Country: Japan

Industry: Education


Osaka University is a national research university headquartered in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. The predecessor of Han University is the old imperial university-Osaka Imperial University. In 2018, it was elected as the "designated national university corporation

What Challenges Did Osaka University Face?

Ensure that research data is not lost

We are a research university. Most of the data are related to research results and research topics. Therefore, protecting the security of research data is very important to us. We don't want our data to be lost and difficult to recover under any circumstances.

High cost of backup and restore licenses

We have tried many backup solutions provided by companies, but the licenses are very expensive. Over time, the cost of backup is getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, we need a safe and economical backup solution, preferably without the need to repeatedly purchase licenses.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

In response to the needs of Osaka University, AOMEI provided it with a comprehensive data protection program such as backup, cloning, and recovery. Back up all its systems in advance and clone them in USB, external disks and cloud disks. Provide multiple protections for data.
AOMEI Centralized Backup can control all computers through a remote console. It not only facilitates data management but also saves costs. Osaka University only needs to purchase a centralized backup solution, without having to purchase a license for every other computer.

The Benefits for Osaka University

  • Data management is more convenient

    Important data is centrally managed without excessive labor costs.

  • Create a data protection system

    The flexible use of multiple backup strategies provides protection for data security.

  • Reduce IT cost burden

    AOMEI besieged Osaka University and saved nearly 2,000 US dollars every year.

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