[5 Ways] How to Fix There was a Temporary Problem on iTunes

When syncing data using iTunes, you may get the error of “there was a temporary problem completing your request”? This post will offer 6 solutions with you to fix this problem on iTunes.


By Dylan / Updated on May 31, 2024

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Error: There was a temporary problem completing your request

I was trying to sync my iTunes playlist with my iPhone, but when I apply the change, I got the error saying “There was a temporary problem completing your request. An unknown error occurred” what does that mean? How can I fix this problem?

- Question from Discussions.apple.com

When does “There was a temporary problem completing your request” occur?

It is a common iTunes error message, which usually happens during the process of transferring iTunes music, photos, between iPhone, iPad, iPod with a computer. Usually, this message comes with a code like (-50), (1001), (-45054), and so on.

There Was A Temporary Problem

When you get the “There was a temporary problem completing your request” message, it means your process is interfered with or interrupted by an unknown reason like a third program or iTunes software corruption. Then you can refer to the following content. we summarize several helpful tips in the next part to solve the problem. 

How to fix “There was a temporary problem completing your request”

Before we get started, you can change a USB cable or another USB port to see if it can work out and make sure the connection between your device and the computer is valid and stable, then try the following 5 methods below.

Solution 1. Update the iTunes software

Firstly, please make sure you have installed the latest iTunes software. Many error codes can be fixed like -50, 9039 by the latest iTunes application.

On the iTunes app, click “Help” on the top menu, and choose “Check for Updates”.

iTunes check for update

Then you will know if you installed the latest application. If not, you can follow the prompts to install it.

Solution 2. Check the Internet connection

If your iTunes movies can't be downloaded to a PC, you can check the Internet connection. A strong and stable Internet or Wi-Fi is necessary to download items.

1. Just go to “Control Panel” on your computer > Choose “Network & Internet”.

2. Click on the Troubleshooter and run it. Then it will diagnose the Internet connection.

When the diagnosis finishes, follow the on-screen prompts to fix the problem.

Solution 3. Check the iTunes authorization

iTunes needs the authorization of your computer to build communication with your videos, photos, books, and other data. When you get the “there was a temporary problem” error on iTunes, you can check the authorization.

Step 1. Run the latest iTunes.

Step 2. Click “Account” > “View My Account” at the menu.

Step 3. When the Account information is opened, check if the computer is authorized.

✍ Note:
1. To authorize a computer, run iTunes > choose “Accounts” > “Authorize this computer”.
2. An Apple ID can only authorize 5 computers at most. So if you have authorized other 5 computers, you need to de-authorize one.

Solution 4. Delete the SC Info Folder

SC Info is a folder to record the authorization for the computer. And You can try removing it from your computer and iTunes can recreate a new SC info. In this way, you can fix the “There was a temporary problem completing your request” issue.

Step 1. Quit iTunes. Click the “search” box, and input “%ProgramData%” and press “Enter”.

Step 2. When the folder is opened, follow the steps below to show hidden files:

• For Windows 10: Choose the “View” tab, and uncheck the “Hidden items” to show the folder.
• For Windows 8: Choose the “View” tab, and click “Options”. Choose “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”.
• For Windows 7: Click “Organize” > “Folder and search options.” Then select the “View” tab. Choose “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”.

Step 3. Go to the “Apple Computer” > “iTunes” folder.

Step 4. Right-click on “adi” and “SC” folders, choose Delete from the menu.

delete sc info folder

Then restart your computer, and run iTunes again to check if the problem is solved.

Method 5. Turn to iTunes alternative to transfer data between iOS devices and computer

iTunes is a traditional way to sync and manage data. But actually, Apple abandons this tool, iTunes hasn't been updated for a long time. You can still use it but it is easy to get an error. 

Besides, when syncing data like photos with iTunes, you should know that it may cause data loss if there is a conflict between the new and old data during the process. And if the problem is still there, I am afraid the only way to transfer data is to employ a third-party tool.

FoneTool is one of the best iOS data managers and iTunes alternatives enabling you to easily transfer photos, videos, messages, contacts, etc. from iPhone to PC and vice visa. Compared with iTunes and other similar tools, FoneTool can offer you:

Fast and stable transfer: This tool can successfully transfer your data with fast speed. For instance, 1000 songs can be transferred to iPhone no more than 10 minutes.
Support selective and preview transfer: Before sending data, you are allowed to choose specific items to be sent to your iPhone/iPad or computer.
No data loss: Unlike iTunes, FoneTool will not delete the previous data.
A clear interface: It uses a user-friendly interface that makes the transferring process simple and easy.

Now download this software now and we will guide you on how to use it.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Install and run FoneTool. Click "Phone transfer". You can choose “Transfer to iPhone” or “Transfer to Computer” according to your need. Here we choose “Transfer to PC”, and click "Start Transfer".

transfer to computer

✍ Note: If you need, you can choose “Full Backup” or “Custom Backup” to fully backup an iPhone or selective backup data on a PC or external disk.

Step 2. Click the “+” icon to select the file type you want to send.

select files

Step 3. Choose the file on your device. Then click "OK".

choose photos

Step 3. You can change the storage to store the selected data wherever you want on "Transfer Settings". Then click “Start Transfer”.


Now, wait for the process to get completed. Then go to the location to check if the files are transferred.


So when you get the “there was a temporary problem completing your request” on iTunes, you can try the above 6 solutions. You can update iTunes, delete the SC folder, modify the registry, turn to FoneTool, and so on. By the way, FoneTool is more than an iTunes alternative but a comprehensive iOS data manager, it also helps you to delete duplicate photos on iPhone, convert HEIC photos, and so on.

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