[5 Ways] Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC Wirelessly

If you don't have a USB cable, don't worry, we list 5 effective ways on how to transfer photos from iPhone to PC wirelessly. Follow this post and transfer iPhone photos to Windows 11/10 step by step.


By Dylan / Updated on December 19, 2023

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Can I transfer photos from iPhone to PC wirelessly

Hello, I want to transfer iPhone photos to computer now, but I don't have a USB cable. What should I do? How do I transfer photos from an iPhone to a laptop wirelessly?

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When your iPhone wants to transfer photos from iPhone to computer, you usually think of using a USB cable to connect your device and transfer data. However, maybe you don't have a USB cable, or your iPhone cannot be recognized after connecting to PC.

No matter what reason you want to transfer photos from iPhone to PC wirelessly, you will get a comprehensive guide in this post. Next, we would like to guideyou on how to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows 10/11/laptop without USB cable.

Methods Effctiveness
📗 iCloud Web Upload photos to iCloud cloud, and download them to PC.
📕 iCloud Cient Sync photos between iPhone and PC with iCloud Drive.
📘 Bluetooth Enable Bluetooth to move iPhone photos to computer.
📤 Email Send a message with iPhone photos to receive on your PC.
📙 SHAREit Third-party apps support wireless photo delivery to PC.

Way 1. How to Transfer iPhone photos to PC for free with iCloud

iCloud is a unique service for iOS users. It is also famous for its security. You can backup your iPhone photos to your cloud storage with Wi-Fi, and later download these photos from your computer. But each user can only get 5GB of free space, you may need to buy more storage space if your iCloud storage is full.

Step 1. On your iPhone, open Settings app > tap your profile > select iCloud > select Photos > turn on iCloud Photos. It would take some time to upload your photos to the server. The speed depends on the speed of your network.

Turn on iCloud Photos

Step 2. On your computer, open browser > go to icloud.com > sign in your Apple ID > click the icon of Photos.

iCloud Site

Step 3. Select all the photos and then click the download button to download photos from the Internet.

View Photos on iCloud


Don't allow download all your photos in one click.

Only 1000 can be downloaded at a time.

Photos are stored in an incorrect order.

Way 2. How to Sync photos from iPhone to laptop with iCloud client

In addition, Apple also provides an iCloud client for you to manage your iCloud items on a Windows computer. You can follow the steps to learn how to transfer photos from iPhone to laptop/Windows PC wirelessly.

Step 1. Upload photos to iPhone as step 1 in Way 1, and download and install iCloud for Windows from Apple support.

Step 2. Sign in the client with your Apple ID.

Step 3. Check Photos and then click Option on the right.


Step 4. In Option, check to Download new photos and videos to my PC and then click Done.


Step 5. Open File Explorer, click iCloud Photos in the sidebar, and then click Download photos and videos. You could find your photos in the folder download later.

iCloud Photos


Restart your PC to fully install the program.

Takes a long time and is slow to load the transferred data.

Photos are stored in an incorrect order.

Way 3. How to Bluetooth photos from iPhone to computer

Bluetooth is one of the most familiar ways for most users to transfer photos. Of course, this traditional method can also be applied to transferring photos between iPhone and PC. Go to send photos from iPhone to PC via Bluetooth:

Step 1. On your iPhone, go to Settings and enable Bluetooth.

Step 2.  On your PC, click on the Windows icon > Settings > "Devices > Add Bluetooth & other devices.

Step 3. Tap Bluetooth in the Add device box. The PC will start scanning for nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices, and your iPhone will be listed in the result window

⚠️Note: If your iPhone is not listed, turn on the visibility option in your iPhone's Bluetooth settings. If your PC still can't find your iPhone's Bluetooth, it may be that your laptop/PC doesn't support Bluetooth function, please use another method.

Step 4. Click on the icon of your iPhone's name and tap on the Pair button. Then enter the authorization code obtained to confirm the pairing.

Enable PC Bluetooth

Step 5. Open the Photos app on your iPhone and select the photos you want to transfer, then click Send to confirm.


The transfer rate is slow.

There are security risks, and information may be stolen during transmission.

Way 4. How to Transfer pictures from iPhone to PC wirelessly via Email

Your usual Email can also be used to transfer photos from iPhone to PC wirelessly without iCloud, which is more suitable for situations where you only need to transfer a small number of pictures. Here we take Gmail as an example, and show you the correct steps to transfer photos from iPhone to PC without USB cable:

Step 1. Download Google Drive on your iPhone and sign in to the app with your account.

Step 2. Click on the plus icon in the bottom right corner, select Upload > Photos and Videos, and then select the photos you want to transfer.

Transfer photos from iPhone to PC with Email

Step 3. Wait for the upload to complete and the Get Link button will appear on the screen, tap on it and copy the link for email sharing.


You can't send more than 5 photos at a time.

Way 5. How to Copy photos from iPhone to PC using Wi-Fi

If you want to transfer pictures from iPhone to Windows PC via Wi-Fi, then you can take the help of a third-party tool like SHAREit. It's an AirDrop-like Windows app that allows you to connect your iPhone and PC via WiFi and transfer files.

Step 1. Download SHAREit on your computer and iPhone.

Step 2. Open SHAREit on your iPhone, tap Send and select the pictures you want to transfer. Then click Next.

Step 3. Open SHAREit on your Windows PC and click Receive.

Transfer photos from iPhone to PC withSHAREit



The transfer speed is slower.

Contains advertisements.

Faster way to transfer iPhone photos to PC without iCloud

The above methods can help you transfer iPhone photos to computer effectively, but we have to remind you to pay attention to the low security of transferring data over WAN. So we still recommend you to use a professional iPhone data transfer tool - FoneTool, which is faster and more stable than transferring iPhone to PC wirelessly.

Fastest iPhone to PC Transfer
  • Recognized as one of the fastest iOS transfer tools in the industry.
  • High security, your any transferred data will not be leaked
  • Fully/selectively transfer unlimited files between iPhone and PC.
  • Interactive and simple GUI for transferring data in 3 steps.
  • Support various file types, photos, music, contacts, etc.

FoneTool is perfectly compatible with all iPhone models as well as Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 PC. Download FoneTool and connect your iPhone to PC with a USB cable, let's transfer photos from iPhone to PC efficiently with the best free iPhone to PC transfer software.

Step 1. Click Phone Transfer > iPhone to PC > Start Transfer.

Transfer to iPhone

Step 2. Click the + icon to preview photos and other data. Select the photos you would like to transfer to computer and click OK.

Choose Photos

Step 3. After all the photos are added to the box, click Start Transfer and choose a storage path on the transfer settings. And tap Transfer to import iPhone photos to Windows 11/10.



Tip: If you need to transfer iPhone data to a new iPhone or Android wirelessly, try the free FoneTool app, which can help you easily send data to another phone without erasing any data. 

FoneTool App QR code


This post has sorted out 5 methods about how to transfer photos from iPhone to PC and laptop wirelessly, you can choose one of them to perform after reading. If you have a USB cable, we highly recommend you use FoneTool mentioned in the last part of the article, which is the best way to transfer iPhone photos to computer, fast, easy, and secure.

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