[Solved]: iPad not Backing Up

You are able to solve iPad not backing up after reading the passage. This post introduces how to fix iPad won’t backup, using iTunes and FoneTool to backup your iPad.


By Kathy / Updated on May 31, 2024

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iPad not Backing up to iCloud

To prevent data loss, we usually backup our iPad. But sometimes we may meet the situation of iPad backup failure.  There is an example:

"My iPad has not been backed up successfully for a long time. I have erased past back-ups, sign in and out once again with my iCloud account, and switched off all the applications, but it still won't work. It goes through the entire backup process, then I receive an error saying "The last backup couldn’t be finished". I don't have any idea what I can do. By the way, I have 4.9GB of storage space."


How to fix iPad not backing up to iCloud

What are the reasons for backup failure, and is there a way to fix it? Actually,  there are many possible reasons, such as the iCloud space being full, the iPad battery is too low, etc. The reasons and corresponding solutions are displayed below.

Fix 1. Check your iCloud storage space

Apple gives every user 5GB of free iCloud storage space. When you are ready to back up your data, you can check if your storage space is sufficient. When the space is not enough, you can choose to buy more space, or change the backup method.

Go to Settings > Fine and tap iCloud. (You can also see the storage usage details.)

iCloud Storage

Fix 2. Re-login to iCloud account

iCloud account issues will also cause iPad backup failure. You can log in to the iCloud account again to solve it.

Go to Settings > Find iCloud scroll down and Tap Sign Out > Sign In again.

Re-login to iCloud

Fix 3. Check the network

Backup failure may be caused by network instability because backup requires a stable network. In this case, you can change to another network to perform a backup again.

Go to Settings > Find Wi-Fi > Choose a stable network to connect.

Check the Network

If it is an issue with the network of your iPad, you can repair it by resetting your network.

Go to Settings > Find General > Tap Reset > Tap Reset Network Settings.

Network Resetting

Fix 4. Charge your iPad

Low battery is one of the reasons why iPad backup fails. The backup process needs to consume a certain amount of power, so the power of the iPad should be guaranteed to be more than 50%.

Charge iPad

Fix 5. Switch off and on iCloud Backup

iCloud Backup has to be enabled on your iPad. If it is open, you can restart it to refresh.

Settings > Find iCloud > Tap to enable iCloud Backup > Tap Back Up Now.

iCloud Backup

Alternative ways to backup your iPad

After trying the above solutions, if your iPad still can't back up to iCloud, I suggest you change it a different way. This section describes two backup methods, using iTunes or AOMEI MBackupper.

Way 1. Backup your iPad with iTunes

iTunes is a media player application released by Apple, but it can be used to backup iPad data as well. You can try to use iTunes if you want to back up your entire iPad data.

Step 1. Download iTunes on your PC, and then connect your iPad with a USB cable.

Step 2. Enter the passcode to trust the computer.

Step 3. Click the Device icon in the upper-left corner.

Step 4. Click Summary and then tap Back Up Now to start operation.

iTunes Backup iPad

Note: iPad does not backup to iTunes, you can refer to the instruction below.

Way 2. Professional backup tool to backup your iPad

In fact, using iTunes is indeed a good option, but I recommend you to use FoneTool. Compared with iTunes, it’s more professional in backing up because it can not only full backup but a selective backup. It also has some other advantages.

▪ No Internet required: It doesn’t need to connect to the network, just connect the iPad to the PC with a USB cable.
▪ Fast backup speed: It backs up data for a short period of time.Easy to operate: It offers a  graphical interface to users, which helps users to complete the backup with just a few mouse clicks.
▪ Flexible restorations: The backed up data can restore to different devices, like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8//7
Secure Download

Full backup of your data

Step 1. Install and launch the FoneTool. Connect your iPad to the computer with a USB cable and tap Trust on the iPad.

Step 2. Click Phone Backup, go to Full Backup, and click Get Started.

Full Backup Step2

Step 3. You can drag the toggle right forward to enable backup encryption or leave it alone. Then, click Start Backup to backup your iPhone. You can click the settings icon to manage the path for saving the backup file.

Full Backup Step3

Selective backup iPhone data

Step 1. Run FoneTool, and then connect your iPad to your PC. 

Step 2. Click Phone Backup, go to Selective Backupand click Get Started.

Selective Backup Step2

Step 3. Choose the data that you want to backup and then click Start Backup.

Selective Backup Step4

 FoneTool can not only backup data but also transfer data.
 Apart from iPad, it is compatible with iPhone 15/14/13/12/SE (2nd)/11.

Further reading: iPad not backup up to iTunes

Sometimes, we will encounter iPad not backing up to iCloud but actually, iTunes also breaks down from now and then. When your iTunes cannot back up your iPad, you can turn to use AOMEI  MBackupper, or troubleshoot the cause of the failure as described below.
● Conflict with original data: When your data is damaged, the backup cannot be performed, you can delete the original data and then back up.
● iTunes version problem: If your iTunes hasn't been updated for a while there may be compatibility issues with your iPad. You should update iTunes in time.
● An error occurred: You can fix this by restarting your phone and computer.
● iPhone disconnected: When you find that your phone is not connected, you are able to use an Apple USB cable or another cable.

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