Country: America

Industry: Automobile


Founded in 2003, Tesla is an American company that produces and sells electric vehicles, specializing in the production of pure electric vehicles and some solar products, and has many global customer resources.

What Challenges Did Tesla Face?

Large amount of stored data

“We will receive orders and feedback from global users every day. Once the computer crashes, it is difficult to restore all the data in a short time. Spending too much time on backing up and restoring data will lose our orders and cause unnecessary losses,” said by James Wong

Traditional backup model cannot support

Traditional backup methods are not only slow but also unable to guarantee data security. Employees need to back up each computer one by one, which increases their workload and wastes time.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI Centralized Backupper is robust centralized backup software for enterprise. Manage and set backup tasks for all computers from one central management console.
The centralized management console can remotely manage all of Tesla computers to back up their systems, customer information, etc. And quickly restore the backup data. High-quality backup strategies can automatically back up data that has changed since their last backup task.
Tesla’s stuffs can easy to operate backup process. It saves more time and backup space for them. Avoiding the risk of losing important data of Tesla.

The Benefits for Tesla

  • Eliminate the risk of data loss

    AOMEI backed up all important data of Tesla and centrally controlled these data.

  • Improve the work efficiency

    It saves a lot of backup time and reduces unnecessary loss of orders for Tesla.

  • Reduce the workload and manpower

    Employees do not need to back up each computer one by one, the centralized management station can control all computer backups.

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