Country: Germany

Industry: Manufacturing and website disign


OmitO GmbH was established in 2014. With its strength, it has become a representative of the industry that combines high quality and best customer service. The company's growth rate and strength has increased year after year, and its service coverage ranges from manufacturing to website design.

What Challenges Did OmitO Face?

Data is complicated and easy to lose

“Our customers that we serve every day come from different fields. Although we are equipped with professional personnel, occasional data loss and damage may occur. The loss of an important piece of information may cause customer complaints and even a transaction failures.”

Difficult to recover after data loss

The data management solution adopted by OmitO before was easily interrupted during data backup and did not form an effective system recovery environment. The IT team needs manual scheduled backups to ensure the integrity of the data and increase the workload.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI Backupper backup in real time and send the backup log in time to the IT team which enables the data be saved completely. And OmitO can change and set the automatic backup time according to their usage scenario to guarantee the data security and reduce the system management procedures.
AOMEI supports file, disk and system backup, because real-time backup ensures data integrity, and damaged data can be quickly restored to normal. The IT team also added AOMEI Backupper Recovery Environment into Windows boot option menu to restore system in case for need.

The Benefits for OmitO

  • Reduced data management procedures

    Real-time backup and scheduled backup make traditional backup smarter, the IT team can omit daily backup steps.

  • Avoid data loss and system crash

    AOMEI can select the data to be restored from the original backup data, ensuring the safety of all data and the system.

  • Ensure the completion of data backup

    AOMEI’s will not be interrupted during a backup process and the result will be sent in time to avoid accident.

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