How to Create a VMware Template Windows Server 2022

Creating a Windows Server 2022 VM template is a smart strategy for businesses. With the right steps and virtualization tools, Windows Server 2022 templates become a valuable asset in modern IT operations.


By Crystal / Updated on October 27, 2023

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Overview of VMware Windows Server 2022

Windows Server 2022 is the latest iteration of Microsoft's powerful server operating system, and when combined with VMware virtualization solutions, it opens up a world of possibilities for businesses and IT professionals.

💡 Key features brought by Windows Server 2022 release:

Secured-core server: Windows Server 2022 introduces features like secured-core server for better protection through using Hardware TPM 2.0.
Windows Admin Center: Windows Server 2022 integrates with Windows Admin Center that simplifies server administration, including managing VMware virtual machines.
Azure Integration: Organizations looking to extend their on-premises infrastructure to the cloud will benefit from enhanced Azure integration. Windows Server 2022 enables hybrid cloud scenarios, facilitating the seamless connection of on-premises data centers with Microsoft Azure.
System-Guard: A Windows Defender component designed to protect end-user PCs from threats like rootkits and bootkits.
MsQuic: Microsoft's implementation of the QUIC protocol, set to enhance SMB file transfers and drive the evolution of HTTP/3.

Download and Install Windows Server 2022 First

The first step in creating a template is to download the Windows server 2022 iso and install it on a new virtual machine. You can click the Windows Server 2022 download link, and download an ISO file of Windows Server 2022.

install Windows Server 2022 iso file


How to Create a Windows Server 2022 VMware Template

With the Windows Server 2022 template prepared, you can quickly deploy new server instances with consistent configurations and settings, saving time and ensuring uniformity across your environment.

To create a Windows Server 2022 VM template, you should note a few things to consider when doing so:

  • SCSI Controller: Use LSI Logic.
  • vCPU and Memory: Start with minimum requirements (4GB RAM, 2 vCPUs) to avoid oversized VMs.
  • Network Card: Opt for VMXNET3 for improved performance over E1000.
  • VMware Hardware Level: Match VM compatibility with the oldest host using EVC.

configure network adapter

  • Remove unused devices: Remove unnecessary virtual hardware like Floppy, Serial, and parallel ports.
  • IP address: Use DHCP or place it in a non-production network to prevent IP conflicts with production VMs.

1 - Install VMware Tool:

Once the OS is installed on the VM, we can start creating a VMware template Windows Server 2022.

Installing VMware Tools improves performance and provides additional features for the virtual machine. You can typically find this option in the VMware console menu.

install vmware tool

If you want to enable “Check and upgrade VMware Tools before each power on” to ensure they are automatically up-to-date.

check vmware tools updates

2 - Windows Update

Updating Windows Update is essential to ensure your operating system remains secure and functional. These updates include critical security patches, bug fixes, and enhancements that safeguard your system against vulnerabilities and improve overall performance. Maintaining up-to-date Windows Updates within your templates significantly reduces the post-deployment effort involved in downloading updates, performing installations, and repeatedly rebooting Windows Server 2022.

windows update

3 - Sysprep the Virtual Machine

If you want to run the System Preparation Tool (Sysprep) to generalize the virtual machine. This prepares it for imaging. To do this:

Open a Command Prompt as Administrator. Then navigate to C:\Windows\System32\Sysprep, and run sysprep.exe.

sysprep virtual machine

4 - Convert to Template

In your VMware vSphere or vCenter environment, select the virtual machine you've prepared and run the "Convert to Template" operation. This operation is typically available in the right-click context menu.

convert to template

How to Backup VMware Virtual Machines Easily and Quickly

Ensuring the safety and availability of your VMware virtual machines is paramount in today's IT landscape. AOMEI Cyber Backup is a professional and user-friendly VMware backup software that simplifies the process of backing up virtual machines. It offers a comprehensive solution for safeguarding your VMs and ensuring swift recovery in case of data loss.

🔰  Agentless Image Backup: create independent and image-based backup for VMware ESXi and Hyper-V VMs.
💿 Support Free ESXi: support both paid and free versions of VMware ESXi.
🐱‍💻 Various Backup Methods: Besides full backup, you can perform incremental or differential VM backup to capture only changed data and save storage space.
✨ Automated Hot Backup: auto backup running VMs and notify via email.
✍ Restore from Any Point: Restore a whole VM to usable state from any history backup version.

AOMEI Cyber Backup supports VMware ESXi 6.0 and later versions, as well as Hyper-V in Windows 8/8.1/10/11, Windows Server/Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 R2 and later versions. You can click the following button to download the free edition.

Download FreewareVMware ESXi & Hyper-V
Secure Download

💡 Here are the detailed steps to backup VMware virtual machines using AOMEI Cyber Backup:

1. Download and install AOMEI Cyber Backup on a computer or server within your network.

2. Choose the "Create New Task" > "VMware ESXi Backup" option from the left-hand menu. Click "Add Device" to establish a connection to your VMware infrastructure. Provide the necessary login credentials and details to access your virtual machines. Then select the VMs that you want to back up.

vmware backup

3. Choose the destination where you want to store your VMware virtual machine backups. You can use an external drive, local folder or network share as the backup location.

4. Configure backup settings, including: "Backup Method" & "Schedule Type".

schedule vm backup

5. Click "Start Backup" to initiate the VMware virtual machine backup process. AOMEI Cyber Backup will create backup images of the selected VMs at the specified destination.

backup vmware vm

With AOMEI Cyber Backup, the process of VMware virtual machine backup is streamlined, ensuring the safety of your virtual infrastructure. Regular backups are crucial to protect your VMs from data loss and to facilitate quick recovery in case of emergencies.


Creating a VMware Windows Server 2022 VM template is a strategic approach for streamlining IT operations. It offers a standardized and efficient way to deploy new servers, reduces configuration time, and ensures consistency across your network.

By following the right steps in this article, organizations can utilize the power of the VMware virtualization platform and Windows Server 2022 templates to improve the productivity, scalability, and flexibility of their IT
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