Country: Japan

Industry: Manufacturing


Shimada was founded in 1954, it was originally a writing metal body printing machine business. Since then, metal deep drawing has been carried out for more than 65 years. Always focus on developing and selling products based on the technology and experience they have cultivated.

What Challenges Did Shimada Face?

Low data management efficiency

As a manufacturer focusing on design and production, shimada has its own unique design concept. The company system saves a large amount of mold information and sales orders. But the company's IT system is too old, and it is difficult to centrally manage data, let alone ensure data security.

High cost of backup and recovery

Our previous set of backup and recovery solutions was not only slow but also unable to ensure data security. We usually spend one to two days backing up our data. The most disappointing thing is that this backup solution is not only expensive but also labor-intensive and time-consuming.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

The centralized backup management solution provided by AOMEI perfectly solves the problem of shimada. Only a centralized console is needed to remotely manage the company's many computers. Backup and recovery also only need to be completed in the centralized console. It is convenient for IT staff to manage important data.
Intelligent backup strategies such as incremental, differential backup and backup scheme help save backup time and disk space. Automatic backup saves labor costs. Most importantly, the AOMEI backup solution is cheap, safe and reliable.

The Benefits for Shimada

  • Data management is more convenient

    Data is managed in a unified and centralized manner, which improves work efficiency.

  • Core data is efficiently protected

    Business data is fully protected, ensuring the normal and efficient operation of the business.

  • Fast and effective data backup and recovery

    The backup and recovery time has increased by 60%, saving the company a lot of IT costs.

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