How to Backup iPad to Synology Nas [2024 Updated]

To backup iPad to Synology Nas, check this tutorial and get some help to backup iPad photos. In addition, we will introduce a better alternative to help you.


By May / Updated on May 31, 2024

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Things That You Should Know About Synology Nas

NAS, or Network Attached Storage, is widely used and popular in enterprises. Employees have access to the files and data stored on NAS devices and may modify and share changes with others simultaneously.

Individual users are also willing to store and back up their data to a NAS server manually or automatically to free up the space of local devices. Apart from that, some users are also seeking help in transferring iPad photos to external hard drives/services such as Synology Nas as their backups.


According to Synology, it can only create photos backup and video backup on mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. If you are willing to backup iPad to Synology Nas and make a copy of your photos and videos, this tutorial will offer you a detailed guide to set up Synology Nas and create a backup with it.

How to Backup iPad to Synology Nas with Ease

Synology Has offered a series of tools and add-ons to help users further manage their files and data. To back up iPad photos and videos to Synology Nas, a Synology iPad app - Synology Photos will be a choice.


Before You Start iPad Photos Backup:

To get all your iPad photos backed up to Synology Nas, firstly, some preparation is required.

  • Check if you are using DSM 7.0 and above. It requires DSM 7.0 or later to run the Synology Photos.
  • Install Synology Photos in the Package Center.
  • Download Synology Photos from the App Store on your iPad.
  • Log in to your Synology DSM account.

Steps to Achieve iPad Backup Synology Nas:

Synology Photos facilitates users to back up iPad photos automatically. You could choose to back up all photos or only new photos according to your specific needs.

Apps can only operate in the background for 3 to 10 minutes on iOS devices due to system constraints. If you need to back up a large number of photographs, keep the Synology Photos APP open and the screen turned on. 
Backup management like backup path, rules, and settings can be specified if you want. When you select the default backup path, the app will automatically sort the subdirectory folders according to the year and month of taking the pictures.

Step 1. Go to More > Enable Photo Backup > choose to Back up new photos only or Back up all photos.

Step 2. Tap Backup destination > choose Personal Space or Shared Space. You could select to back up your pictures to your directory or to share them with your family members.

Using Synology Photos, the official app designed by Synology, you could automatically back up iPad photos. But it is inconvenient to some degree that you can only back up photos.

How to Backup iPad to Synology Nas Completely

When a user is seeking help to back up their iPhones or iPads, perhaps they are in urgent need of a complete backup to get rid of the data loss risk. Though we can say that photos and videos are the most essential part of one’s phone data, other types of data can never be omitted.

Therefore, how to backup iPad to Synology Nas completely? Or, for a group of users who only want to create a copy of their photos, videos, music, messages, etc., how to create an iPad backup Synology Nas flexibly? A third-party tool will be of great help – FoneTool, a professional iDevice backup utility. As a versatile tool, it facilitates users to create Full Backup, Photos Backup, and also Selective Backup.


Backup iPad to Synology Safer and Faster via professional iOS device backup software.

  • Back up iPad/iPad Pro photos, videos, music, contacts, etc.
  • Restore backup files to your device conveniently.
  • Compatible with all iOS versions from iOS 10.1 to the latest iOS 17.
  • Support Windows 11/10/8/7.
Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

You could select to backup iPad flexibly or fully according to your preferences. Here take Selective Backup as an example.

Step 1. Run FoneTool > connect your iPad > Phone BackupSelective Backup.


Tips: Creating an iPad full backup is also a good choice that keeps you away from iPad data loss.

Step 2. Preview and check the data you need > click OK.


Step 3. Select the data you want to back up > specify the backup path to backup iPad to Synology Nas > Start Backup.


Thus you could easily and quickly achieve iPad backup Synology Nas. Also, you could utilize this tool to backup iPad Pro to Synology Nas easily.

FAQ About iOS Backup

The feasible way to backup iPad to Synology Nas has been given in detail, users who need to create a copy of their iPad data to protect their data might as well choose FoneTool as their helper.  In case you need more info about iOS backup, here related FAQ is ready.

>> 1. How to backup iPhone to Synology Nas?

DS Photos, DS files, Moments, etc., several official tools can be utilized to help you back up iPhone to Synology Nas. But, unfortunately, only photos can be backed up.

To create a full backup of your iPhone, using FoneTool is a good choice.

>> 2. How to backup iPhone without a computer?

If you want to backup iPhone without a PC, you could use iCloud backup as an alternative to a computer backup, which is pretty convenient due to the auto backup feature.

However, it is very important and highly suggested to create a local backup on your computer as double insurance.

>> 3. What to do when iCloud last backup could not be completed?

If you find it failed to back up iPhone data using iCloud Backup, some quick fixes can help you troubleshoot.

  • Check if your iPhone is running low storage space.
  • Reconnect the WiFi or reset the WiFi network settings.
  • Update your iOS. But remember to create a full backup before that to free you from any errors.
  • Easily, just use FoneTool as a better alternative.
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