Country: China

Industry: Education


Tung Hai University is a private university in Taiwan established on November 2, 1955. It ranks first among the best private universities in Taiwan, fifth in social contribution and fourth in internationalization and is known as an innovative and outstanding international university with profound cultural heritage.

What Challenges Did Tung Hai University Face?

Repetitive and tedious backup work

Part of the data that needs to be backed up is constantly changing, while the other part may be fixed or changed occasionally. It is easy to make repeated backups which makes backup slower and takes up a large storage space.

Low synchronization efficiency

When plenty of data changes at the same time, the college’s previous real-time sync software cannot handle it, which slows down the sync speed and even misses other data files that need to be synced, causing potential data risks.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

With the incremental backup function, AOMEI allows the university only back up the modified and added data files, which greatly improves the speed of backup, and reduces the repeatability of data. In addition, its staff can backup data to different types of data storage, such as local disk, mobile hard disk, etc., make efficient use of the existing storage.
AOMEI ensures the stability of synchronization, and it supports additional functions such as progress viewing and e-mail reminder after sync. The optimized algorithm can quickly process the changed files that need to be synchronized, and synchronously backup them to the target location to ensure that the files are the new version.

The Benefits for Tung Hai University

  • Increased file backup efficiency

    The university staff are allowed to backup files that are changed since the last backup while using less space and time, simplifying backup tasks.

  • Improved storage space utilization

    The college now can reduce unnecessary storage waste and save storage space with incremental backup and thus it cuts down storage cost.

  • Simpler and more efficient sync process

    Sync process can be completed easily in simple steps. The staff can use their existing devices to sync files rather than get a new device.

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