How to Save MP4 Videos to iPhone Camera Roll

Depending on whether the MP4 files are stored on your iPhone or a computer, this guide will illustrate you about how to save MP4 to iPhone Camera Roll thoroughly.


By Demi / Updated on June 8, 2023

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Import to Camera Roll

Hey all. I created an intro video I would like to attach to my video before I upload them to iTunes. I understand the iMovie for the iPhone only sees videos that are on the Camera Roll. Is there a way to import a video to the Camera Roll?

- Question from Apple Community

MP4 videos on iPhone Camera Roll can be easy to access, edit, and share with others. However, what if you download the MP4 files from a browser on iPhone or computer? You may need to move MP4 to iPhone Camera Roll for further operations.

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No matter you have downloaded MP4 videos on your iPhone or computer, this guide is always worth reading to get methods about how to save MP4 to iPhone Camera Roll.  

Part 1. How to save MP4 from iPhone Files to Camera Roll

If you download an MP4 on your iPhone, chances are that it may not go to Camera Roll directly. Instead, it may go to the download location you set before. Therefore, what you need to do is to move the file to Camera Roll as soon as the download task completes. First of all, locate the files.

How to locate MP4s on iPhone
Generally speaking, the answer to the question of where are MP4s stored in your iPhone is uncertain. Depending on which browser or app you used, the MP4 files can be stored in a download file, browser files, or everywhere else in your iPhone.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to locate the file using the spotlight on your iPhone. You can swipe down from the middle of the Home screen > Tap the search field and enter the name of the file you download. Then you can tap and open it.

Locate MP4 With Spotlight

How to move downloaded MP4s to iPhone Camera Roll
Once you locate and tap the downloaded MP4, the file will automatically open in iMovie. Now, you can send the file from iMovie to Camera Roll on iPhone. Follow the steps to make it.

On the Project page of iMovie, select the video you want to save > Share > Save Video. You will be asked to choose a size to export it, like Medium or HD.

Save Video From iMovie To Camera Roll

When the export is complete, you can go to Camera Roll to have a check.

Part 2. How to save MP4 videos from computer to iPhone Camera Roll

You can try the following two methods to transfer videos from computer to iPhone with ease if the mp4 videos are saved on your computer.

Way 1. How to save MP4 to an iPhone with FoneTool 

It is highly recommended to use FoneTool, the professional backup and transfer expert for iOS devices. It’s a friendly tool for you to transfer photos, music, videos, messages, and contacts among iOS devices and Windows computers at a superfast speed.

▶ Preview and select the wanted files. With FoneTool, you can preview and select the files you want to transfer.
▶ No data loss. The original data on your iPhone doesn’t take any risk of losing. Moreover, the process doesn’t compress the size of your data.
▶ widely compatibility. FoneTool is perfectly compatible with different models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It also works well with kinds of versions of iOS.

Now, follow the tutorials below to move MP4 files from computer to iPhone with FoneTool.

Step 1. Click the icon below to download FoneTool and install it on your computer. Connect your iPhone to computer with USB.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Step 2. On the Home page of FoneTool, click Phone Transfer > Choose PC to iPhone and click Start Transfer.

Trasnfer To iPhone

Step 3. Click the folder icon to locate and select videos you want to export to iPhone. Optionally, you can directly drag and drop mp4 vidoes from the folder on your computer to the box.

Select files

Step 4. Make sure you select all wanted MP4s > Click Start Transfer to start the task.

Transfer To Photos

The process will finish in a few minutes. When it is over, unplug your iPhone, and go to Camera Roll to have a check. At the same time, it’s also suggested to backup your iPhone via FoneTool to protect data on your iPhone.

Way 2. How to save a video as MP4 on iPhone via iTunes

The other way about how to save MP4s to iPhone Camera Roll from computer is to use iTunes. iTunes helps you download, manage music and videos. You can also rely on it to export MP4 videos to iPhone Camera Roll. Follow the steps to make it.

Step 1. Check the version of iTunes on your Windows PC. If there is a new version available, update it.

Step 2. Click the phone icon on the upper-left corner of iTunes > Summary > Option. Turn on the option “Manually manage music and videos”, and click Apply to save the change.

Manually Manage Music And Videos

Step 3. Go to File > Add File to Library to select videos you want to transfer to your iPhone.

Add Files

Step 4. Select your iPhone and click Movies > Click Sync Movies to choose the wanted files >Click Apply to start the task.

Select Videos


That’s all about how to save MP4 to iPhone Camera Roll. If you download MP4s on iPhone, you can move them to Camera Roll directly. If you download MP4 files on computer, you can also make it with FoneTool or iTunes.

If you have any other queries, suggestions, and feedback, feel free to contacts us or leave your comments.

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