhone to PC transfer is very necessary.

Note: You can also transfer data from iPhone to your computer manually by copying and pasting. But when there is a large amount of data you need to transfer from iPhone, this method will take a lot of time and effort. If you want to download your iCloud photos, follow this guide to get photos back from iCloud.

Best software to transfer files from iPhone to PC

What is the easiest way to transfer files from iOS to Windows computer? There is an excellent free software to transfer files from iPhone to PC named FoneTool. With this tool, you can transfer iPhone music, videos, photos, contacts to a computer easily. It is an ideal solution to protect your important iPhone data from loss or damage.

FoneTool’ s features

  • Transfer speed is so fast. It is tested that 1000 songs can be transferred in 5 minutes.

  • Interactive and simple GUI. This tool makes iPhone-to-PC transfer simple, you can send your data from iPhone to a computer within a few clicks

  • Selective transferring. It allows you to select the specific data or files you want to move.

  • Full compatibility. It works well with almost all types of iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and the latest iOS 17 (also compatible with older iOS versions).

  • Support various file types. You can transfer music/videos/photos/contacts/messages from all iPhone models to Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 PC.

 ? Video tutorial for this best iPhone to PC transfer app

How to Transfer iPhone Files to PC with FoneTool

How to use FoneTool - the best software to transfer files from iPhone to PC. Here, take Photo Backup as an example to show how FoneTool works.

Download and install FoneTool on your computer, then follow the guide below to safely transfer photos from your iPhone to PC.

iPhone to PC Transfer Software Free Download

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your PC with a USB cable. Once connected, tap "Trust" on your iOS device screen.

Step 2. Run this iPhone to PC transfer tool. On the home screen, click "Phone Backup" on the left pane > Then open "iPhone to PC", followed by clicking "Get Started".

Transfer to Computer

Tip: This tool also supports backing up photos, videos, messages, contacts, etc. to computer or external disk. You can choose "Selective Backup" or "Full Backup" to selectively/partially back up or fully back up iPhone.

Step 3. Click the plus icon to select the data you want to export. After the selection, click "OK".

Choose Photos

Step 4. Then you can change some settings from the "Transfer Settings" option, like the transfer path. Then click "Start Transfer" to begin the task.

Transfer Settings

Transfer all iPhone data to PC  in one click

Many users choose to transfer the entire iPhone data to another location for backup before resetting iPhone. FoneTool supports fully backing up iPhone, you can transfer all iPhone data to PC with one click, even if there is no internet. 

Step 1. Launch FoneTool, and click Phone Backup > Full Backup > Click Get Started.

Full Backup

Step 2. Please enable backup encryption for backing up data, and select a backup path, click Start Backup to begin the task.

Start Backup

FAQs about Transferring iPhone to PC

You may still encounter a lot of doubts in the process of transferring iPhone data to PC, and we will answer them to you with the most frequently asked questions.

Is there a free software for Apple iPhone data transfer?

FoneTool provides a certain free iPhone data transfer service and meets all your transfer needs. You can easily transfer PC to iPhone, transfer iPhone to PC, or transfer iPhone to iPhone with one click. And this professional tool has super fast transfer speed and simple operation interface, if you are looking for free iPhone data transfer tool, it is the best choice.

Can I transfer photos from iPhone directly to PC?

You can use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your PC, and once the computer recognizes your iPhone data, you can choose to move your photos to your PC. Of course, tools such as FoneTool and iCloud Photos can also help you transfer iPhone photos and videos to your computer.


So FoneTool can be the best free iPhone-to-PC transfer software, and you can use it to move data to a Windows computer easily. You can also use it to transfer music to an iPhone

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