How to Troubleshoot “VMware vdiskmanager Not Found”

Dive into the complexities of VMware vdiskmanager not found error, understanding its causes and implementing troubleshooting steps. Discover alternative solutions and best practices to ensure smooth VMware operations.


By Zelia / Updated on January 9, 2024

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Common Error: VMware vdiskmanager not found

The "VMware vdiskmanager not found" error typically occurs when the vdiskmanager command is not available or cannot be located in the system's PATH environment variable. The vdiskmanager command is used to perform operations on virtual disks, such as creating, expanding, or converting them. When this command is not found, it can hinder your ability to manage virtual disks effectively.


Troubleshooting Steps

To resolve the "VMware vdiskmanager not found" error, follow these troubleshooting steps:

Step 1: Verify VMware Installation

Ensure that you have installed VMware Workstation or VMware ESXi, depending on your setup. The vdiskmanager command is included with these VMware products. If you haven't installed them, download and install the appropriate version from the VMware website.

Step 2: Check System PATH Variable

Open the command prompt or terminal and check if the system PATH variable includes the path to the VMware installation directory. The vdiskmanager command should be located in the VMware installation directory's bin folder. If the path is missing, add it manually using the following steps:

1. Right-click on "Computer" or "This PC" and select "Properties."

2. Choose "Advanced system settings" or "Advanced" tab.

3. Click on the "Environment Variables" button.

4. Under "System variables," locate the "Path" variable and click "Edit."

5. Add the path to the VMware installation directory's bin folder (e.g., C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Workstation\bin) to the list of paths.

6. Click "OK" to save the changes.

Step 3: Restart the Command Prompt or Terminal

After modifying the system PATH variable, close and reopen the command prompt or terminal. This ensures that the updated PATH variable takes effect.

Step 4: Test the vdiskmanager Command

In the command prompt or terminal, type "vmware-vdiskmanager" or "vmware-vdiskmanager.exe" and press Enter. If the command is recognized and displays usage information, the issue is resolved. However, if the error persists, proceed to the alternative solutions below.

Alternative Solutions

If the "VMware vdiskmanager not found" error persists even after following the troubleshooting steps, consider these alternative solutions:

Use VMware vSphere Command-Line Interface (CLI)

Instead of relying on the vdiskmanager command, you can use the VMware vSphere CLI to manage your virtual disks. The vSphere CLI provides a comprehensive set of commands for virtual machine and virtual disk management. Download and install the vSphere CLI from the VMware website, and refer to the documentation for instructions on using the CLI commands.

Best Practices and Prevention for Your VMware VM Security

In addition to resolving the "VMware vdiskmanager not found" error, it is crucial to ensure the security of your VMware virtual machines. AOMEI Cyber Backup is a comprehensive backup and recovery software that supports VMware VMs. With AOMEI Cyber Backup, you can create backups of your VMs, schedule automatic backups, and restore them in case of data loss or system failures.

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Specific Steps to Back Up and Restore Your VMware VMs

1. Install and launch AOMEI Cyber Backup on your workstation or server.

2. Select "Backup" from the main interface and choose "VM Backup."

3. Connect to your VMware vCenter Server or ESXi host and authenticate.

4. Select the VMs you want to back up and choose the destination for the backup.

5. Configure backup settings, such as compression, encryption, and schedule.

6. Click "Start Backup" to initiate the VM backup process.

To restore a VMware VM from a backup:

1. Select "Restore" from the main interface and choose "VM Restore."

2. Locate the backup image and select the VMs you want to restore.

3. Choose the restore destination and configure settings, if necessary.

4. Click "Start Restore" to initiate the VM restoration process.


Encountering the "VMware vdiskmanager not found" error can be frustrating when managing virtual disks in your VMware environment. However, by following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this guide, you can resolve the error and regain control over your virtual disk management tasks. Additionally, consider alternative solutions such as using the VMware vSphere CLI or exploring third-party tools for virtual disk management.

Furthermore, to ensure the security of your VMware VMs, consider utilizing AOMEI Cyber Backup. This powerful backup and recovery software offers specific steps to back up and restore your VMware VMs, providing you with peace of mind in case of data loss or system failures. By implementing these solutions, you can overcome the "VMware vdiskmanager not found" error and enhance the efficiency and security of your VMware environment.

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