Country: France

Industry: Transportation


Normandie Logistique is an expert in the field of transportation and logistics. With five bases, it provides road, overseas transportation and logistics services to customers all over the world. Meet the various individual needs of customers.

What Challenges Did Normandie Logistique Face?

Large amount of data management

“Our IT staff need to always pay attention to important information such as transportation points, order reservations, and emails during transportation. Once the computer is suddenly shut down during transportation, causing data loss, it will bring us a lot of unnecessary trouble.” Said by Sylvain Schmitt.

Traditional backup methods are slow

Old-style backup tools need to back up each virtual machine one by one, and backups often fail. This has seriously affected the entire IT service system in Normandie. At the same time, the slow backup and recovery speed is also a big problem.

How Did AOMEI Solve It?

AOMEI backed up all important logistics and order information in Normandie. And provides a centralized management console to remotely control and back up all computers. Even if the IT system fails during transportation, it will not cause the loss of important data.
The backup and recovery solution provided by AOMEI Centralized Backupper only takes a few minutes to complete. Reduce the IT workload and save a lot of working time. They just need one centralized backup solution, there is no need to buy many license codes for all computers.

The Benefits for Normandie Logistique

  • Data availability ensures the efficiency of logistics and transportation

    AOMEI has always maintained the data availability and stability and provided it with an efficient service system.

  • Increased backup and restore speed by 80%

    The backup speed of AOMEI only takes a few minutes compared to the old backup.

  • Save a lot of backup costs

    Normandie will not pay for other data security services and have fully confidence in data security.

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