2 Ways to Easily Sync Contacts from iPhone to Mac

If you want to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac, you could find 2 ways in this article to save iPhone contacts to Mac with or without iCloud.


By Dylan / Updated on May 31, 2024

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Syncing contacts from iPhone to Mac is necessary

iPhone contacts are considered an important part of data on your device. Whenever you are going to make a call or send a text message or email, contacts help you save time and energy. You could be freaking out if you find you haven’t saved someone’s number or email address in contacts.

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To avoid accidentally losing contacts, you should back up iPhone contacts to computer as double insurance. If you got a new Mac, you might want to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac so that you could not only save iPhone contacts but make a backup of your contacts.

How to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac with iCloud?

If you want to save all the contacts, you could use iCloud to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac. iCloud is also a built-in feature on Apple device. It allows users to share the documents among the Apple devices signed in the same Apple ID. You need to enable Contacts in iCloud settings on iPhone to upload all the contacts to iCloud and then sync them on your Mac.

Follow the steps below to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac using iCloud,

Step 1. Go to iPhone Settings > [your name] > iCloud to enable Contacts > tap Merger. You should make sure that iPhone has been connected to the Internet.

Step 2. Click System Preference in the lower-right corner on Mac > select iCloud > sign in the same Apple ID > check “Use iCloud for contacts, calendars, and bookmarks” and then click Next.

Your iPhone contacts would be automatically exported to Mac soon.

Sync Contacts To Mac With iCloud

If you want to save contacts as files on Mac, you could go to the website of iCloud. Follow the steps below to export iPhone contacts to CSV,

Step 1. Upload contacts to iCloud as introduced above.

Step 2. Sign in the site of iCloud and click Contacts.

Step 3. Select the wanted contact cards and click the gear icon in the lower-left corner to Export vCard.

You could view VCF files with Gmail or import them back to iCloud by clicking the gear icon.

Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Mac

How to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac without iCloud?

If you don’t think transferring every contact is necessary and want to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac without iCloud, you could use AirDrop to sync the needed contacts from iPhone to Mac. AirDrop becomes a built-in feature on Apple devices since 2011, you could use it transfer files like music tracks, contacts, photos between Apple devices. You need to turn on the Wi-Fi button and Bluetooth on both devices. You don’t need to connect any device to an available Wi-Fi for AirDrop would connect the two devices without the Internet. You need to put iPhone near the Mac within 30 feet.

Follow the steps below to save contacts from iPhone to Mac,

Step 1. Turn on AirDrop on your Mac by going to Finder > click on Go > select AirDrop > select “Allow me to be discovered by: Everyone”.

Step 2. Select the contacts you’d like to transfer and tap Share Contact. Your Mac would automatically appear on the screen and tap the name of your Mac.

Step 3. Click Accept when your Mac indicates that your iPhone would like to share a contact card. View the contact and click Save.

Enable AirDrop On Mac

Where are contacts stored on Mac?

Usually, you could find all your contacts in the Contacts app on the home screen on Mac. You could add, delete, or modify contacts on Mac with the app.

If you want to find the files of your contacts, you could go to Finder > Go > Go to folder and input ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook.

Mac Contacts

Easily transfer contacts to Windows computer

If you want to transfer contacts to a Windows computer, it would be much easier.

FoneTool is a free professional iPhone transfer, allowing you to preview all the contacts on iPhone and select the needed ones. You could save backup iPhone contact to PC in 3 steps and easily view or locate your contacts backup by one click in the client. It supports most models of iPhone and would be perfectly compatible with the latest iOS 16/15. You could even restore the contacts to the iPad or iPod Touch.

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You’ve got 2 ways how to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac after reading this passage. You could upload contacts to iCloud in iPhone Settings, and then sync contacts to Mac by signing in the same Apple ID. You could also go to the site of iCloud to export iPhone contacts to CSV so as to save them as files on Mac. You could also transfer contacts without the Internet by using AirDrop, sending contacts one by one from iPhone to Mac.

If you have a Windows computer, transferring contacts would be much easier with FoneTool. Does this article solve your problem? If you like this article, you could share it to help more people.

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