Country: Austria

Industry: Education


Universitätsbibliothek Wien is the largest library in Austria and the oldest university library in the German speaking area (built in 1365). It serves as an information competence centre of Universität Wien for its researchers, teachers and students.

What Challenges Did Universitätsbibliothek Wien Face?

High labor maintenance cost

At present, there are nearly 80000 electronic journals in the library. In order to keep in line with the online and mobile new media trend, the library administrator decided to further carry out digital management of books and reduce the cost of manual maintenance.

Overloaded backup system

The library serves nearly 20000 teachers and students of Universität Wien and information data continues to grow exponentially every year. Hence, it has a great demand for storage space, while the large amount of data makes its original backup system overloaded and slow.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

By building multiple disks into RAID through NAS, even if one disk is broken, the electronic books data is still safe. AOMEI’S disk array technology has high stability and reliability, which ensures the security of data backup, basically eliminates the operation in maintenance and management and saves extra labour cost.
Incremental backup and differential backup are applied to back up only newly added and modified data, avoiding the waste of time and storage space of repeated backup. Therefore, the the pressure on the backup system is greatly relieved and each backup task can be completed within scheduled backup time.

The Benefits for Universitätsbibliothek Wien

  • Enhanced backup efficiency

    AOMEI's economical backup strategy helps Universitätsbibliothek Wien alleviate the overload of the backup system with a limited budget.

  • Free storage space up

    Through advanced eliminating data duplication technology, the library can take less disk space up, saving storage and data transmission costs.

  • Easier to manage data

    AOMEI backup solutions simplify backup and reduce the management burden of the library through automatic backup and message notification.

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