[2024] Best iPod to iPod Transfer Software for PC

You may need iPod to iPod transfer software to transfer music or everything from one iPod to another. You can try one of the best iPod transfer software for PC introduced in this article to make it.


By Demi / Updated on May 31, 2024

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Best iPod to iPod transfer software

I had an iPod Touch Gen. 3 but I recently got a new iPod. I intended to transfer all my apps and music through the cloud it just says waiting. I have been told I need software to do this but which one? I don’t mind paying but it should be easy to operate. Thanks.

- Question from Apple Community

iPod Touch has changed from being a simple music player to one of the best forms of portable entertainment, making it more popular than before. Correspondingly, the needs for professional iPod to iPod transfer software are increasing day by day as well.

iPod Touch

In this article, you will get a professional iPod to iPod transfer tool, as well as detailed steps about how to transfer music and other content from iPod to iPod with it.

Why you need iPod to iPod transfer software

Why do you need iPod to iPod transfer software? Many iPod users online give us their answers.

• To switch to a new iPod. If you buy a new iPod, you may need iPod to iPod transfer software to transfer data to new iPod so that you won’t lose anything that matters to you.
• To share music and videos with others. You may want to share music or funny movies between your iPod and your friend’s.

You may also need iPod transfer software out of either the reason mentioned above. If so, this guide must be worth reading for you.

Best free iPod to iPod transfer software for PC

It is recommended you the professional transfer tool designed for iOS devices named FoneTool, satisfying all your demands for iPod to iPod transfer software.

Overviews of FoneTool’s features and advantages
✔ Simple design and clear interface. It is pretty easy to finish the transfer task with this tool. The user-friendly design helps you handle it in a short time.
✔ Two types of transfer functions. With this tool, you can choose to transfer all or selective data from one iPod to another, which steps are all introduced in the next part.
✔ Fast transfer speed. 100 pieces of music can be transferred in minutes. You can also transfer all data from one iPod to another in no more than half an hour.
✔ Support to transfer non-purchased music. For some reason, it’s usually difficult for Apple users to transfer non-purchased music from one iOS device to another. With FoneTool, you don’t need to lose your non-purchased music anymore.
✔ Wide compatibility. FoneTool supports you to transfer between iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, and iPod classic. It’s also perfectly compatible with iPhone and iPad.

With its wide compatibility, you’re enabled to transfer data from computer to iPod, iPod to computer, iPod to iPhone, etc.

Quickly transfer from iPod to iPod with FoneTool

You’re given two options to transfer data with the best iPod to iPod transfer software in this part. Click the icon below to get this tool on your computer and transfer data from iPod to iPod according to your needs.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7
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Option 1. Transfer everything from the old iPod to new iPod

Besides enjoying music on iPod, this device also gives you an amazing gaming experience. If you’d like to switch to new iPod without losing any game apps, then the iPhone to iPhone function of FoneTool will be the best choice for you.

With this function, you can not only transfer music from iPod to iPod, but also applications (including data files, preference), system settings, and so on, helping you be used to the new iPod as soon as possible.

Steps to transfer everything from iPod to iPod
Step 1. Connect both iPods to computer with USB, you may need to tap Trust this computer on them > Launch FoneTool > Click Phone Transfer and go to iPhone to iPhone.

iPhone To iPhone Transfer

Step 2. Wait for the source and target iPod to be listed > Click Start Transfer to begin the task. You can choose to enable the backup encryption to protect the private data on your iPod.

Start Transfer

When the task is finished, your new iPod will restart automatically. After restarting, you will find all contents on your old iPod have been copied to the new iPod. You can enjoy your new iPod now.

Optionally, you may also need this tool to deeply wipe your old iPod before selling or giving it to someone else.

Option 2. Transfer music from iPod to iPod selectively

The Transfer to... functions make it pretty simple to transfer selective music and videos from iPod to iPod. The following steps tell you how to transfer music from iPod to iPod in every detail.

Step 1. Transfer from the source iPod to computer
1. Connect the source iPod to computer with USB > Open FoneTool > Click Phone Transfer and go to iPhone to PC.

Transfer To Computer

2. Click the plus icon > Choose the songs and videos you’d like to transfer to > Click OK to confirm.

Choose Songs

3. Choose a storage path to save the files > Click Start Transfer to start.


When it is finished, unplug the source iPod from computer and plug in the target iPod to computer.

Step 2. Transfer from computer to the target iPod
1. Click Phone Transfer and go to PC to iPhone > Click the add icon to locate the folder in which you saved music.

2. Open the folder and choose music and videos > Click Open to add them.

Choose Music

3. Click Start Transfer to transfer music and videos to the target iPod > Click OK when the transfer is completed.



That’s all for the introduction of the iPod to iPod transfer software. Hope you can transfer from iPod to iPod in this easy, simple, and quick way using FoneTool.

Besides the powerful transfer functions, you can also rely on the tool to backup iPod to computer. If this guide is useful for you, please share it to help more people.

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