How to Transfer Voicemails to New iPhone in 5 Ways

How to transfer voicemails to new iPhone? Read this detailed guide to get 5 ways to transfer voicemails quickly and easily.


By Kelsey / Updated on September 12, 2023

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Do voicemails transfer to new iPhone?

Voicemail is a basic method of daily communication for iPhone users. It can quickly send voice messages to your friends. When you get a new iPhone, you may be stuck in the question of not knowing whether voicemails will be transferred to the new iPhone. Especially those voicemails are very important to you.


Actually, the answer is yes, there are plenty of ways to keep meaningful voicemails on a new device. If you want to know how to transfer voicemails to new iPhone, this is the right guide for you.

How do I transfer voicemails from my iPhone?

You may want to know “How do I transfer voicemails to new iPhone?” As we all know, Apple itself provides many ways to transfer data to iPhone. When you haven't set up a new device, you can use Quick Start and iCloud to transfer voicemails to new iPhone.

If you've set up a new device, it's a good idea to transfer your voicemail via AirDrop or Messages/ Email directly. Apart from that, a professional iPhone data transfer and backup tool is also included.

5 Ways to transfer voicemails to new iPhone

Please keep on reading the article to learn how to transfer voicemails from old iPhone to new iPhone and get the respective feature of each way, you can choose the one you prefer.

Way 1. Quick Start to transfer voicemails to new iPhone

Before starting, please make sure both devices are using iOS 12.4 or later. Bluetooth is enabled on your old iPhone and hold your old phone close to your new iPhone.

step 1. You'll see Quick Start on your old iPhone, with the option to set up your new iPhone with your Apple ID. Check your Apple ID and click Continue.

Step 2. When the animation appears on your new iPhone, place the old iPhone on the new one and make sure the animation is centered in the viewfinder. Then, it will show Done on the new iPhone.

Step 3. Enter the old iPhone's passcode on the new iPhone. 

Step 4. Follow the instruction to set up Touch ID/Face ID on your old iPhone and restore your new iPhone from backup.

quick start

Note: Quick Start can only transfer entire data to a new iPhone. Sometimes some data will be lost because of the huge amount of data.

Way 2. Using iCloud to transfer Voicemails to New iPhone

Sometimes, you will find that Quick Start not working on iPhone during this transfer. iCloud is an alternative. Using iCloud requires that you have sufficient iCloud storage space, and you will automatically send all your old voicemails to your new iPhone with no extra effort. Please turn on the WiFi connection during the whole process. Let’s check out how to transfer old voicemails to new iPhone.

step 1. First, find iCloud in settings and turn on iCloud Backup, wait for the backup process to complete.

iCloud backup

Step 2. Turn on your new iPhone and set it up. When you come to the WiFi screen, select the network you want to join. 

Step 3. Follow the instructions until you see the Apps & Data screen. Choose Restore from iCloud Backup, then log in with your Apple ID on the new phone.


Step 4. Select the data you just backed up and wait for the restore process to complete.

restore from iphone

Way 3. Transfer Voicemails to New iPhone via AirDrop

If you just want to transfer some valuable voicemails to your new iPhone, you can choose AirDrop voicemail to new iPhone. Check the following steps to transfer voicemails.                        

Note: AirDrop can only transfer one voicemail to new iPhone at a time.

step 1. Turn on AirDrop on both iPhones.

Step 2. Find the Phone app on the old iPhone and tap Voicemail.

Step 3. Select the voicemail you want to transfer and click the Share button

Step 4. Click AirDrop to a new iPhone.

airdrop voicemail

Way 4. Transfer Voicemails to New iPhone via Message/ Mail

Unlike AirDrop, which requires both devices to be kept within 30 feet. There is no distance limit for transferring voicemails via Messages or Mail. Let’s see how to transfer old voicemails to new iPhone.

step 1. Turn on the Phone app on the old iPhone and tap Voicemail.

Step 2. Select the voicemail you want to transfer and click the Share button.  

Step 3. Click Message or Mail to confirm that the email will be transferred to a new iPhone.

message mail

Way 5. Transfer Voicemails to New iPhone via FoneTool

Want to transfer multiple voicemails at once? Worried about data loss during transfer? Is transfer speed too slow? FoneTool will effectively help you deal with these problems. It is a professional iPhone data transfer software that enables you to transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone, like photos, music, contacts, messages, etc. 

Tips: To start with, download, install and launch FoneTool. Then, connect the old iPhone and the new iPhone to a computer.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Step 1. Click Phone Transfer, select iPhone to iPhone and click Start Transfer.

iphone transfer

Step 2. Enable backup encryption to encrypt data if you need.


Step 3. Click Start Transfer to send voicemails.

start transfer

Compared with other ways, this tool has super fast transfer speed to help you save a lot of time. At the same time, it has professional technology to ensure data security, so you don’t have to worry about data loss due to unexpected interruption of transmission.

Final words

That’s all for how to transfer voicemails to new iPhone. If you want to transfer all the voicemails from iPhone to iPhone quickly, FoneTool will be your first choice. It is extremely important to follow all the steps above if you do not want to lose any of your important voicemails. Is this post helpful? You could share it to help more people.

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