Why You Need Backup to External Hard Drive?

Save iPhone storage

iPhone storage can be freed up by backing up iPhone data to external hard drive.

Multi-layer Protection for iPhone

iPhone backups in external hard drive provide another insurance for iPhone data

Conveniently Restore iPhone

Storing iPhone backups in external hard drive makes it easier to restore iPhone or transfer iPhone data.

Easy Way to Backup iPhone to External Hard Drive

1-Click iPhone to External Drive Backup

FoneTool requires just simple operation to backup iPhone to external drive by one click.

Fast iPhone Backup Speed

FoneTool backups iPhone data including messages, contacts, photos, music, and videos at a high speed.

Professional iPhone Backup Manner

FoneTool allows you to use selective backup and incremental backup to backup your iPhone in a professional way.

Multiple External Drive Choice

FoneTool supports backup to external hard drive, potable HDD, USB flash disk, etc.

Backup iPhone to External Hard Drive in 3 Steps

  • In FoneTool, select the iPhone data.
  • Select the data you want to backup and click OK.
  • Select the external storage and click Start Backup.

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