How to Clone an iPhone without iCloud Password?

How to clone an iPhone without iCloud password? This guide shares two efficient solutions with you to clone an iPhone.


By Penny / Updated on May 31, 2024

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How do I transfer data from one iPhone to another without iCloud?

Apple users need to clone an iPhone data and transfer data to another new iOS device like iPhone 15. Meanwhile, it’s also essential to safeguard important data associated with individuals.

It’s easy to see that iCloud serves as an official way to restore the iPhone with accessible iCloud backups. However, if I forget the iCloud password, how to clone an iPhone with other feasible solutions?

Two ways to clone an iPhone without iCloud password

How to clone an iPhone without iCloud password? Aside from iCloud backup, it’s widely known that iTunes is another official backup option provided by Apple.

If there’s the latest iTunes backup, you could clone an iPhone with iTunes. Instead, using highly recommended third-party software is your safest bet.

Solution 1. Clone an iPhone with iTunes

How to clone an iPhone for free? At the moment, iTunes seems like a good way to clone an iPhone. An accessible iTunes backup is an irreplaceable item to restore data to another iOS device. Thus, this solution contains two parts: making an iTunes backup and restoring it with this iTunes backup.

Part 1. Steps to create an iTunes backup

Step 1. Launch your latest iTunes, and connect your iPhone to the PC. Please ensure your computer can access data saved on the iPhone.

Step 2. Click the “iPhone” icon > “Summary” > “Back Up Now”.



Part 2. Steps to restore data with iTunes backup

Step 1. Launch your latest iTunes, and connect your iPhone to the computer. Then click the “iPhone” icon.  Go to “Summary” > “Restore Backup”.


Step 2. Select a backup to restore from the backup list and click the “Restore” button to start the restoration process.

Solution 2. Clone an iPhone with FoneTool

Generally speaking, iCloud and iTunes backup are conventional solutions to clone iPhone data and restore it to another iOS device. The limited iCloud storage and slow transfer speed of iTunes could affect the data clone. Moreover, you cannot restore your iPhone with a customized backup using iCloud or iTunes.

Here comes a free backup and transfer software, FoneTool. This freeware enjoys a great reputation among users because of the following features.

 You can transfer app settings, Safari, photos, music, videos, etc.
 You can transfer the whole/partial data from iPhone to iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with a fast transferring speed.
 If you want to restore data with FoneTool, you don’t have to erase all the existing data on the iPhone.
 It supports iOS 17 and all the latest iOS devices.

Solution 2 provides two options for you, and you can select a suitable plan to follow.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Option 1: Clone the whole iPhone data

Step 1. Install and run this software on your PC. Then connect the source iPhone to the computer, and tap “Trust This Computer” on your iOS devices.  

Step 2. Click “iPhone to iPhone Transfer” on the main interface.


Step 3. Ensure both iPhones are in the right place. Click the “Start Transfer” to begin the transfer process.


Option 2: Clone selective iPhone data

Step 1. Click the “Selective Backup” option on the main interface.


Step 2. Select the file types, and select your needed items. Then click the “OK” button.


Step 3. Locate a destination place to save this selective backup, then click “Start Backup” to start the backup process.


Step 4. After the process, disconnect the source iPhone and connect the targeted iPhone. Then click the “Restore” option on the Backup History interface.


Bonus tips: How to backup iPhone without iCloud/iTunes?

If you want to get out of the limitations of iCloud/iTunes backup, you could use the iPhone data management tool-FoneTool to backup iPhone data. These steps depict how to backup iPhone without iCloud/iTunes.

It supports a full/selective backup for iPhone photos, videos, songs, contacts, and messages.
 Preview all the data and select your needed items to create a backup.
 Incremental backups could save your backup time and space.

Step 1. Install and run FoneTool on the PC. Then connect your iPhone to the computer with the USB cable.

Step 2. On the home interface, select the “Full Backup” option.


Step 3. Click the “Full Backup” button.


Step 4. If you need, you can “Enable Encryption” to backup private data such as Fitness records, Health and Keychain. Then select a destination place to save this full backup. Click the “Start Backup” to begin the backup process.


Wrapping up

How to clone an iPhone without iCloud password? The traditional iTunes backup and the leading software-FoneTool could help you.

However, practice tells us that iTunes could run slow when restoring iPhone. Compared with iTunes, FoneToolis faster and more stable.

As mentioned above, this software is a backup & transfer application. The full and selective backup (photos, videos, songs, contacts, and messages) are also supported. Besides, the intuitive user interface allows everyone to operate. Maybe you can testify to it by yourself.

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