How to Find Hidden Text Messages on iPhone 7/8/X/11/12/13/14

How to find hidden text messages on iPhone? Follow this post to learn how to find text messages on iPhone. Also, you will know how to unhide text messages on iPhone screen and back up messages of iPhone to computer in a good way.


By Dylan / Updated on June 6, 2023

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Nowadays, more and more people prefer to keep their messages private, away from other people. To some extent, it can protect important information from leaking. However, sometimes people may accidentally block contacts or sort text as spam messages, which causes miss important information on iPhone. So many folks wonder how to find hidden text messages on iPhone.

How do you find hidden text messages on iPhone 7/8/X/11/12/13/14? Keep reading this passage, you can find your hidden text messages on iPhone and save text message easily.

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Part 1. How to Find Hidden Text Messages on iPhone?

There are 2 ways to hide text messages on iPhone. One way is hiding alerts to avoid message preview or directly stop receiving message notifications by Settings. The other one is to remove someone from the Contact list and makes it an unknown sender.

In fact, there is no hidden text message on iPhone actually. The hidden text messages usually refer to those we can’t see on iPhone directly at once. If you check the Message app on your iPhone carefully, you can find hidden text messages by the steps below.

Step 1. Access your iPhone and open the Message app.

Step 2. Switch to the Unknown Senders list to check hidden text messages.

Messages Unknown Senders

Part 2. How to Unhide Text Messages on iPhone?

We have learned about how to find hidden text messages on iPhone in part 1. However, for some reasons like transfer messages between two iOS devices, you may need to make your text messages visible to yourself for previewing. Here are the steps about how to show hidden text messages on iPhone.

Step 1. Open your iPhone and go to Settings. Then scroll down to find Notifications and tap it.

Step 2. Scroll down to find Messages and tap it.

Step 3. Turn on Allow Notifications. Thus, you can receive notifications and preview messages on the iPhone screen.

Step 4. You can also choose to unhide alters from Lock Screen, Notification Center, Banners, or select all to show text messages.

Step 5. Scroll down to Options, tap Show Previews and choose Always to unhide text messages on iPhone.

Messages Show Preview Always

Part 3. Backup iPhone Text Messages to Avoid Data Loss

From the above section, we have talked about the topic of how to see hidden text messages on iPhone quickly. For messages on iPhone, it contains huge amounts of information and makes it one of the most private data to keep under wraps. Except for hiding text messages on iPhone to keep privacy, backing up messages is another essential way to keep the message safer.

Although Apple provides iTunes and iCloud with users to back up messages of iOS device, both of them have limitations, such as small storage space with iCloud, iTunes can’t preview items. Sometimes, these factors may make a negative influence on messages.

Hence, we strongly recommend you professional backup tool - FoneTool, to help you back up text messages of iPhone safely. You can take a look at it below to know its amazing features.

Support to back up multiple data. It can backup iPhone musics, videos, photos, contacts, etc.
Provide selective backup. This tool allows you to selectively backup one or several files if you don't want to backup all data.
Preview before backup. You can check and view the items before going on backup.
No space limitation. You don’t have to worry about backup failure due to no enough space.
Wide Compatibility. It can work well with iPhone 7, 8, X, XR, XS, 11,12, 13, 14 and Windows PCs.

Now free download FoneTool on Windows PC and backup iPhone text messages to computer.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Launch FoneTool. Then connect your iPhone to computer using a USB cable.

Step 2. in the main interface, click Phone Backup > Locate Selective Backup and click Get Started.

backup all

Step 3. Choose the Messages icon to backup. And change the Storage Path according to your situation.

backup messages

Step 4. Check the messages you want to backup to the computer, then click OK to start backup.

select messages

Tips: If you want to backup all the text messages of your iPhone fast, you just click Start Backup icon in step 3 to complete.


That’s all for how to find hidden text messages on iPhone 7/8/X/11/12/13/14. And we also provide you the way about how to unhide text messages on iPhone. To help you save and backup important messages, FoneTool can make it easy with simple steps. If you want to erase and restore iPhone, FoneTool also is a good choice for you.

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