How to Transfer Photos from Sony Camera to iPhone/iPad

You may wonder how to transfer photos from Sony camera to iPhone. In this guide, you can get two way to send pictures from Sony camera to iPhone wirelessly or using USB.


By Demi / Updated on May 31, 2024

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Transfer photos from Sony Camera to iPhone

I recently got a Sony RX100M6 camera and I’m a complete newbie. I’m taking it on an upcoming trip and looking to transfer the photos I take to edit and upload to social media. What’s the best way to transfer photos from Sony RX100M6 to iPhone?

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Sony camera may be one of the most popular products for photo-taking lovers and professional photographers for its excellent image stabilization, continuous eye autofocus feature, etc.

Sony Camera

Sometimes, you may wonder how to transfer photos from Sony camera to iPhone or iPad so that you can do some further editing to the photos and upload them to your social media. Here comes this guide, offering you two ways to make it via Wi-Fi or using the USB connection.

Two Ways to Transfer Photos from Sony Camera to iPhone
➡️ Way 1. Transfer Photos from Sony Camera to iPhone via Wi-Fi Equip iPhone to Sony camera connection → Wireless transfer photos to iPhone by the Imaging Edge Mobile app
? Way 2. Transfer Photos from Sony Camera to iPhone Using USB Send photos from camera to PC → Transfer photos from PC to iPhone

Way 1. How to transfer photos from Sony camera to iPhone via Wi-Fi

Photos taken by Sony camera with the Wi-Fi function can be transferred to iPhone or iPad via Wi-Fi with the assistance of the app named Imaging Edge Mobile.

Before every specific step, please be noted that the procedure is kind of different depending on your camera. To make things simpler, you can also try way 2. Here are the steps about how to transfer photos from Sony camera to iPhone via the Imaging Edge Mobile app.

Step 1. Set up Sony Camera

• Display an image you’d like to send > Press the Playback button on the camera.

• Select Menu > Send to Smartphone > Choose Select on This Device to select single or multiple images you want to transfer to iPhone.

Select On This Device

• The SSID and the password and a QR code (depending on your camera) will be displayed on camera, being ready to be connected with your iPhone.


Step 2. Transfer Sony photos to iPhone using Imaging Edge Mobile

• Download the Imaging Edge Mobile app from App Store > Install and run the app on your iPhone/iPad.

• Tap Connect with a new camera to connect your iPhone to camera by scanning the QR code or connecting to the SSID.

Connect Sony To iPhone

• Wait for them to be connected > Choose your Sony camera from Camera List > Wait for the transfer process to be finished.

IEM Choose Camera

If there is no Camera List option, you may need to repeat the setup steps every time you transfer photos and videos to iPhone, which can be kind of time-consuming.

Way 2. How to transfer photos from Sony camera to iPhone using USB

If you are not willing to do such complicated preparation before the transfer process, it’s more suggested to transfer photos using USB, which promises a stabler and quicker transfer process for you.

If you have a computer on hand, it is recommended FoneTool, one of the best transfer apps for iOS devices to transfer photos from Sony camera to iPhone. The simple and selective transfer process helps you to transfer 100 photos to iPhone in no more than three seconds.

Let’s start by downloading FoneTool to your computer.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Step 1. Connect Sony camera to computer

Turn on your Sony camera > In the camera menu, set USB Connection to Mass Storage or Transfer mode to Normal depending on your camera.

Sony Mass Storage

Step 2. Transfer photos from Sony camera to iPhone with FoneTool directly 

Connect your Sony Camera and iPhone to computer with compatible USB > Launch FoneTool and click PC to iPhone on its homepage.

Transfer To iPhone

Click the plus icon to open the folder of your Sony camera > Browse and select photos and videos you’d like to transfer to iPhone. You can also drag and drop the wanted photos and videos from the folder to the box.

Select Files

If you have added all photos and videos you want, click Start Transfer to start the task.


When the transfer process is finished, you can go to the Photos app to have a check. FoneTool is fully compatible with iPhones from iPhone 4 to iPhone 14, as well as iPad, and iPod. You can be free to transfer files between them and computer with the help of FoneTool.

To organize your photos, you can let the Photos Deduplication function of FoneTool automatically filter and delete duplicate photos.


That’s all for the two ways about how to transfer photos from Sony camera to iPhone in detail. If you prefer a wireless way, you can rely on the Imaging Edge Mobile app. You can also try FoneTool to make the transfer process as simple as possible. If this guide helps you, please share it with more people in need.

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