Best iPhone Connect to PC Software in 2024 | Free and Safe

This post will tell you the two best free iPhone connect to PC software to manage your iPhone data. With the best software to connect iPhone to PC, you can easily back up your iPhone to PC and transfer iPhone photos, videos, music, and messages to your PC.


By May / Updated on June 7, 2024

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Can I Connect My iPhone to a Windows Computer?

Connecting your iPhone to a PC is a simple process. What software is used to connect iPhone to PC? Presently, there are two iPhone connect to PC software options: iTunes and third-party software like FoneTool. iTunes primarily handles media file organization and downloads, while the third-party tool offers versatile data management capabilities (such as backup, transfer, and more).

iPhone Connect to PC Software

Best Free Connect iPhone to PC Software in 2024

There are 2 free software options available to connect your iPhone to a PC. Each software emphasizes different aspects of data management, allowing you to choose the software that meets your specific requirements. Now scroll down to learn more details.

1. FoneTool – An Easy and Safe Way to Manage Your iPhone

To establish a safe and flexible connection between your iPhone and PC, FoneTool will be a top iPhone to PC software choice. FoneTool is a free and reliable iOS management tool that is good at backing up and restoring your iPhone, transferring data between iPhones and PCs, wiping your iPhone, etc.

Highlights of FoneTool to Manage Your iPhone:
Backup and Restore: FoneTool allows you to create a selective or full iPhone backup and restore them when you need them with a single click.
Two-Way Transfer: FoneTool supports bi-directional data transfer, allowing you to transfer files not only from iPhone to PC, but also from PC back to iPhone.
Duplicate Photo Deletion: FoneTool has a built-in duplicate photo detection feature that identifies and highlights duplicate photos, making it easier for you to find and delete them.
Secure Data Wiping: When you use FoneTool to wipe your iPhone clean, it ensures that your personal and sensitive data are permanently removed from your device, protecting your privacy.

Free iPhone Connect to PC Software – FoneTool

In addition to these features above, you can use FoneTool’s built-in HEIC Converter to convert HEIC to JPG/PNG. Most importantly, whatever you do with this tool, it does not require an internet connection.

2. iTunes – An Official Way to Manage Your iPhone

iTunes is one of the best software to connect iPhone to PC, which offers a range of features, including organizing and playing songs and videos, purchasing media, accessing Apple Music, and syncing content with your device. If your requirements match the features iTunes offers, it can be considered one of the best Apple iPhone connect to PC software.

Main Features of iTunes:
Media Library Organization: iTunes provides a centralized platform to organize and manage your music, videos, TV shows, podcasts, and audiobooks.
Device Synchronization: iTunes allows you to transfer music, videos, photos, contacts, and other data between your iPhone and computer via a USB connection.
Backup and Restore: iTunes offers the ability to create full backups of your iPhone data on your PC. If needed, you can restore your iPhone from a backup.
App Management: iTunes allows users to browse and install apps from the App Store and provides a convenient way to search and organize installed apps.

Best iPhone Connect to PC Software – iTunes

However, it is important to note that iTunes may slow down your PC. In addition, it may encounter various errors, such as iTunes error 13014, iTunes error 0xE80000A, and more.

Step-by-Step: How to Connect Your iPhone to PC Using FoneTool

Backing up and transferring iPhone data is critical for iPhone users. It ensures that your valuable information - such as contacts, photos, messages, and more - is stored securely and can be easily accessed or transferred to a new device when needed. So, how to connect your iPhone to PC to back up and transfer data? Follow the instructions below to do that.

Way 1. Transfer Your iPhone Data to Windows PC

Step 1: Click the download button to get the free software iPhone to PCtransfer - FoneTool > Connect your iPhone to PC by tapping Trust This Computer.

Step 2: Launch FoneTool to its main interface > Choose Phone Transfer > Move the mouse to iPhone to PC > Click Start Transfer.

Choose iPhone to PC

Step 3: Click the “+” icon > Select the files you want to transfer on your iPhone > Click OK. Then, choose a path to save your files > click Start Transfer.

Click Start Transfer

Way 2. Back Up Your iPhone Data on Windows PC

Step 1: Run FoneTool > Choose Phone Backup in the main interface > Navigate to the Full Backup option > Click the Get Started button.

Choose Full Backup

 If you want to selectively back up your iPhone, you can choose the Selective Backup option.

Step 2: Enable Backup Encryption to make an encrypted iPhone backup > Click Backup Storage Path to choose a local folder to save the backup > Click Start Backup and wait until it finishes.

Click Start Backup

The Bottom Line

This post has covered 3 free iPhone connect to PC software options for connecting your iPhone to a PC. Feel free to explore any of the software to easily manage your iOS data. However, if you don’t want to be bothered by certain issues (like iTunes stuck on backup) while managing your iPhone data, the top choice is FoneTool.

FoneTool is free software to connect iPhone to PC, so you can feel relaxed using it to back up your iPhone data to your PC, transfer important files from iPhone to PC, or erase your iPhone. Try it out!

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