How to Convert HEIC iPhone Photos to JPG Photos with Ease

Have you got the HEIC images and can’t view them? This passage will tell you why it happens and how to change the format of iPhone photos from HEIC to JPG.


By Dylan / Updated on June 7, 2023

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iPhone HEIC to JPG

How can I convert iPhone HEIC files to JPG files? I have taken a lot of photos with my iPhone 13 and there are no difficulties viewing the photos until I export them to my computer. I found that they are saved as .HEIC files but my photos were .JPG files before. I need JPG files so that I can view them on my Dell computer. How can I change their format?

- Question from Apple Community

> It is better to enjoy iPhone photos on computer with large screen and easy operation.

> Beautiful high-quality iPhone photos are saved as the unique format for iOS.

> Since the format is unique, the pictures cannot be read by Windows or Android.

> To open iPhone HEIC photos, you could convert them to JPG files.

iPhone photos could be compared with the photos taken by some professional cameras. Also, they take much storage on iPhone. To release iPhone storage and enjoy the photos on your computer, you could export them to PC.

Recently, many users reported that they can’t view their iPhone photos on computer because they are HEIC files not JPG files like before. They want the JPG files back.

In the following sections, you would know why are your iPhone photos saved as HEIC files and how to convert iPhone HEIC images to JPG images.

Section 1. What is HEIC file and why change HEIC to JPG on iPhone?

iPhone users love the high quality of iPhone photos but a lot of large photos consume iPhone storage in a short time. The size of one picture is usually over 6MB or even 10MB. Even 512GB is not enough for photographers. To solve this problem, Apple’s engineers decide to change the way of saving photos.


JPG (also called JPEG), is an old method of saving images since 1992 and iPhone used the method before to save photos. What is HEIC file? HEIC is High-Efficiency Image Container, a new method of saving images released in 2017 by Apple. Compared with JPG images, HEIC images save the same details but take half or less storage on your iPhone.

It is considered the future mainstream format for pictures so feel free to use it on your iPhone.

Section 2. How to change HEIC to JPG on iPhone?

If you upgrade iPhone to iOS 11 or later, your photos could be saved as HEIC files but it is not the only allow image format, you could definitely change the format of your photos as you wish.

Steps to check and change iPhone photos format:

1. On your iPhone, open Settings app.

2. Find and open the option Camera.

3. If you want to still want to keep iPhone images as JPG files, select Most Compatible, otherwise, select High Efficiency to store iPhone photos as HEIC images.

iPhone Camera Format

Except for changing the format of your iPhone photos in Settings, you could also use other apps to change the format. Dropbox is a popular cloud drive. You can store HEIC image with it and view HEIC image in it. When you upload photos from iPhone to Dropbox, there is an option to automatically change the format into JPG. If you are interested, refer to How to Use Dropbox to Convert HEIC to JPG?

Section 3. How to convert iPhone photos from HEIC to JPG on PC?

Exporting iPhone images to computer could help you save a lot of space on iPhone but things would be disappointed if you find all you get are HEIC images and you can’t open them. There is no need to change the image format on your iPhone and exporting them to computer again. You just need to change the format on your computer.

FoneTool is such a free HEIC converter for you to change the format of iPhone photos from HEIC to JPG.

Offline Converter: It works on your Windows computer and needs no network when converting HEIC images.

Batch Convert: You just need to add all of the raw iPhone photos into this converter and then change the format at a time.

Lossless Conversion: This converter would just change the format of your files but won’t change their quality.

Steps to convert iPhone HEIC images from HEIC to JPG:

Step 1. Download and install the latest FoneTool.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 2. Launch FoneTool and select Toolbox on the left window, and click the feature HEIC Converter.

Click HEIC Converter

Step 3. Click Add Photos to put your HEIC photos into the box.

Add Photos

Step 4. Select JPG format, set Photo Quality, Conversion Speed, and Storage Path, and click Start Converting.


Sum Up

Your iPhone photos would be saved as HEIC files after iOS 11. This format has not been supported by many software so you need to change the format into the popular JPG format.

In this guide, you have known the basic information about HEIC file and how to convert iPhone HEIC photos to JPG format. FoneTool is the best solution for you. Try the freeware for your HEIC files.

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