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It’s commonplace that you may want to reset iPhone after using your iPhone for a long time. But do you know how to reset iPhone or how to protect your data from missing by mistake? This guide will give you every detail about how to reset iPhone without losing contacts.

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Part 1. Why do you want to reset iPhone?

Resetting iPhone is a process of restoring it to its factory settings by erasing personal data and settings. Generally speaking, the reason why you want to reset iPhone may be that there is something wrong with your iPhone. The most common reasons are as follows.

iPhone storage is full, so you want to reset your iPhone to free up some space.
⁕ Your iPhone cannot perform as well as before or encountered some bugs and glitches. When nothing can fix it up, you have to reset iPhone.
⁕ You may also want to reset iPhone when you got a new iPhone, so that you can sell the old one.

You need to keep in mind that resetting iPhone may delete the contacts or even erase all data on your iPhone. Therefore, if necessary, you can turn to Bonus to reset iPhone and keep everything.

Part 2. How to reset iPhone without losing contacts?

You may wonder how to reset your iPhone without losing contacts. There is no doubt that you need to backup all the contacts before resetting your iPhone and restore them later.

Preparation: Backup iPhone contacts

Way 1. Backup contacts via iCloud
iCloud provides an easy way for you to backup and sync data. You can turn on Contacts in iCloud before resetting iPhone. When it is over, sign in the same Apple ID on your iPhone, and iCloud will update all of the contacts.

Make sure your iPhone has connected to a stable network, and go to Settings > Tap [your name] > iCloud > Turn on Contacts > When you’re asked if you want to Cancel or Merge, select Merge.

Enable Contacts Sync

If your iCloud storage is full or just can't perform well, you can backup contacts to a Windows PC with the help of a professional tool introduced below.

Way 2. Backup iPhone contacts via AOMEI MBackupper (selectively)
AOMEI MBackupper, one of the best backup tools, makes it simpler for you to backup and restore contacts on a computer. 

✓ Preview and selective process. You're free to browse the files you'd like to  backup.
✓ Super fast backup speed. With a stable USB connection between your iPhone to computer, you can finish the backup task in a short time.
✓ Multiple backup functions. AOMEI MBackupper allows you to backup selectively and fully.
✓ Wide compatibility. AOMEI MBackupper supports iPhone from iPhone 4 to the latest iPhone 13 series, as well as iPad and iPod. It also works well with iOS, like iOS 15.

Free download AOMEI MBackupper to your computer by clicking the icon below, and follow the simple steps to make it.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Step 1. Connect your iPhone with a computer with a USB cable > Tap Trust on the iPhone.
Step 2. Click Custom Backup > Select Contacts to preview and select files you don’t want to lose > Click OK.

Preview And Select Contacs

Note: You can also try the function "Transfer to Computer", which can not only transfer contacts from iPhone to computer but also enable you to browse contacts via Excel when you save contacts as CSV. format.

Step 3. Select a backup path, and click Start Backup.

Start Backup Contacts

As you can see in the pictures above, you can also backup photos, music, videos, and messages altogether.

After you reset iPhone, you can connect your iPhone to the computer again, go to the Backup Management screen of AOMEI MBackupper to restore contacts with one click.

Check The Backup

Now, it's time to reset iPhone. When it is over, you can restore the contacts in a relative way.

Detailed steps to reset iPhone

iPhone enables you to reset iPhone directly. Follow the steps below to reset your iPhone.

Step 1. On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset.
Step 2. You will be given two options there, which are Reset All Settings and Erase All Content and Settings. You can choose one as your need.

Reset Network Setting

⨠ Choose Reset All Settings, and all the settings on your iPhone will be reset, but no harm to your data.
⨠ Choose Erase All Content and Settings, all data on your iPhone will be cleared. It is usually used to fix some serious software problems or for further purchase.

Alternatively, iTunes provides you with another choice to reset iPhone as well. If your iPhone cannot work normally, like your iPhone typing by itself, you can try to reset it via iTunes.

Before you try to reset iPhone with iTunes, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of iTunes on your Windows PC. If you enable “Find My iPhone” function on your iPhone, you can go to Settings > [your name] > Find My, tap Find My iPhone, then turn it off. Then follow the steps below to reset iPhone with iTunes.

Step 1. Open iTunes on your PC, and connect your iPhone to it.
Step 2. Select your iPhone > Click Summary > Click Restore iPhone...

Restore Iphone

Step 3. Click Restore to confirm.

Note: iTunes will erase all data and install the latest version of iOS on your iPhone. If you have synced your iPhone on iTunes, you can restore backup to your iPhone, which may include contacts.

Bonus: How to keep everything before resetting iPhone?

You may have other data that is as important as contacts. If you want to backup it all, try Full Backup function in AOMEI MBackupper to make a full iPhone backup.

Full Backup

You can backup all your apps, Safari, system settings, as well as common data like photos, music, etc. It can not only protect your data better but also save time when you restore them.


That’s all about how to reset iPhone without losing contacts. First, you’d better figure out whether the way you reset iPhone will erase your contacts. If it does, I’m inclined to use AOMEI MBackupper to keep data safer, because sometimes iCloud may not sync contacts.

In addition, if you want to sell your old iPhone, AOMEI MBackupper can also wipe your iPhone clean and make it unrecoverable to protect your personal data.

If you have any queries, suggestions, feel free to contact us or leave your comments.