[2024] iPhone Apps Keep Crashing After iOS 16/17 Update

Having problem using iPhone apps after updating to iOS 16/17? You may need this guide to successfully troubleshoot “iPhone apps keep crashing after iOS 17/16 update”.


By Demi / Updated on May 31, 2024

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Many users like you are eager to use the most recent iOS 17 on their iPhone after the WWDC released the iOS developer beta. But recently, it is reported that after updating to iOS 17/16, their apps fail. The newly updated iOS 17/16 on your iPhone may cause numerous apps to crash, including Apple Music, YouTube, Facebook, and more.

iPhone Apps Keep Crashing

To resolve iPhone apps keep crashing after iOS 17/16 update on your own, you may need this guide. Try the following quick troubleshoots and workable fixes to get out of this issue.

Quick troubleshoots to iPhone apps keep crashing after iOS 16/17 update

Sometimes, the iPhone apps crash can happen not only after you update to the latest iOS 16/17, but also when your iPhone doesn’t work properly. The quick troubleshoots below are nice tries to help you get out of the issue.

#1. Force quit the crashed app
Force quitting the crashed app is one of the easiest ways to fix apps keep crashing on iPhone in 2023.

• If your iPhone is equipped with Face ID, just swipe up from the bottom of the screen > Locate the app that crashes and drag its card all the way up to close it.
• If your iPhone has Home button, double-press it and locate and drag the card of the app all the way up to close it.

Then, wait for about ten seconds, open the app again.

#2. Cool your iPhone
Your iPhone will immediately display a warning and stop working if the temperature becomes too high. Thus, you may see frequent app crashes if your iOS 16 iPhone is running extremely hot. Turn off your iPhone and give it some time to cool.

#3. Enable and disable Airplane Mode
Chances are that the issue - iPhone apps keep crashing after iOS 17/16 update results from a poor network condition.

You can switch on and off Airplane Mode on your iPhone to refresh the network by going to the Control Panel and turning on the airplane icon. Hit the same toggle again in 15 seconds.

iPhone Control Panel

To see if the internet is accessible on your iPhone, you can also browse a website or watch a YouTube video.

#4. Update crashed apps
iPhone apps continue to crash? It is suggested to update any of your apps. Updates for apps are continuously released by developers. These upgrades also include bug fixes for iOS 16/17 app crashing problems.  

Simply launch the App Store > Choose your profile > Click Update All at the very top of the page. Wait for the updated apps to download before giving the ones that have been giving you problems a shot.

iPhone Update Apps

Workable fixes to "iPhone apps keep crashing after iOS 16/17 update"

If the quick troubleshoots above do not do you a favor, you may spend more time and effort to prevent iPhone apps from keeping crashing after iOS 16/17 update.

Fix 1. Free up iPhone storage space  

iPhone’s full storage is always a matter when you encounter kinds of issues on iPhone, and apps keep crashing may be included. You may need to try to free up iPhone storage space. The followings are some inspirations for you to free up iPhone storage space.

• Clean up your photo library
You can go through your library and weed out photos and videos manually. There is probably stuff you can get rid of: duplicate photots, similar shot, photos of whiteboards, notes, screenshots you don’t need and large videos.

• Clear browser cache
Remember that your phone can be keeping caches and other unnecessary data if you frequently use Safari or Chrome to browse the web on your iPhone.

To clear Safari cache, open the Settings app on your iPhone > Select and tap Safari > Scroll down to locate and tap Clear History and Website Data to confirm.

Clear History And Website Data

Besides, you can also delete attachments in Messages, delete offline content, and so on to free up iPhone storage space.

Fix 2. Force restart iPhone

Force restarting your iPhone is the simplest and useful way to solve some common issues on iPhone. Just to have a try to keep your iPhone apps from crashing after iOS 16/17 update.
● Force restart iPhone 8 and later:
Quickly press and release the Volume Up button > Quickly press and release the Volume Down button > Press and hold the Side/Top button until you see the Apple logo.
● Force restart iPhone 7/7 Plus:
Press and hold Power button and Volume Down button together > Release both buttons when the Apple logo appears.
● Force restart iPhone 6s, SE and earlier with Home button:
Hold down the Home button and the Power button at the same time > Release both buttons when the Apple logo appears.

Hard Reset iPhone

Fix 3. Reset all iPhone settings

To reset all settings on your iPhone, you can change all settings to the default and can help fix the iOS 16/17 app crashing problems.

Go to Settings > General > Tap Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Choose Reset All Settings > Tap Reset All Settings again to make it.

Reset All Settings iPhone iOS 15

Fix 4. Downgrade iOS 16/17

The last fix is that you can try to downgrade iOS 16 to iOS 15 to troubleshoot if you are sure that your iPhone apps keep crashing because of iOS 16/17 updated. And upgrade to iOS 16 /17when it is officially released.

Warm tip: Since an iTunes or iCloud backup on your iPhone running a higher iOS version is not supported to be restored to it running a lower version, it is suggested to make a full iPhone backup with a third party backup tool before downgrading iOS 16.

Make sure the iTunes you installed on computer is the latest version, and follow the steps below to downgrade iOS 16.

Step 1. On your iPhone, go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Toggle off Find My iPhone.

Step 2. Download the lower version of iOS from Apple IPSW Download: Go to  https://ipsw.me/ > Choose your iPhone type and the IPSW you need (Now, only iOS 15.5 is available) > Click Download.

Download IPSW File

Step 3. Connect your iPhone to computer and open iTunes > tap the phone icon > Choose Summary > Restore iPhone...

Downgrade iOS

Step 4. Choose the IPSW file and click Open > When a window prompts, click Restore to begin.

When it is finished, you will be welcomed by the Hello screen. Then, you can set up your iPhone and restore the backup.


That’s all for the solutions to fix iPhone apps keep crashing after iOS 16/17 update. Hope you can get out of the issue with one of them successfully. If this guide helps you, please share it with others.

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