How to Transfer/View iPhone Data with Windows 10 File Explorer

File Explorer is a built-in tool to view and transfer iPhone data. This post will guide you on how to use this tool, and introduce the best iOS file explorer to manage and transfer your iPhone data flexibly.


By Dylan / Updated on June 6, 2023

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File Explorer

File Explorer, which is previously called Windows Explorer, is a built-in tool in Windows computer enabling you to manage files on computer. After connecting you iPhone to a Windows computer, you can launch File Explorer by opening “This PC”. Then there would be a [Apple iPhone] device listed.

Then you can open it to view your photos and videos on your iPhone. And it also allows you to select and drag some files to your computer if you want to import photos and videos from iPhone to your computer.

How to view/transfer photos/videos from iPhone to PC with Windows 10 Files Explorer

To view and transfer data between iPhone and computer, you will need to connect your iPhone to the PC via a USB cable. And PC is running with Windows 7 or later. Then follow the steps below:

Step 1. Once your iPhone is connected with the computer. Open “This PC” or a folder/file to run File Explorer.

Step 2. Navigate to “My Computer”/ “This PC”, and double-click [Apple iPhone]

Step 3. Open “Internal Storage” > “DCIM”

Step 4. Then open these folders named "100Apple", "100cloud", "101Apple" to find the files you need.

dcim subfolder

Windows Files Explorer alternative for iPhone

Apparently, iPhone File Explorer is not perfectly to view and manage data on your iPhone. It can only view your photos, and videos on Windows Explorer. If you want to transfer data to iPhone with File Explorer, it does not work every time.

Here we would like to recommend another iPhone files browser named FoneTool, which was specified for iPhone. You could easily view your iPhone data and perform multiple tasks, like backup iPhone data, quickly transfer files, wipe iPhone data, and so on.

Main features and advantages of FoneTool

• Transfer data to PC/iPhone: This tool allows you to transfer data, including photos, videos, contacts, music, etc from iPhone to PC, as well as transfer data to iPhone.
• Migrate all data from one iPhone to another: When you have a new iPhone, the feature helps you to move all data from the old device to new one directly.
• Selectively transfer: You can select some specific photos, videos, or music, etc to transfer to PC/iPhone.
• Backup iPhone: FoneTool provides "Custom Backup" and "Full Backup" to satisfy different demands. 

Now, you can click the download button, we would like to guide you on how to use this tool by showing 

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Run FoneTool, click the “Transfer to Computer” button on the main interface.

transfer to computer

✍Note: To backup text messages, please choose “Custom Backup”. It enables you to create backup images on the PC for the messages.

Step 2. Click the “+” icon, here you can view your photos, videos, music, contacts. You can select them to transfer to your computer.

choose photos

Step 3. Now, you can choose a storage path and click “Start Transfer” if you want to save these on your computer.


Later, the selected files will be saved on your computer. And if you want to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone, you can choose “Transfer to iPhone” to import the files to another iPhone. Or turn to "iPhone to iPhone Transfer" to migrate all data.

transfer to iphone



Now you have known how to view and transfer photos/videos from iPhone to computer. To access and manage your messages, music, photos, videos, contacts, FoneTool is the optimal tool. It helps you to transfer data between iPhone and PC.

Besides, it also provides “iPhone to iPhone Transfer” feature to migrate all data from one iPhone to another.

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