Answered: How to Backup iPhone with Broken Screen

You may wonder whether can you backup iPhone with broken screen and then transfer it to your new device. This post is the right way that provide you with a detailed guide to backup.


By Ellie / Updated on May 31, 2024

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Can I backup iPhone with broken screen?

“My phone got smashed up and the screen is out of control. I can't get it to respond on part of the screen. I don't want to buy a screen for it because I don't think it's worth it. I’m gonna change to a new device but I don’t want to lose all the important stuff. So can I backup iPhone with broken screen and how?” 

-Question from Apple Community

Phone Broken Screen

It must be the worst thing to encounter that our phone cracked and the screen is broken. If the screen is still usable, you can easily back it up. However, if the screen is badly damaged, it is a little bit difficult to backup iPhone with broken screen because you need to figure out how to trust computer on it.

How to trust computer on iPhone with broken screen

But before aheading to how backup iPhone with broken screen, you need to know that if you can't unlock your iPhone, you won’t be able to back it up. So if you want to backup your the data in the locked iPhone, let's see how to unlock an iPhone with a badly damaged screen and trusty computer on it.

Part 1. Use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock an iPhone

If the screen of your iPhone is badly broken, then you're unable to enter your password. Fortunately, with the introduction of Touch ID and Face ID, this is one problem that’s actually become more manageable. Just use your finger or face to unlock your iPhone. 

Part 2. Turn on VoiceOver

Step 1. Activate Siri by saying “Hey, Siri”. After that, say to Siri “Turn on VoiceOver”.

Turn on VoiceOver

Step 2. If Touch ID and Face ID aren't working, you can use VoiceOver to enter the passcode. Swipe left or right on the responsive portion of the device screen to select a number > double tap to confirm the selected passcode number.

VoiceOver Gesture

Part 3. Trust computer with Bluetooth keyboard

Step 1. After locking your iPhone and enabling VoiceOver, connect your lightning to USB adapter to your iPhone and connect your keyboard to it.

Step 2. To connect your Bluetooth keyboard, navigate to the Bluetooth settings from the Settings app. You can simply say “open bluetooth settings” or just “turn bluetooth on” to Siri. Then press the Right cursor key on the USB keyboard until you can’t go further.

Bluetooth Keyboard

Step 3. After that, press “CTRL ALT + SPACE” (Control + OptionSpace on Mac) to pair the device.

Step 4. Once your Bluetooth keyboard is paired, you can disconnect your USB keyboard and connect your iPhone to the computer using its charging cable. You’ll get a message on your iPhone, requesting whether you trust the computer, as shown below.

Trust or Dont Trust

Step 5. Use the Right cursor key again to choose Trust and click it by pressing CTRL + ALT + SPACE (Control + Option + Space on Mac) on the bluetooth keyboard. Now you can start to back up your broken iPhone.

How do I backup an iPhone with a broken screen?

How do I backup an iPhone with a broken screen? Doing a backup of an iPhone with a cracked screen seems to be difficult. But don't worry, if the screen allows a few simple clicks, you can use the following two methods to backup successfully.

Way 1. Easily backup iPhone and transfer data: FoneTool

To back up important data such as photos, contacts, videos, music, and other important data, we strongly recommend using FoneTool, a free and professional backup software, to backup your iPhone with broken screen to a PC or another iPhone. You can use it to investigate the surprise in it, such as:

Easy operation. You can backup all your data on your iPhone with a few clicks and you just only tap “Trust” on your iPhone with a broken screen.
Unlimited storage. Unlike iCloud, you can get a full backup of your iPhone with FoneTool. Even if you have 200 GB of data, FoneTool can give you a complete backup.
Select ahead of time. FoneTool allows you to preview and choose the data before the backup.  
A transfer without Internet requirement. When you get the new device, you can transfer the data to your new iPhone at a fast rate and don’t require the Internet.

Get FoneTool to have enjoyment!

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8/7
Secure Download

Step 1. Download and install FoneTool on your PC. Prepare a USB cable and use it to connect your iPhone and PC. After that, use Face ID or Touch ID to unlock your iPhone. Finally, try your best to click “Trust”.

Step 2. Click Phone Backup > Locate Full Backup and click Get Started.

Full Backup

Note: To selectively backup items, you can choose "Selective Backup" to selectively backup messages, photos, videos, contacts, and so on.

Step 2. If you want to backup some private data like Health data, Activity, and so on, please encrypt the backup. Then click Start Backup.

Backup Encryption

When you get your new iPhone, you can restore the full backup, you can go to Backup History and follow the prompts to restore your data.

Full Restore

Way 2. Back up an iPhone with a broken screen via iTunes

If you previously connected your iPhone to a PC with iTunes installed, tapped "Trust," and entered the passcode, iTunes is also a viable option for backing up your iPhone with a broken screen.

Note: If you are the first time connected, and your iPhone cannot support doing some complicated behavior like entering the passcode, it may seem much harder in this way.

Step 1. Prepare a USB cable and then connect your iPhone with a broken screen to a PC.

Step 2. Click the Device icon.

iTunes Device

Step 3. Tick This computer, and then click Back Up Now.

Backup iPhone on iTunes

Step 4. After that, your data can be backed up successfully. And when you need to restore, just do like the navigation above and then restore the backup.

Restore Backups itunes


From this post, you may know how to backup your iPhone with broken screen. If your iPhone can perform some simple clicks, FoneTool can provide you with a perfect backup. If you are once connected to iTunes, then you can backup with iTunes. Apart from that, we also list the steps to help you tap “Trust” if the screen of your iPhone is too hopeless. Hope the ways can fit for you.

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