How to Transfer Ringtones from iPhone to iPhone via Bluetooth?

How to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone via bluetooth? This post helps you convert and transfer iPhone ringtones with three methods.


By Penny / Updated on September 21, 2023

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Can you send a ringtone to another iPhone?


I bought a ringtone in the iTunes store, and I tried to send it to another iPhone in Europe as a gift using Viber, email, and through message but the link they get it cannot be open.


- A user from Apple Support Communities

Can you send a ringtone to another iPhone? Those users who seek to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone could be in a state of irritation. In practice, this has proven to be transferable. If this happens to be your case, please read on.

How to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone?

How to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone? This section provides you with three feasible options. Moreover, there’s one point that deserves your attention. Precisely, it is the format of the iPhone ringtone.

For iPhone, the ringtone is an AAC audio file under 40 seconds with an extension of m4r. However, Bluetooth cannot support this format. If you’re more willing to transfer ringtones via Bluetooth, you’d better transform the m4r into the m4a format first. After that, you can refer to the following solutions.  

Way 1. Convert ringtones & transfer ringtones via Bluetooth

If you’ve made customized ringtones for your iPhone, you could be familiar with the format conversion. Please ensure the music format is the m4a format instead of the m4r format.

Official and package-distributed ringtones are saved in the /Library/Ringtones folder, and ringtones synced from iTunes are located at ~/Media/iTunes-Control/Ringtones.

Although you can view the official and package-distributes ringtones on your iPhone, you’re not allowed to change ringtones without permission. Nevertheless, if you’ve purchased ringtones from the iTunes Store like the above user, you can Download All Purchased Tones after logging in with the same Apple ID.


This solution needs you to enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. You can transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone with Bluetooth and a stable Wi-Fi connection quickly.

Step 1. Download iPhone ringtones and convert the format into the m4a of music.

Step 2. Go to “Settings”, then enable “Bluetooth” of these two iPhones.


Step 3. The targeted iPhone will detect the source iPhone, and enter the name of the source iPhone in the Bluetooth connections. And confirm these two iPhones with numbers.

Step 4. After confirming, you can transfer your ringtones from one to another iPhone.

Way 2. iPhone jailbreaking & transfer ringtones

It could be impossible to send ringtones from your iPhone directly. To fill in this gap, perhaps you can try iPhone jailbreaking. Jailbreaking is a privilege escalation exploit used to remove manufacturer-imposed restrictions.

A jailbroken device grants root access to the operating system and the ability to install software that is not available through the App Store. Then you can use iBluetooth for transfer. These steps depict how to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone.

Step 1. Launch your Cydia application in the jailbroken “app store”. Find and download iBluetooth on your jailbroken device.


Step 2. After installing iBluetooth, go to “Settings”, then turn on the “Bluetooth” of these two iPhones.

Step 3. Launch the iBluetooth from the targeted iPhone and wait for the source iPhone to be ready to transfer ringtones.

Step 4. Go to “Library” > “Ringtones”. Then select the ringtone you need and click the “Send to device” button.

Step 5. Accept the invitation on the other iPhone. You need to insert your iPhone name & ringtone name. Then click “Save as” > “Library” > “Ringtones” to store it. Then it will start the transfer process.  

Way 3. Transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone via FoneTool (App)

How to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone? One of the best backup and transfer software, FoneTool is among the solutions. And this prominent software enables you to transfer multiple files from iPhone to iPhone. There’s no exaggeration that you need to ensure your format is m4a. Please refer to the following steps.

The highlights of FoneTool.

 It allows you to transfer photos, music, videos, etc.
You can transfer data completely or selectively between iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. It also supports transferring data from iPhone to iPad/iPod Touch.
It works well with iOS 17/16 and the latest iOS devices.

Step 1. Scan the QR code to download and install it on your two iPhones. Open it, and choose “Connect Device”, enter the name of the other iPhone.


Step 2. Open your source iPhone, click the “File Transfer” > “Files” > “plus” icon. Then tap “Import local files” to the import folder that saves your ringtones.


Step 3. Select the ringtone you want to transfer, and click the “Send” button. You can check your ringtone in the “Files” application on your targeted iPhone.


Bonus tips: iPhone data loss prevention

Is there any way for iPhone data loss prevention? How to backup iPhone data? There’s no better way than making regular backups to avoid iPhone data loss.

Apple users usually utilize the iCloud/iTunes backup to create backups. Nevertheless, Apple only provides free 5GB storage space for users. If you want larger storage, you need to upgrade its storage by paying for it. Sometimes, the iTunes transfer speed is slow and unstable.

Furthermore, selective backups are unsupported with iCloud/iTunes backups. Do you want to no longer be concerned about storage space limitations? Do you prefer to restore your iPhone without data erasing using a full/flexible backup? Since FoneTool for desktop computers could meet your needs listed above, why not have a try?

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
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The good compatibility makes it possible to be compatible with the latest iOS 17 and iPhone 15. And you can make a selective backup for iPhone photos, videos, songs, contacts, and messages.

In conclusion

Can you send a ringtone to another iPhone? If you’re not sure, you could read this tutorial on how to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone via Bluetooth. As a comprehensive backup and transfer program, FoneTool not only can help you transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone but also can help you prevent iPhone data loss.

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