How to Transfer iOS App to Another Account [2023 Updated]

Are you looking for effective ways to transfer iOS app to another account? This guide is tailored to your needs, offering four techniques for transferring apps from one iPhone to another.


By May / Updated on August 24, 2023

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Can You Transfer Apple Apps to Another Account?

For a variety of reasons, you may need to transfer iOS app to another account. While Apple doesn’t provide a direct method for this, there are several ways that you can explore to transfer iOS apps from one account to another. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn the available methods and the steps needed to successfully transfer valuable apps.

Transfer iOS App to Another Account

How to Transfer iOS App to Another Account – 3 Easy Ways

There are three available methods to help you easily transfer iOS app from one account to another. Scroll down for more details!

Way 1. Transfer iOS Apps to Another Account with Professional Software

FoneTool is a powerful iPhone transfer app designed for fast transfer between iOS devices. With FoneTool’s intuitive interface, you can easily transfer a wide range of apps from your old iPhone to your new iPhone without Apple ID. Why choose FoneTool? Some benefits of using FoneTool to transfer iOS apps are listed below:

One-Click Transfer: FoneTool simplifies the process by offering a one-click transfer method, ensuring swift and efficient app transfer between iOS devices.
Transfer All iPhone Data: In addition to apps, FoneTool enables users to transfer all kinds of iPhone data, including contacts, messages, photos, and more.
No Apple ID Required: FoneTool eliminates the need for an Apple ID during transfers, maintaining data security and privacy.
User-Friendly Interface: FoneTool has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that lets users of all levels of technical expertise easily navigate the transfer process.

How to transfer apps to another iPhone account using FoneTool? Now click the download button to install FoneTool on your PC and follow the instructions below.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1: Connect both iPhones to your PC using USB cables > Tap Trust on your iPhones’ screen > Launch FoneTool.

Step 2: In the main interface, choose Phone Transfer > Locate the iPhone to iPhone mode > Click the Start Transfer button.

iPhone to iPhone

Step 3: Make sure the source and target devices are in the right position > Enable backup encryption to safeguard private data during backup > Click Start Transfer to initiate the transfer process.

Start Transfer

In addition to transferring apps between iOS devices, you can also transfer data from iPhone to computer or external hard drive.

Way 2. Transfer iOS Apps to Another Account via QuickStart

The second way to transfer iOS apps to another account is to utilize QuickStart. With QuickStart, you can perform iPhone-to-iPhone transfers, including transferring iPhone settings from a previous device to a brand-new iPhone.

This feature leverages the power of Bluetooth and Apple ID. Therefore, before you begin moving apps between iPhones, you must ensure that Bluetooth is activated on both devices and that they are within Bluetooth range for optimal performance.

Step 1: Activate your new iPhone and place it in proximity to your old iPhone > The QuickStart screen will emerge on your former device, presenting the choice to utilize your Apple ID for configuring the new device.

Step 2: Confirm the Apple ID and select Continue > Adhere to the provided instructions for the setup of your new iPhone.

Step 3: Upon reaching the Transfer Your Data screen, tap Transfer from iPhone > Continue to initiate the direct transfer of your data from your previous device to the new one.

Transfer iOS Apps via QuickStart

1. If you meet the “QuickStart cannot be working” issue, you can go to Way 1 to use FoneTool to move your Apple apps to another iPhone.
2. QuickStart lets you transfer all content and apps from the old iPhone to the new one. To transfer individual apps between iPhones, consider using the AirDrop feature.

Way 3. Transfer iOS Apps from iPhone to iPhone by AirDrop

AirDrop is an inherent feature of Apple devices that facilitates file sharing between Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Mac PCs. Just like transferring files between Android devices via Bluetooth, iOS users can use AirDrop to share files between devices.

Before starting transferring iOS apps, please make sure that Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and AirDrop are activated on both iPhones. Then, here is how to transfer one app to another iPhone:

Step 1: On the source iPhone, press and hold the app icon you wish to share, then choose the Share App option.

Step 2: In the ensuing popup menu, select AirDrop and pick the name of the new iPhone.

Step 3: On the target iPhone, click View to initiate the app download from the App Store.

Transfer iOS Apps by AirDrop

This straightforward process ensures the desired app is seamlessly transferred between the two devices.

The Bottom Line

Based on the insights provided in the above guide, determining the most efficient way to transfer iOS app to another account is now a simple task. Among the available methods, many users may choose FoneTool as their preferred solution.

The attractiveness of FoneTool compared to other methods lies in its simplicity, speed, and adaptability. In addition, you can use FoneTool to backup iPhone to SSD or PC to avoid data loss. Why not experience FoneTool for yourself? Discover the efficiency of FoneTool today and revolutionize your iPhone-to-iPhone data transfer process.

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