[Stepwise Guide] How to Clone iPhone to iPad in 3 Ways

If you have a new iPad, you must be looking for an easy way to clone iPhone to iPad. This article will give you three common ways to copy and paste iPhone data, including photos, contacts, music to iPad, as well as other iDevices.


By Dylan / Updated on May 31, 2024

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Best way to clone iPhone to iPad 

I just got my new iPad 10th generation. I want to transfer data from my iPhone to the iPad. Is it possible?

- Question from {discussions.apple.com}

Apple releases the latest iPhone/iPad every year. Recently they release the latest iPad 10th generation and iPad Pro M2, lots of users would like to have a new iPad. When getting a new iPad Mini/Air/Pro is certainly exciting, you might want to transfer some files from your old iPhone to the iPad.

However, it is very unrealistic to move all the files one by one, so cloning your iPhone to iPad becomes an urgent need. This article will next show you how to clone iPhone to iPad in three effective ways.

Can I clone my iPhone to my iPad?

Can I clone my iPhone to my iPad? The answer is YES! Cloning iPhone to iPad is the same as cloning iPhone to iPhone, as long as you log in with the same Apple ID account, you can use iTunes or iCloud to do it. In addition, cloning can also be easily achieved with the help of third-party tools.

How to clone iPhone to iPad, iPad Mini/Air/Pro

As mentioned above, there are normally both built-in features like iCloud or iTunes on Apple devices. Just log in to the same Apple ID account to can copy and paste the data you need between iOS devices, such as photos, contacts, apps, and more.

And there are other third-party tools available to copy paste iPhone to iPad.  Each method differs at one point or another. We'll go through them one by one, you can specify your needs and apply one of these to easily clone your iPhone.

1. Directly clone iPhone to iPad with one click

Actually, it's not a big deal to copy iPhone to iPad, because you can now do it with one click through FoneTool. It is an easy-to-use software that allows you to migrate everything, such as all settings, app data, personnel files, etc. from iPhone to iPad. Additionally, its Selective Backup function allows you to selectively transfer photos, videos, messages, contacts.

Compared with iTunes and iCloud:
It allows you to selectively move files from iPhone to iPad effortlessly.
♛ It allows you to clone iPhone to iPad with different Apple IDs.
♛ It does not require a stable Wi-Fi internet connection.
☀ It lets you enjoy the one-click data transfer and fast transfer speed.
☀ It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
☀ When restoring data from Selective Backup, it won’t erase any other existing files.

It supports almost all generations of iOS devices, such as iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/X/XR, iPad Pro/Air/Mini, iPod Touch, etc. Click the download button and refer to the following steps to learn how to copy iPhone to iPad.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7
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Directly clone all iPhone content to iPad:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone and iPad to computer > Tap "Trust This Computer" on your device.

Step 2. Open FoneTool > click Phone Transfer on the main interface > go to iPhone to iPhone and click Start Transfer.

iphone to iphone transfer

Step 3. Confirm the source device and target device, click Start Transfer. Then wait for the process to complete.

start transfer

1. To transfer some private data, like Health data, please encrypt this iPad migration.
2. You need to connect both your iPhone and iPad when using iPhone to iPhone Transfer. If you only have one cable, you can also click "Phone Backup" > "Full Backup" to fully backup your iPhone on computer, and restore to your iPad later to complete the data cloning.

Selectively clone data from iPhone to iPad:

Step 1. Click Phone Backup > go to Selective Backup > choose the file you need > click OK.

select files

Step 2. Select a location on your computer to save the files > click Start Backup.

click backup

Step 3. After the backup is complete > disconnect the iPhone > connect the iPad > on the Backup History page > click the three-dots icon and choose Restore to copy the iPhone data to iPad.

restore to device

Besides using FoneTool to clone iPhone to iPad on computer, you can also use FoneTool mobile app to flexibly transfer music, photos, contacts, videos, documents from iPhone to new iPad in a zero-celular data transport way.

mbackupper qr code

2. Sync iPhone to iPad using iCloud

iCloud is a cloud service developed by Apple for its iOS users. As a platform, it is very easy to sync data between iPhone and iPad, as it is optimized to sync and backup data across multiple iOS devices. By default, Apple provides a free space of 5 GB to every iCloud account.

Therefore, check if iCloud has enough free space before you start duplicating iPhone to iPad. Then go to Settings on iPhone > tap [your name]> iCloud > turn on the iCloud Backup function, wait for the backup to complete, and follow the steps below to restore the backup to the iPad. 

✍ iCloud backups do not include Touch ID settings, iCloud Music Library and App Store content, files already stored in iCloud, etc.
✍ If your iCloud storage space is full, you need to buy more space, otherwise the data sync between iPad and iPhone will stop.
✍ The whole process can take a long time because iCloud needs to download packages in addition to performing backups and restores.

Guide on how to sync iPhone to iPad wirelessly:

Step 1. Turn on iPad to begin the setup process, if you're already using your iPad, you'll need to reset it completely, as this solution will only work when setting up a new device.

Step 2. Follow the on-screen instructions until you reach the App & Data screen.

Step 3. Select Restore from iCloud Backup and sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID.

Step 4. Select the correct backup and wait for the restore process to complete. (The time required depends on the size of the backup and the speed of the network. Please be patient and stay connected during the restore.)

restore icloud backup

3. Clone iPhone to new iPad with iTunes (Data Overwritten)

iTunes is another popular platform for adding and syncing data to iOS devices. iTunes' role as mobile device management makes it ideal for transferring/syncing data from iPhone to iPad. Similarly, iTunes also works to clone an iPhone by backup and restore.

According to Apple, an iTunes backup includes nearly all of your iPhone's data and settings but doesn't include data synced from iTunes or iCloud, Touch ID settings, Apple Pay information and settings.

How to duplicate iPhone to iPad via iTunes:

Step 1. Connect the iPhone to your computer > run the latest iTunes > click the device icon > select Summary.

Step 2. Click Back Up Now to copy your iPhone content to your computer.


Step 3. Connect your iPad to the computer > tap the device button > select Summary > click Restore Backup.

restore itunes backup

Step 4. Select the correct backup > click Restore. (If you backed up your iPhone with an encrypted backup, you'll be asked for your password.)


As you can see, it is easy to clone iPhone to iPad using the above method. Using iCloud or iTunes is convenient, but they overwrite your current files. Also, iCloud will take a lot of time to clone and restore files, and sometimes iTunes is too slow to open and backup.

So, if you wish to clone iPhone to iPad with one click, then you should certainly try FoneTool. In addition, if you want to wipe your iPhone after cloning to iPad to protect privacy, its Erase iPhone feature can be of great help.

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