How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer: 5 Ways

This guide will show you how to transfer music from iPhone to computer. Whether you want to export purchased or non-purchased songs, this post will provide 5 methods to share in free way.


By Dylan / Updated on May 31, 2024

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How do I transfer music from iPhone to PC free without iTunes?

I want to enjoy my purchased music on my computer, but I don’t know what I should do. Is there a free way to export iPhone music as iTunes does? Thanks a lot.

- Question from Reddit

Speaking of transferring music from iPhone to computer, many users may think about iTunes, the official tool. However, with this software, you can only choose to backup all your library of iPhone (including music) or transfer purchased music from iPhone to computer. But actually, there is another tool that can help you transfer both purchased and non-purchased songs from iPhone to computer. Keep reading to learn more.

You may try the following methods one by one to export music from iPhone to PC for free.

Method 1. Transfer music from iPhone to computer with an easy tool

To send iPhone music easily, here we would like to introduce a professional transfer tool - FoneTool, the best software to transfer music from iPhone to computer. It is able to transfer all iPhone music from iPhone to computer,  including non-purchased music from iPhone to computer, With its intuitive interface, the whole operation can be finished in a few clicks. And here are features you may want to know:

Fast transfer speed. It gives you fast speed to send songs from your iPhone/iPad/iPod to a computer. Thousands of songs can be sent within 5 minutes.
Fully or selectively transfer music files. Unlike iTunes, you can move music files whether purchased or non-purchased as you like. It also allows you to preview and select the songs you need before transferring them.
Widely compatible. Support Windows-based operating systems, including Windows 11 and all iOS systems even compatible with the latest iOS 17. That’s to say, you can extract music from iPhone 15 to Windows computer for free without effort.

Now you can click the download button to download and install this freeware, and learn how to transfer music from iPhone to PC Windows 10/11.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

How to transfer music from iPhone to PC  freely without iTunes

Step 1.  Connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable. Run FoneTool.  

Step 2. Click Phone Transfer > iPhone to PC Get Started.

Transfer to Computer

Step 3. Click the plus icon to add music from computer.

Select Music

Step 4. Choose a storage path from the Transfer Settings option >  Click Start Transfer to begin the task.

Transfer Music

This is how to transfer music from iPhone to computer for free unlimited with FoneTool. Now, you can go to the backup path and listen to your music with the installed player. If you still want to use iTunes for backup, you can continue to see it below.

Note: FoneTool can also help you transfer music from computer to iPhone without data erasing.  Just click Transfer to iPhone option to make it.

Method 2. Transfer music from iPhone to computer for free with iTunes

If you have purchased the songs on iTunes, you can easily copy music from iPhone to computer for free with iTunes. You just need to use “Transfer Purchases from iPhone” feature. It could also be used to transfer photos from iPhone to PC.

How to transfer music from iPhone to PC for free with iTunes

Step 1. Download and install iTunes for Windows, connect your iPhone with your computer.

Step 2. Open iTunes, and click File at the upper left corner, and choose Devices > Transfer Purchases from xxx iPhone and wait till the transferring process ends.

Transfer Purchased Music Itunes

Step 3. Click Recently Added on the left side, select the purchased music and click Download button at the lower right corner.

It is worth mentioning that if the purchased songs are encrypted, iTunes might ask you to authorize the computer. Just click "Account" > "Authorization". and authorize this computer.

Method 3. Back up music from iPhone to computer via iTunes backup

If you need to backup music to avoid data, you can transfer all music and other data from iPhone to computer with iTunes, you need to make use of the backup feature in Summary. But I have to say that the backup is not accessed and you can only listen to music after restoring the image to another iPhone. Even worse, it will wipe the current data on your iPhone. 

Please read the steps below to learn how to transfer non-purchased music from iPhone to computer free.

Steps to backup music using iTunes

Step 1. Install and launch the latest iTunes version on your computer, connect your iPhone to computer,

Step 2. Click the iPhone device icon > Summary > This computer >Back up Now and wait for the final result.

Backup Using Itunes

After that, you can restore all your library data including music with the Restore Backup feature.

Method 4. Download music to PC from iTunes Store

If purchased songs from iTunes Store on your iPhone/iPad, iTunes will have the purchase record, so you can download the songs on your computer from iTunes Store.

Step 1. Run iTunes from computer, and choose Account from the top.

Step 2. You may need to sign in with your Apple account. 

Step 3. Under the iTunes Store, click Purchased on the right side of the window. You can choose any songs you like to download, or click Download All to download all songs to your computer.

download music from itunes store

Can you transfer music from iPhone to computer without software? Of course, you can, without the help of third-party software, you only need to access the cloud storage service in your browser, and you can also transfer music between your iPhone and computer.

Method 5. Backup and restore music via cloud service

Cloud service allows users to backup iPhone music to cloud storage, and you can view and download the music from your computer. There are hundreds of cloud services. Here we take Dropbox as an example. Take a look at how to transfer music from iPhone to computer that was not purchased.

Step 1. Download and install Dropbox on your iPhone. 

Step 2. Create an account on your iPhone. And click the + icon.  You can first create a new folder for your music for better management. And add music to your Dropbox.

Step 3. Visit the Dropbox site ( on your computer. Sign in with your Dropbox account. Then you can access your Dropbox storage and download the songs to your computer.

download music from dropbox

In the end

Now you have known how to transfer music from iPhone to computer for free with the best software. But which one is the best one? By comparison, FoneTool is the best free program to copy music from iPhone to computer by far. It gives you the fastest speed and simple interface to download songs from iPhone to computer.

It can help you transfer music files, photos, videos, etc. selectively between iPhone and computer, and listen to music without restoration first. Besides, it is also an excellent iPhone backup tool that can help you keep data safe all the time. Go and download FoneTool!

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