iPhone SE 2 Vs. iPhone SE 3: What’s New?

Do you want to upgrade your iPhone SE 2 to the latest iPhone SE 3? What’s new on iPhone SE 3? Read this guide to know every detail about iPhone SE 2 vs. iPhone SE 3.


By Demi / Updated on May 31, 2024

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What's the difference between iPhone SE 2 and SE 3?

I’d like to upgrade my iPhone SE 2. Is it worth buying an iPhone SE 3? And what’s the difference between iPhone SE 2 and SE 3? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

- Question from Apple Community

Apple has finally released the new iPhone SE (2022) since the last iPhone SE 2 was issued in 2020. As the most cost-effective line of iPhone, the new iPhone SE 3 may also catch your eyes.

iPhone SE 2 VS SE 3

If you’re hesitating about whether it is worth upgrading to iPhone SE 3 from iPhone SE 2, you may need this guide to know what’s new on iPhone SE 3 vs. iPhone SE 2.

Everything about iPhone SE 2 vs. iPhone SE 3

If you are not sure whether it is worth upgrading from iPhone SE 2 to iPhone SE 3, the comparison between iPhone SE 2 and iPhone SE 3 below may help you make a decision. The chart gives you an overview difference between iPhone SE 2 and 3, together with more detail.

Overview: iPhone SE 2 vs. iPhone SE 3


iPhone SE 2

iPhone SE 3

Starting Price




4.7-inch LCD

4.7-inch LCD


A13 Bionic

A15 Bionic


64GB, 128GB+ 3GB RAM

64GB, 128GB, 256GB+4GB RAM


Gigabit-class LTE

5G (sub-6GHz), LTE Advanced


Touch ID

Touch ID

Refresh rate




12MP wide rear, 7MP front

12MP wide rear, 7MP front


Black, White, (PRODUCT) RED

Midnight, Starlight, (PRODUCT) RED

iPhone SE 2 vs. iPhone SE 3: CPU
What makes iPhone SE 3 attractive most is its new CPU - A15 Bionic, which is the same as that in iPhone 13 series. In other words, you can spend much less money but enjoy one of the most advanced pieces of Apple silicon. The change A15 Bionic brings to iPhone SE 3 is not only in CPU, but also in many aspects.


The A15 Bionic chip within the iPhone SE 3 implies that applications will load quickly and operate smoothly. Furthermore, as we’ll see later, the new CPU allows capabilities such as Apple’s computational photography and increased battery life.

iPhone SE 2 vs. iPhone SE 3: Connectivity
you may also notice in the chart that iPhone SE 3 is the first one in its line to feature 5G connectivity. Apple clearly states that the iPhone SE 3 now has 5G, which is correct. However, it has the ability to connect to 5G networks, but is not significantly faster than its predecessor.

iPhone SE 2 vs. iPhone SE 3: Camera
You may be kind of disappointed when you find there is nothing different in the cameras of both iPhones. Luckily, A15 gives iPhone SE 3’s camera minimum changes. It helps enhance photo signal processing. Deep Fusion computational photography advancements, as well as an upgrade to Smart HDR 4 and Photographic Styles, are included.

iPhone SE Camera

In conclusion, iPhone SE 3 is better than iPhone SE 2, but not massively. Hope you have made a decision on whether to upgrade iPhone SE 2 to iPhone SE 3.

Bonus: Transfer everything to iPhone SE 3 with FoneTool

If you choose to switch to new iPhone SE 3, don’t forget to transfer data from old iPhone to iPhone SE 3. It is recommended a powerful transfer tool for iOS devices called FoneTool, which enables you to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone without backup.

All data, including but not limited to media files, call history, apps (data files, preference), memos, Safari (history, bookmarks), and system settings will be moved to your new iPhone SE in a short time.

Get the tool now and follow the steps below to transfer everything to new iPhone SE 3 in a few minutes.

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Step 1. Connect two iPhones to computer > Open FoneTool and click Phone Transfer > Go to iPhone to iPhone and click Start Transfer.

iPhone To iPhone Transfer

Step 2. Make sure the source iPhone and the target iPhone are in the right place > If needed, enable Backup encryption to backup your private.

Backup Encryption Not Enabled

Step 3. Click Start Transfer and wait for the task to finish.

Start Transfer

When it is complete, your iPhone SE 3 will restart automatically. Alternatively, you can rely on FoneTool to transfer selective photos, contacts, etc. to new iPhone.

Make sure you have everything migrated to new iPhone SE 3, then, you can let the Erase iPhone function in FoneTool wipe your old iPhone clean.


That’s all for iPhone SE 2 vs. iPhone SE 3. As you can see, the changes between iPhone SE 2 and iPhone SE 3 are significant, but not a must. While if you that that upgrades on the iPhone SE 3 make a difference in your daily use, just go for it.

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