How to Sync Apple Podcasts Across Devices Without Effort

This post shows how to sync Apple podcasts across devices without effort. If you are searching for an effective method, click on this article and it will be helpful to you.


By Zoey / Updated on May 31, 2024

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How do I sync Apple Apple Podcasts across devices?

Hi, I've just got a new iPhone but I can't get away from the Apple Podcast app. I have a simple question if anyone can help: How do I sync Apple Podcasts across devices I have? For example, on my old iPhone, I configured a specific podcast and automatically ‘added to next’ and I want this setting to work with my new iPhone; so that my ‘next list’ will perform the same on both iPhones. Looking forward to reading the suggestions. Thank you in advance.

- Question from Reddit

Apple Podcasts is a very popular podcast app provided by Apple, and as mentioned in the user case above, many users want to sync their Apple Podcasts data and settings between devices and transfer apps from iPhone to iPhonewhen they switch to a new phone. Some users also want to sync podcasts across Apple devices like their iPhone, iPod and Mac. For, this, here we provide 4 easy ways for you to refer to.

How to sync Apple Podcasts across devices: 4 methods

To make Apple Podcasts app sync across devices, there are 4 different ways. Please keep reading and you can try each of them for free.

Method 1. Sync Apple Podcasts in Settings

If you want to sync Apple Podcasts across your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, you can try this solution in Settings. Just follow the easy steps to sync Apple Podcasts across different devices:

1. On each of your Apple devices, go to Settings on your Apple device, and sign into your Apple ID.

2. Navigate to Podcasts, and turn on the Sync Podcasts option. And make sure that Refresh Every is configured with the same frequency. Then Apple Podcasts will be synced across your Apple devices.

Sync Podcasts

Method 2. Sync Apple Podcasts via iTunes

iTunes can also help you sync Apple Podcasts via iTunes library across devices including computers. You can sync Apple Podcasts across at most 5 computers. Here is a simple guide for it:

1. Run iTunes on your computer, choose Edit > Preferences.

2. In the Sharing section, tick the box next to Share my library on my local network.

3. You can choose to Share entire library, then all the data in it will be shared. You can choose to Share selected playlists and check the Podcasts option. Then click OK.

Share My Library On My Local Network

4. Then on another computer, go to iTunes likewise. Choose a shared library then you can enjoy the podcasts in it. If you want to transfer iTunes library to iPhone, you can connect your iPhone to computer and sync podcasts from the iTunes library likewise.

Shared Library

Method 3. Sync Apple Podcasts via Quick Start

If you just switch to a new iPhone and want to let podcast sync across devices, maybe you can choose Quick Start, an easy-to-use feature provided by iOS 11 and later versions of iOS. But you need to make sure both your old iPhone and new iPhone are based on iOS 11 or later versions and turn on Bluetooth on them. Then you can use Quick Start by following the easy steps below:

1. Put your new iPhone near your old iPhone. Then the Quick Start page will appear on your old iPhone. Sign into your Apple ID and click Continue.

2. Then enter the passcode following the instruction.

3. After that, you can choose to Transfer from iPhone or Transfer from iCloud, then all your data including Apple Podcasts will be transferred to your new iPhone quickly.

Utilize Quick Start

Method 4. Sync Apple Podcasts with a professional tool

If you want to know if does Apple Podcast app sync between devices and the easiest way, we recommend a professional transfer tool for iOS devices - FoneTool.

To transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone, or from iPhone to iPad, FoneTool can be the best choice for you. You can use the iPhone to iPhone Transfer feature to transfer any kind of app or data with just one click. What’s more, there are some other advantages that can be the reasons for you to choose FoneTool:

Transfer photos, videos, contacts, messages, music, and files selectively.
Create full iPhone backup and restore backup easily.
Support all iPhone/iPad/iPod models.
Higher transfer speed than iTunes.
Clear interface and no advertising.
Safe and stable transfer.
Provide mobile app - FoneTool to operate transfer without a computer.

Now, let’s see how to sync data including Apple Podcasts across devices with one click:

1. Download FoneTool on your Windows PC. Connect your iPhone to the PC.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. On the Phone Transfer page, please select iPhone to iPhone Transfer first.

Iphone To Iphone Transfer

3. Choose your old iPhone as the source device, and choose your new iPhone as the target device. Enable backup encryption to protect data.

Enable Backup Encryption

4. After configuration, click Start Transfer to sync data from iPhone to iPhone easily.

Start Transfer

⇒ Tip: You can scan this QR code to download FoneTool mobile app from App Store. With the help of it, you can transfer photos, videos, contacts, messages, music, and files between iOS devices easily without a computer and USB cable.

Mbackupper Qr Code

Wrapping things up

We believe you have known how to sync Apple Podcasts across devices. You can choose iTunes, Quick Start, Podcasts Settings, or a free transfer tool for iOS devices - FoneTool. It also provides a mobile app to help you transfer data without a computer. If you think this guide is helpful to you, don’t forget to share it with more users.

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