Country: The United Kingdom

Industry: IT Service


Quantus IT Solutions provide a hands-on approach when it comes to IT support. They take a personal interest in your needs and make them their own. With over 30 years of experience, there is nothing that their certified staff won't be able to handle.

What Challenges Did Quantusitsolutions Face?

IT system availability

Quantusitsolutions provides customers with IT consulting, hardware, software and other issues almost all day long. Therefore, the IT system must be available 24 hours a day. But existing backup schemes cannot support this. They continue a new backup solution.

Slow backup speed and high cost

We provide users with IT solutions, but our current backup speed is too slow, which has been seriously shared to our business processing time. We need a fast and safe backup solution that applies to us as well as our customers.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI Backupper helped it back up the workbench, server, virtual machine and database in a unified way. Avoid the risk of data loss. At the same time, it saves time for data recovery due to emergencies. Greatly improve the availability of the IT system and stabilize the normal operation of the business.
The flexible backup solution helps Quantusitsolutions to save time. Incremental and differential backups only back up the newly added backup content and the content that is different from the previous backup task each time. This relieves the pressure on IT staff.

The Benefits for Quantusitsolutions

  • Strong data protection

    AOMEI has fully backed up its business data, operating system, etc. to prevent data loss.

  • Centralized management platform

    Control all computer backup tasks through a centralized console.

  • Save 1.5 hours in backup time

    Greatly improve the backup speed, saving more time for IT staff to deal with other business.

Get Enterprise Backup Solutions for Your Critical Data

Simple and reliable AOMEI backup solution for business data, workstations, server, virtual machine, database protection.

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