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Need to export playlist from iPhone

How to export playlist from iPhone?

----I have bought some albums on my iPhone. I love to listen to music and have added these songs to the right playlists. I think I should save the playlist to computer so one day it might be a surprise to me. Any way to export playlist from iPhone to computer?

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There are millions of songs in iTunes Store that you could enjoy. Every time your favorite singer releases new songs, you could purchase the album right away and save them to your iPhone. Music is a good companion in life. It could bring you to all kinds of wonderful worlds via the brilliant performance of the artists.

After years, you might have saved too many songs on iPhone. They could take much storage on iPhone and some of them that you haven’t listened for a long time should be the collection on PC. If you want to transfer songs from iPhone to computer, you could use the recommended tool in the passage.

What if you want to save the playlist from iPhone? iTunes would help you. With iTunes, you could export playlist from iPhone to computer, and the exported playlist could be imported to iTunes, so you could easily enjoy the songs on PC. After saving the playlist to computer, you could remove the media files on iPhone so you would get more space on iPhone.

Read the following content to export playlist from iPhone.

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How to export playlist from iPhone to iTunes?

iTunes 12 is used in this passage to show you how to transfer playlist to iTunes.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to iTunes

You should prepare a good USB cable to prevent any connection issues happening. Download and launch iTunes on PC, connect iPhone to computer with USB cable and you would see a device icon and the device name in the upper-left corner of the window.

Device Icon in iTunes

Step 2. Export playlist from iPhone

Find the device name in the sidebar, expand it and click Music or other playlists. You could see the songs in the playlist and you should select a song in that playlist. Click File > Library > Export Playlist. You could choose a destination on computer to save the file.

iTunes Export Palylist

Since you have known the importance of backing up iPhone playlist, you might want to know more about using iTunes to play music.
● After you export playlist from iPhone, you could import the playlist to iTunes by going to Files > Library > Import Playlist.
● If you want to backup iTunes library, you should go to Account to sign in your Apple ID > Select Purchased in Account > Expand Music or Film in section in the upper-left corner > Click Files > Select Library > Select Consolidate Files to copy every item to one folder > Go to C:\Users\YourUserName\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media to find all the files and backup them to everywhere you want..

How to transfer songs from iPhone to computer?

If you use iTunes to export playlist, you would find that it just generates a .txt files to computer. You need to download the media files in iTunes. If you want to save the songs to computer, you need another tool.

AOMEI MBackupper is a free professional iPhone backup tool. You could use it to backup media files like songs and videos to computer.

  • Preview the media files on iPhone and select the wanted ones to backup

  • View the files like songs and videos or play them on computer

  • Restore/transfer the media files to another device (iPad and iPod Touch are also supported. iOS 13 is supported)

Step 1. Connect iPhone to AOMEI MBackupper

Download AOMEI MBackupper to computer for free and connect iPhone to computer with USB cable. Tap “Trust” on iPhone to allow AOMEI MBackupper to scan songs on iPhone.

Step 2. Select songs on iPhone

Click Custom Backup. Click the icon of music to preview all the songs on iPhone. You could select the songs you like to backup to computer. After selecting songs, click OK to return. (This procedure could also be performed when you restore iPhone, selecting the songs you want from the backup to the target iPhone.)

Select Songs

Step 3. Export songs from iPhone to computer

Click Start Backup to transfer every song to computer in seconds.

Click Start Backup

● If you want to play these songs or videos on computer, just select the task in Backup Management and click the pin icon. You could copy the files to another destination including an external hard drive but never modify any files including their name in that copy, or AOMEI MBackupper could not read them.
● When you want to restore songs to iPhone or transfer songs to another device, just select the task in Backup Management and select Restore.


Your iPhone could save many songs but you might not listen to some of them too often. They should be saved to computer. iTunes could help you export playlist from iPhone or backup iTunes library, so you never lose your collection or memory. You might want an easier way to backup and transfer songs, so AOMEI MBackupper would be the best choice.

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