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Reset an iPhone will delete my photos?

I want to factory reset my iPhone but I store 30 GB of photos on it. Will it delete my photos? If so is there a way to keep my photos. Thanks.

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If you are going to restore your iPhone to factory settings, all personal settings, including photos, videos, messages, documents will be erased from the internal storage of the iPhone, and change settings to the very beginning just like a brand new iPhone. But if you have turned on the iCloud Photos feature, it won’t delete photos on iCloud storage.

On the other hand, as for restoring your iPhone from backup, the answer may be still Yes if you restore an iPhone from iTunes or iCloud. Because iCloud and iTunes don’t allow you to process a restoration until all content is deleted.

But actually, if you want to keep your photos, you can backup your iPhone photos before restoring iPhone removes everything. Just follow the next part we will give you an effective way to restoring iPhone but keep all photos.

How to restore iPhone without deleting photos or everything?

You don’t want to lose your picture, the best way is to backup your iPhone photos to a computer or external hard drive like, HDD, SD card, USB drive. To do so, here we recommend one of the best iPhone backup software-AOMEI MBackupper, Which is specially designed for iOS devices allowing you to quickly and easily backup photos, videos, messages, and other data to a PC or storage device.

This tool also owns several features making it to be the best choice to backup an iPhone before restoration.

● Easy-to-use software. This tool provides an intuitive interface, so you can complete the backup operation in a very few clicks.
Fast backup. It is shown that backup 30 GB of photos can be finished in no more than 10 minutes. It is much faster than other backup tools like iTunes.
Selective backup. AOMEI MBackupper support selects one type of data and select files to backup. So you can only keep photos, or other data you need to save storage space and backup time.
Supports multiple file types. Apart from photos, you can also backup videos, messages, contacts, and other data to a computer.

Now you can hit the download button to install this app and see how to use it.

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    ✍ Preparation work:

  • 1. Download and install AOMEI MBackupper.

  • 2. Connect your iPhone to a PC via a USB cable and trust this device.

  • 3. If you want to backup your iPhone to an external drive, connect it to the PC.

Step 1. Launch AOMEI MBackupper, and click “Photo Backup” on the interface.

✍ Note: If you want to back up other data, click “Custom Backup”.

Step 2. Click the Photos icon you can view the pictures on your iPhone. Select an album and choose photos and videos you want to backup. Then hit “OK”.

Step 3. Then you can change the storage path, and click “Start Backup” to backup your iPhone photos.


So the answer to “Does restoring iPhone delete photos or iCloud photos” is it will erase your photos on internal storage and leave photos on iCloud. If you want to keep your photos on your iPhone, you can back up your iPhone picture with AOMEI MBackupper. And it is also able to backup videos and other data if you need.

Additionally, AOMEI MBackupper is also a HEIC converter that helps you to convert HEIC to JPG so you can edit or view your photos on other incompatible devices.